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Libra Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 July 2017

Important events or surprises this week for representatives of the Libra sign will be related to money, a financial document, a contract, and more.
During this week you will realize that as you plan things, everything happens in its own row and because of Providence. 
The week may surprise you with unexpected costs for your home, family, and more. You may receive a reminder of missed or forgotten payments.
You may have an urgent payment or expense related to a hereditary property or a deceased relative.
It is possible to get money through a person from your family or friendship circle.
This week you may receive news or a phone call that will make you sad or upset at first. You will then be angry with a specific person. 
You may be involved in a serious conflict, a problem in the life of relatives or friends.
You will follow with interest the love life of a girl or a woman.
At work or your business, favorable situations for you or proposal.will occur  this week
If you are traveling this week, it will probably be a trip for a particular purpose.
Men will have a favorable week on a financial plan. You will be able to free yourself of the tension associated with a certain monetary commitment.

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Libra Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 July 2017

On Monday, plan your week well, because now you will have more opportunities for realization and success.
During the week, you will enjoy a visit, an invitation to visit, a meeting or a gathering.
Now you will have a favorable and successful time for you to receive money and the development of any financial affairs.
You can get money for a child or from a child living alone or away from you.
You may experience successes related to children, a birth of a child, birthday, etc.
This week, some of you will realize that a loss of time is an event that will now be at the heart of a success or a new chance. 
There will be a temporary separation in the family or with a relative due to travel, teachings, business, visits, etc.
Unexpected health ailments for you or a close person will be a cause for reflection and search for the causes of this condition.
The week brings interesting love experiences for Libra men.