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Virgo Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

A small but pleasant surprise, good news or an event will make you remember this week with something special for you as an experience.
This week, Virgo women will have a favorable time for travel related to education, career, presentation and more.
You will rejoice because of cash in your home, no matter who is its source.
This week you can expect a gathering or meeting for a special occasion related to an woman.
This will be a week during which you will have new clarity about your plans throughout the next few months.
You may expect a surprise from an unexpected letter, phone call or meeting.
Forthcoming is a nasty conflict related to money. The problem is not connected with a large sum of money, but with the way someone is trying to use you, ignore you concerning an important issue and others.
Trouble will arise about a man from your family environment, who will try to lie or manipulate somebody for their own benefit.
He'll probably have a good reason for this, but for you it will not be an excuse.
Avoid tension and conflict on Friday and Saturday.

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

This week is important for you because of actions or decisions that you are going to take or implement.
Beware of misinformation, manipulation or self-deception from people, suggestions or information.
It will be a favorable week for judicial or legal matters, but beware of the above negative influences.
This week, Virgo women will consider how it will be most prudent and rational to make purchases that are important for home or personal needs. You may have an appointment related to property or type of property.
Virgo men will be waiting for success or for joyful news that should receive through work, through a friend or an institution.
This week, surprises will come from trouble for which you had an intuitive feeling that something will happen.
Yet, you had hope that you will be able to avoid them in some way, but in life, things do not always get with our expectations.
This week it is possible that there will be an occurrence of a sudden health indisposition, leading to hospitalization or some type of medical treatment, therapy or intervention.
At your workplace, you may experience unexpected stress associated with an incident, omission, error inadvertently and others.
Costs for a child or children will be greater and imperative.
It is possible to obstructing your expectation of a financial nature involves a child or young person.