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Reading with Runes. Weekly Horoscope with Runes.

Free Reading with RunesWeekly Runes for the period 19 - 25 February 2018

Week by which you will make choices. Trust your intuition and so the losses will be smaller. Control your annoyance and do not rush the decisions. There are meetings and dating that will matter to you for a long time.
ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS -  the week will be related to unforeseen events that will change your plans. Do not try to exercise control, but see what you can get rid of. In personal relationships, expect trouble. Try putting them on a new basis.
GEMINI, LIBRA, and AQUARIUS -  the week will be full of emotions that you will have to control. The environment around you will change and will reflect on what is happening in you. Make an effort to preserve your personal space.
TAURUS, VIRGO, and CAPRICORN -  the week will be related to over-strain and excessive effort. You will reach the threshold of your capabilities. Do not take any action and keep your inner balance. Your forces are not limitless. Even if you do, you will not be able to enjoy it fully.
CANCER, SCORPIO, and PISCES -  the focus of the week is on personal relationships. Be careful, because the rifts are more likely than reconciliations. You will feel insecure. Be restrained, listen to the other, and do not rush to draw conclusions. Whatever happens - keep your sense of humor.

My name is Shani Zadikyan and I am pleased to offer advice through my reading of the Runes. By education and profession, I am an engineer and economist, but I have always been fascinated by various occult sciences and considered myself an esoteric soul. I have persistently studied astrology, numerology, the matrix of success, the Runes as well as other methods for reading. Therefore, I do believe my knowledge and expertise may prove very useful to you!

The Runes represent an ancient Celtic magical system of symbols which is a precious gift given to people by God Odin. People from Northern Europe used to interpret these symbols to make prophesy and interact with the forces of Nature that could have been summoned by them through the respective Rune. In the past, the Runes provided people with guidance when they cultivated crops, gave blessings, cured the sick, or predicted the future. The Runic symbols used to be cut out on a stone in ancient times. Nowadays, the Runes can be either carved, or painted on any material - wood, semi-precious stones, cardboard.
To get your response from the Runes, please write down the following details correctly: Name, date of birth / dd-mm-yyyy /, male/female, single/married, where you come from, both yours and the person you are enquiring about, question and timeline of the question.  If you have not specified a specific timeline and the question requires it, then it shall be added at my discretion. The recommended  periods start from 1 month up to 6 months, or one year at the most. Please, do not pose  questions referring to health or treatments. For questions - free and paid – send your request to runat687@gmail.com.
The reading covers  one free question,  which will be posted on the site and an unlimited number of paid questions of your choice. Replies to a paid consultation shall be sent to a personal email within 3 to 5 business days following a cleared payment. Payment methods are specifies in personal correspondence via PayPal or a bank account. The price includes translation from Bulgarian into English. For 1 question – 12 euro, for 2 questions – 19 and 23 euro for 3 questions. 

Runes for the month and numerologically calculated personal days. The answer includes a month break for every ten days. Numerologically calculated personal days are the ones that make sense to make the most of your efforts, start something new, hold an important business or personal conversation and hear you. Everything that happens in your personal days - is for you, your destiny. The result will come to you. As a bonus, you will also receive the days for the month in which you would like to pay household bills. The following data is required for the request: a small name and date of birth. You will receive a response on a personal email within 3 to 5 business days after payment. For orders and questions, please email runat687@gmail.com. Price for 1 month - 15 euro, 3 months - 39 euro, 6 months - 80 euro, 12 months - 130 euro. Payment can be made to a bank account,, PayPal, - after specifying in personal correspondence.


Good Day, I am  B.J. I have been searching for a job for over 3 years to no avail, would I get a job this month. Please tell me what the cards say. Тhank you
 Hello. You will find work, it will be a very good job. But it will not be in February. The period will be longer. There is some change in you that does not allow you to actively look for a job. Good luck!

Hello my name is N.V. I will like to know about my relocation, am planning to leave the city where I reside to settle in another city to find a job this February. Could you please tell me what the cards say. 
Thank you
Hello! Everything will pass successfully. It gives you movement and development. Time is good for looking for a job. You must accept everything that is offered to you. You are not in a position to choose. If something does not irritate you - overcome it. Success!

Hello my name is A.t.G. I would like to know if my dream job that I have applied for will come through this year. I'm a nurse and I have applied for a cath lab job it's a higher ranking and has always been my dream job. Thank you again for this opportunity through runes Hello! Runes say you will get this job. But someone will need to help you, to cooperate. Something in the new job may not be the way you want it. Use the time for personal development. Good luck!

N.N.G. India    Need guidance about a girl I like
Hello. The girl is good, open, patient. She has changed her attitude towards you, but she has a hidden interest. I think she was ready to take a step forward. But you have made a sharp change. Do not take any action now because it will cause more tension. Moment is not suitable for starting relationships. You need to first unleash your old experience, everything that has disappointed you. When you find the balance within yourself - then the external circumstances will change. Success!

K.S. What can I expect as a development in a company Y.?
Hello. It's hard for you to be there. You feel like a battlefield. What hinders you is your indecision. More wisdom is needed, more patient and insistent, even loyalty. Master your emotions and do not succumb to their influence. There are traits of your character that you need to adjust, self-control. When this happens - the situation will improve. Success! 


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