Personal Financial Days

The way you give money using them in life is the way they will return to you.

The Service - Personal Financial Days - is for everyone who wants to improve their financial situation. The change for everyone might be quite different - finding a job, finding additional job, signing a labor contract, etc. Effect is felt after at least six months of observance of these dates.   

Personal financial days are the days (three or four dates for each calendar month), during which it is good to pay household bills - electricity, water, telephone, rent, internet, school fees, or other types of payment /taxes or other fees you seldom pay/. It's like sowing at the right time!

Personal financial days are individual, determined according to your date of birth and are different for each month. Observing these days has a positive impact on your financial situation! Everything done on the right day has a positive effect!

Attention: do not postpone any late payments! It's a good idea to have dates for a few months ahead so you can properly estimate your payments.

Important: when ordering this service, note that payment of bills shall be made by the person for whom you made the order. You can order personal financial days for you and/or your partner or other family member.

In order to receive your personal financial days, please enter the following data correctly: Name and date of birth /dd-mm-yyyy/ - yours and/or those of the person making the payments.

A list of the days you will get within 3 to 5 business days on a personal email after a payment has been made.

Orders are accepted by the email [email protected]

You are also entitled to one package of personal financial days for 6 months  /3 months free and 3 months paid / per price of 15 euro.

Price per person: for three monts - 15 euro

Price per person: for six months    - 30 euro

Price per person for one year         - 42 euro

Price for two people: for six months – 42 euro

If you want to pay in other currency, please ask for price.

Payment methods are specifies in personal correspondence via PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram.