Answer to a question

Looking for an answer to a question that is of your interest?
I am Varta and I will help you to figure it out!
I use Tarot cards/Runes and numerology.

Fees for paid consultations
An answer to a question  - 22 euro
Answer – “pros and cons” in a situation – 22 euro
An answer to a question about partner relationships  - 27 euro
Choice between two options – 27 euro

Each option includes a written answer to a question.
Common questions receive common answers. The more specific your question, the more specific I will be in my answer.
Answers are valid for a period of one to three months. With the help of numerology and at my discretion, the answer to the question may be valid for a longer period.

Information needed: name and date of birth - yours and/or of the person you are asking about, and a brief description of the problem/situation.
I kindly ask you; do not pose questions related to health or treatment!

You will receive an answer to your question(s) within 3 – 5 working days on your personal email, after payment has been made /to the bank account, PayPal/
Inquiries should be sent to [email protected]
Should you have any further questions about the services I offer, do not hesitate to ask me.