Aquarius Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius this month you will have personal or professional difficulties with a person who will probably be your relative or colleague.
Traveling this month will involve more stress or you will have some special purpose, a travel-related task.
Conflicts will break out more easily during this month due to your lack of patience and your unwillingness to understand other people's positions.
In October, you will generally have better financial opportunities. This will happen thanks to your good pay, the emergence of the opportunity for overtime or part-time work. You will be satisfied with the money, but your work will be more.
During this month you will receive news or a document related to a financial case, the resolution of which will be in your favor.
In October, you will receive important help in your career or business, which will help you realize your idea or get a promotion to a better position.
During this month you will create an unexpected acquaintance with an interesting person. You will receive an invitation to a meeting or reunion from someone you have recently met.
In October, an unexpected offer or information can help you a lot in developing your personal plans by the end of the year.
Many will enjoy an important acquisition that will give better comfort at home.
Aquarius women will experience several serious stressful situations. Their goal is to put pressure on you to make serious changes in your life.
Men will be surprised by the unexpected development of their affairs in a different way than planned. Under no circumstances should this give you an expectation of trouble.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, this September you will spend time and money to solve household or property problems.
Unexpected commitments and worries related to repairs or property you use may occur.
During this month you will be excited about the professional realization of a young person from your family who can study or work in another city or country.
In general, in September you will have mostly contacts with people younger than you. Some of these contacts will relate to your current job or project with which you are engaged.
During this month, you will be upset by unpleasant news related to a health problem in the life of a person you know. There is a possibility of adverse development or too long treatment, special therapy, surgery.
Financially, you will have a good income. Opportunities for new ones will probably arise, depending on your personal ambition and activity.
Your expenses will be high, so plan your budget well. Keep your personal belongings in a public place from being forgotten or lost.
In general, the development of your affairs in September will be according to your expectations. No big surprises are expected.
Your home affairs will probably develop better than your professional ones.
There are various changes in your home that will create pleasant emotions in your family.
Men will make new acquaintances and contacts, with representatives of the earth sign being very important.
Women will be more active in the development of affairs and commitments, from which they expect some benefit, additional income.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, in August there will be new engagements related to documents, inheritance, property or property of a deceased relative and other events related to people from the Otherworld. During this period you will have very strong (predictive) dreams related to them.
Those of you who have begun the process of separation or divorce will take a step back and try to rethink your decisions and actions. An event, conversation or meeting will provoke you to think.
In August, most of you will have a good time to travel near and far. You will have a lot of pleasant emotions, visiting new places or you will meet new people.
Unexpected problems with a relative may arise during this month, which will affect his/her family conflicts.
During this month, the representatives of the zodiac sign Aquarius will be easily touchy, over-emotional, which will easily create tension.
During this month it is possible to give up one of your ideas related to work or business. Overall, August is a new continuation of a process of professional change that can last several months, including in 2021.
Aquarius men will be prone to jealousy, suspicion, lack of understanding of the desires and feelings of others, which will be a problem for them.
Women of this zodiac sign will have more financial commitments and responsibilities related to money. Be careful when working or sharing with someone you don't know well.