Gemini Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 May, 2024

During the week of May 20 - 26, it will turn out that many will rely on your advice, help or assistance in carrying out their tasks and commitments, in making important decisions.
There will be similar expectations mostly from young people from your close circle of people.
The week heralds events and news related to pregnancy or the birth of a baby, and in general with small children.
Troubles or contradictions in your love relationships will pass quickly, so avoid deepening them or returning to old memories, mistakes and unpleasant experiences.
This week heralds an important favorable change in your family, which will be different for each of you and will be felt in a different way. For some of you it may be visible and associated with a lot of tension, for others it may be only a hint of upcoming events of a similar nature.
During the week, expect conversations with people who will be burdened with serious personal or professional problems, frightened by the appearance or development of some event, fear of the future and others.
Boys and girls can go through an interesting week of progress and progress in tasks and affairs related to education or career. You will have enough time for your main tasks and for entertainment, as long as you manage to find the balance between them. Many interesting plans can arise or be made during these seven days for your immediate future, and you will probably intuitively find the best course of action for their implementation.
Men will go through a week in which they will have to look for a more practical solution to their troubles if they do not want them to deepen. Victory or success are not always the most important things to strive for. A healthy and peaceful lifestyle will give you enough energy to move forward with new ideas, plans and dreams. During the week, you will benefit from interacting with people living outside your home who will give you a more optimistic view of some delicate things in your life. This week will favor the completion of your tasks related to your home, equipment or property that your family owns.
Women will have to first focus on completing tasks from the past week that have not yet been completed for various reasons. During this week, you may meet a person from your past that will bring you back to pleasant or unpleasant memories. In terms of health, there may be a reason to visit a doctor, for some type of therapy and other actions beneficial to your health.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 May, 2024

During the week of May 13 - 19, you will definitely have a good mood, a more optimistic view of things in your life and a desire to have fun.
However, avoid ignoring your problems or serious commitments by looking at them superficially and frivolously.
An occasion for special emotions in your life during the week will be a person from your circle of close relatives or friends.
During these seven days, it will be difficult for you to find a reasonable explanation or a proper solution to a problem that is creating tension in your love or family relationships.
It can be provoked by a gossip or intrigue, by deception or infidelity, and its purpose is to cause separation, of course, if you yourself allow it to happen.
Be alert and careful not to make mistakes driven by your own emotions, doubts or ambitions.
During this week, a health problem or other situation in the life of a person who lives in another home or in another settlement will require attention.
Many of you who will be traveling this week will experience a concern that will require a change in your choice of transportation, personal vehicle maintenance, or driving skills.
This week will be important for your professional development and for the proper performance of your professional tasks.
Do not allow conflicts with colleagues or with clients, because you are all currently under some tension and stress.
Boys and girls can expect this week various unexpected situations, news or meetings that will require sometimes quick or difficult decisions. The week may leave you unprepared for the development of events that will occur during these seven days. Some of you can handle this fast pace of life quite successfully, but for some it can prove to be a serious challenge. It will be very important during these seven days not to be hasty in your decisions and actions, if necessary seek advice or additional information.
Men will also go through a week of important and difficult decisions, especially if they are related to serious life changes concerning family, work, business and others. This will be a week of movement for those of you who are involved in a court or legal case. More tension can be a problem for you during these seven days, and each of you will deal with it differently. Do not discount the words of people who will try to give you some advice, direction or other information that they think is useful. The week brings you more work, more business and overall full engagement.
Women will shoulder most of the duties and responsibilities in the family, which may prove very tiring at a time. Whether you ask for help and share responsibilities from other family members, or continue to carry the burden, will be an individual decision for each of you. This is a week of serious tasks and decisions related to money and your financial affairs in general. On a personal level, you will be able to provide yourself with some comfort, pleasant entertainment or time for rest and entertainment. This will depend on your own nature, whether you prefer a quiet life or are an active, social person.