Gemini Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 October, 2022

During the week of October 10 to 16, expect to receive interesting messages, letters or parcels from relatives or friends in different places.
During the week, you may be surprised by an invitation related to a future meeting or gathering with friends or acquaintances.
Many will receive news from friends or relatives related to a new home or relocation.
Your expectations related to money may diverge from the real events that you will experience this week.
In fact, you may have a very good income, but also be burdened with much more, even tiring work.
There is a high probability that various difficulties, additional formalities or other types of obstacles related to money, documents or agreements will arise.
A conflict with a child or because of a child can develop very unpleasantly. In general, conflicts this week will have an adverse effect on your health.
Care related to a child's health is possible, and the cause of the relevant illness may be a cold, infection, etc.
This week there will be something to please your family, but every little joy or success will be accompanied by worries, tension, stress.
Nothing will be given to you easily or without effort, without effort and time invested.
Think more about your future this week. Different ideas will engage your attention, on different days of the week. Don't let setbacks or adversity make you touchy and hurtful.
Boys and girls will want to put an end to some problems that have already arisen. This week, not just the success of their completion will be important for you, but your desire to provide yourself with the emotional and mental comfort you need. The week will be favorable for travel and for developing your relationships with people from different distances.
Men will have small but important reasons for pride, satisfaction and good mood. Pleasant surprises will arise in your personal or love life. You may have unexpected contacts with friends or with people from your past. that have a special place in your heart. During the week, parents will have to take on additional responsibility or a new commitment related to their child/children.
Women will have to be more careful with their own health. Don't strain yourself, be careful with food and alcohol and in general with things that are contraindicated for you. You may be planning some therapy, treatment, cosmetic or dental procedures, etc. this week.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 October, 2022

During the week from October 3 to 9, you will engage in a variety of professional commitments, with business meetings, searching for a new job, advertising (presentation) of a new product or activity, etc.
Some of the important moments in your work will be related to clients or business partners from another settlement.
Surprises in some way this week will have some connection with a child or with young people.
During the week, you will receive an invitation or an offer, which you should not accept hastily, because the situation may turn out to be completely different.
Avoid sharing information without verifying it, as you are likely to spread fake news this week.
Conflicts this week will almost always be natural consequences of your past mistakes and omissions.
It will be very important during these seven days not to let illusions or unrealistic dreams determine your plans or desires. In such a case, the week may develop in a complicated way for you.
Boys and girls will be surprised by a letter, message or phone call from a friend with whom they have not had contact for a long time. Your new acquaintances this week will in most cases be with people from different cities and countries. During this week, some of you will be able to get out of a "dead end", solve a complex problem or achieve harmony in a problematic relationship.
Men will have difficult but imperative or important conversations with a man/with men about matters important to your personal, family or professional affairs. During the week, you will communicate more often with men, as this will be required by the nature of your tasks and commitments. At the same time, don't blindly rely on any information or suggestion you get from a man. Check back when you can for details!
Women will find it difficult to find peace, you will get angry over small things, you will be jealous in your love or intimate relationship. Past memories, unresolved issues or unresolved relationships will create some problem or tension for you during these seven days. It will be good to be delicate and careful in your contacts with people born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 26 September - 2 October, 2022

During the week from September 26 to October 2, you will experience many emotionally important events in the lives of close people, mostly those who live at some distance from you.
It is possible that this week you will attend a gathering for a pleasant occasion: birthday, name day, anniversary, engagement, wedding, etc.
Make the most of this week to successfully complete important commitments related to home and family before autumn knocks on your door.
The week will be very favorable in the realization of your tasks. Almost everything will depend on your organization and preparation.
Whatever the development of your affairs, do not try to change the course of events this week!
The week will be favorable for buying a new home, for moving to a new home, for selling property, if you have such plans.
Unpleasant surprises will arise where there are attempts at manipulation or other behind-the-scenes actions. In fact, this way you will be able to naturally see who is what around you and to better select your friendships and acquaintances.
Revealing an intrigue will also help you put some relationships or commitments in order.
At work or in your business, you will go through a period of tension related to more tasks, responsibilities, clients, fast deadlines for order fulfillment, etc.
Boys and girls will have more engagements or common activities with their peers. Interesting experiences and opportunities to learn new things, acquire new knowledge and skills await you. Some of you will be particularly sentimental, sensitive this week, you will easily hurt others with rude or insulting words or you yourself will be easily hurt.
Men will have an emotional experience with a girl or a woman, who in most cases will be from the family or circle of relatives. You have more homework and duties ahead of you, which will require a good organization on your part to be able to complete everything on time and in the most correct way. During this week, you will have more tasks at your workplace, where a variety of interesting situations related to new people, new activities, etc. will arise.
Women will find it difficult to overcome their unclear mood, which will rather cause sadness, uncertainty, restlessness, regardless of whether there is a specific reason for this. During the week you are going to meet important or useful people, possibly attend some gathering and generally have a good social life. During these seven days, unexpected meetings or unexpected news related to people you know are not excluded.