Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30 January - 5 February, 2023

The week of January 30 - February 5 brings various events or experiences with people from near and far.
Some of you may experience an unexpected encounter that provokes the return to life of an old friendship or partnership.
The week brings various events for parents born under this zodiac sign who have a daughter or granddaughter. You will probably follow events in her life without having any real involvement in them.
The week may be remembered for some big changes in your social, professional, business or political appearances. If until now you have not been active enough in this field during these seven days, you may start a new active activity or you will be involved in some charity action.
The week can be remembered with an important document or commitment related to a mother, grandmother or other close woman.
During this week, many will receive a job or business offer. It won't be bad for you as long as it matches what you want for yourself in terms of commitment and development.
The surprise this week may be related to a wedding or another important event in the life of your friends or distant relatives with whom you have contacts.
During this week, boys and girls will look for new ways to change or refresh the routine in their daily lives.
This will be a favorable time for changes related to your own personality, education, work and goals in life.
However, if laziness and apathy prevail, the results will be quite deplorable and unsatisfactory.
During this week, men will rely on a relative or a friend for something that is important to you, and you will probably be able to get what was promised or expected.
You will have good relations with people who live outside your place of residence.
Your family and personal finances will be your priority, but overall you will be in a favorable position this week.
For women, a stressful situation will arise, which will be caused by your previous mistakes or omissions, lying or disloyal behavior towards other people.
Your relationships with people who will try to manipulate you for their own personal gain will require attention.
There is a high probability that you will go somewhere on an unpleasant occasion.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 January, 2023

The week of January 23 - 29, 2023 will be an important period for your development, which will be remembered with the emergence of new challenges that will arise during these seven days. Some of the important projects and affairs during the week will be related to working together or getting help from someone you work with or have a professional/business relationship with.
New acquaintances during the week will not be accidental and will have an important role in your development.
During these seven days, carefully consider how to solve or develop your household or property problems and affairs. Particular attention will be required for the more unpleasant ones, which do not tolerate delay and require urgent repair or replacement.
During these seven days, be careful when buying new things for the home or a new property.
The week can be remembered with some important events related to a woman from your circle of relatives, neighbors or friends.
Boys and girls born under this zodiac sign will have to leave some of their plans for realization in a better time. Now it will be unnecessary and in vain to press events and circumstances to work in your favor. Losses or disappointments are not out of the question.
Men will have to come to terms with their real options this week. Very few things will depend on your own wishes, disappointments are not excluded. This is especially true of your expectations regarding money.
During the week, an unexpected conflict will arise in your home, which will be more on an emotional basis, due to fatigue, insomnia or greater tension.
Professionally, the week will be favorable enough for those of you who put more innovative ideas into your work. Changes are imperative and the results will depend on your ability to adapt to the new conditions.
During this week, women will be sought by relatives and friends for help or advice related to the occurrence of an unpleasant situation in their lives.
You may be concerned about a notification from a person from another settlement.
During the week, you will receive news related to the health problem of a woman who lives in another settlement.
During these days, you will make plans for your future and you will adapt quite successfully to the new circumstances in your life.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 January, 2023

During the week of January 16 - 22, 2023, you will be concerned or involved in some way with the health problems of a relative or friends. You will be mentally prepared for any development of these events: both good and bad.
If your work is related to money or financial documents, during this week be maximally concentrated so as not to make mistakes or omissions. The likelihood of corrections later is unlikely.
In general, the week will burden you with more professional commitments. Your expectations of achieving any concrete results will not be realized within these seven days. Probably, therefore, there will be important reasons or circumstances that will not depend on you.
The week will be difficult for those of you who will be traveling. All kinds of unexpected situations are possible.
One of the good events this week will have to do with a child or a young person. You may receive news or experience events related to a future pregnancy, the birth of a child, and others.
For those of you who are parents, the week brings an opportunity for your own child to perform or succeed.
Boys and girls will go through a week of important, fateful and to some extent interesting events related to home and family.
This week will delight many of you with news of important events or successes in the lives of close relatives or friends.
The reasons for sadness and worry that you have had until now will gradually give way to a more optimistic mood and a new attitude about upcoming events in the near future.
Men will have high expectations for the development of some important events for them. People with whom you have already established serious and stable relationships will have a favorable influence on your affairs during these seven days. It is possible that during the week you will experience some unpleasant disappointments, but they will have their meaning or will be a way to teach you some lesson.
Women this week will have to make an important decision related to a family member.
There may be a need to contact or engage with a judicial or legal institution.
In general, this week events will hardly develop according to your expectations and plans, and this will hardly surprise you.