Virgo Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 October, 2022

During the week of October 10th to 16th, there will be tension related to travel. It may affect you or a close relative. Complicated relationships with people from other villages and towns are likely.
In general, the week brings specific negative influences that suggest problems related to your personal journey.
It is possible that this week you are under the strong influence of your own intuition or your inner fears.
During the week, you may receive unexpected news related to a more serious health problem of a person who lives outside your home.
During this week, you will pay attention to a friend who will have a personal celebration or experience a special event. It is possible to make a small gift or buy flowers to mark this event.
Some of the interesting events during these seven days will be related to a girl or a woman from your circle of relatives or friends.
Meeting or gathering with her will bring you different emotions.
The most important or special experiences during the week will have to do with your close relatives or the home in which you live. Most likely, the week will have something to surprise you in this regard.
Boys and girls will feel a slower movement and development of their affairs during this week. Your family members and close relatives will largely determine your decisions and actions. During the week, you will be influenced by moods and desires for friendly meetings and gatherings, for flirting and love adventures. You risk creating a new friendship, losing an old one that was valuable to you.
Men will have a difficult relationship with their partner or wife. It is possible that her actions or experiences will cause tension in your relationship and in your home in general. It will be more complicated for those of you who have a person next to you born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Manifestations of jealousy, a desire to control other people's actions and decisions will lead you to a very unpleasant position.
Women will have occasions for meetings or gatherings, but also commitments that will require unpleasant visits or contacts. During the week, you may have a pleasant experience with a person in your circle of friends, including an unexpected meeting or phone call. Your moments of sadness or dissatisfaction will in most cases be related to a divergence of what you have as an expectation and what you will actually experience.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 October, 2022

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, use the week of October 3 - 9 to reassess your actions and achievements thus far.
Think carefully about your experiences, successes and failures since the beginning of the year until now.
Talk to people you think are important to your plans and goals. Don't ignore their opinion or advice. Consider them, evaluate them, and then decide whether to take advantage of them.
During the week, you will experience various pleasant events related to a child. In some cases, they may require the purchase of necessary clothing, items, a gift or other expenditure of money.
During these seven days, the tension at your workplace will be greater. You will most likely find it difficult to control events or emotions of your colleagues, clients or supervisors.
Try to experience every situation with a joke and a smile. Avoid displays of sarcasm or inappropriate jokes that could make you look bad or put you in an uncomfortable situation.
During this week you will have the opportunity to develop your friendships. Already established acquaintances can have some influence on decisions you will make this week.
The new acquaintances that will arise during this period will have a specific mission in your life. Give them time to develop naturally.
It will be very important during these seven days to take a more optimistic view of your love life, whether you are looking for a new relationship or enjoying an existing one. Relationships with a partner born under a watery zodiac sign can be accompanied by various negative emotions.
Boys and girls can put to a small test the sincerity and honesty of their friends, as well as the stability of their love relationship (for those who have one). This will be a week where it will be important to focus on your education, professional and business affairs. If you have already established goals and plans, invest energy and resources in their implementation.
Men will face during these seven days the spite and stubbornness of another close man. It is possible that the opposition between you has to do with some health problem or with another complicated, unpleasant situation. In fact, your problems this week will not be new and they have either already arisen or are a new repetition of an old situation.
For women, there will be a similar opposition with a close woman: a relative or a friend. However, your situation may have to do with someone who lives far away or who will be traveling this week. In your work, you will have more commitments, situations related to a rich palette of emotions and various comic experiences. You will definitely be in a better position during these seven days, but don't just rely on your luck.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 26 September - 2 October, 2022

During the week of September 26 to October 2, you will need to create harmony and understanding in relationships between people who have problematic relationships. This could be your own children, parents, sibling and other relatives or friends.
During this week, many will enjoy good income from work, better sales or more clients, etc.
A client, manager or business partner will help you achieve success or you will benefit financially from your actions together, as a team.
This week can be remembered by receiving money from a salary, from a completed business engagement or from a banking institution.
Your meeting, conversation or contact with a person from the community where you live will need to be carefully considered before you give consent or promise.
Be careful, as attempts at manipulation or actions to discredit you, hurt your reputation, are possible.
During the week, there will be moments of anxiety related to travel or events that are happening in another populated place (country).
During this week, travel only if absolutely necessary.
Boys and girls will have a dynamic week with more meetings and conversations with people near and far. This week it will be important to embrace the small joys in your life with greater excitement and appreciation of their significance. Interesting romantic experiences with a person from another settlement or another nationality are possible.
Men will have to be careful with new acquaintances, and to whom you have been favorable until now for various reasons. Probably during this week they will make attempts to enter your personal space, something that you will definitely not allow.
During the week, you will have the opportunity to resolve problems related to documents, a contract or other formalities, so pay serious attention to them.
This week brings a high probability of separation or reunion with relatives who live in another settlement.
This will be a favorable week for travel, regardless of its purpose, but primarily in the country where you live.
Women may engage in a meeting or conversation related to a property issue or possessions.
You may encounter stumbling blocks or difficulties regarding money that you need to receive through a document or contract.
You will be prone to uncertainty in actions related to changes or new ventures. This will not be due to fear, but to your lack of confidence that this is the most favorable time for such actions. During the week, you will engage in important money affairs, household bill payments, bank obligations, loans or other financial affairs.