Virgo Weekly Horoscope 5 - 11 June, 2023

During the week from June 5 to 11, you will be pleased with various purchases or gifts that are in your plans for this week. Material acquisition from relatives or through your work is not excluded.
During the week, you may be surprised by an unexpected fortune or profit.
During these seven days, you will consider what you could do to surprise or delight people you love.
Particularly original in love in this regard can be the representatives of this zodiac sign are those who have a special occasion to show their feelings.
During the week, there may be a need for care or treatment related to a person from your circle of relatives or close friends.
A more difficult development during these days may have your contacts with men who will be prone to manifestations of stubbornness.
A person who is your friend or acquaintance will disappoint you with their comments or actions.
Girls and boys will be able to achieve good development and progress in the affairs with which they will be engaged during the week. You will make, prepare and organize important plans for your near future.
Men will have more contact with people from different parts of the world. You will plan future meetings, common activities or business.
This will be a favorable week for settling important documents for you.
Women will be worried, emotional, sensitive, which can make your communication with others complicated. Important events this week will be related to your family, children or relatives.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June, 2023

During the week from May 29 to June 4, you will have some unexpected or unwanted commitments related to solving problems of a financial nature.
They may require you to meet with government officials, representatives of a private company, administration or bank.
During the week, avoid getting involved in solving money difficulties in the lives of friends or relatives, because now you should focus primarily on your own problems.
During these seven days, carefully monitor a new acquaintance that will arise in an unexpected or strange way for you.
The influence of a new person in your life on your personal or professional affairs will be favorable and should not be neglected.
During this week, you may have plans or expectations related to commitments regarding property or property that you or your family own.
It is possible that these commitments are the result of an unexpected household accident, the need for urgent repairs, a conflict with neighbors or an institution, etc.
During the week, be careful with the requests and whims of children or young people from your close environment, whose stubbornness and stubbornness will provoke them to emotional decisions and reactions. There is a danger of thoughtless, life-threatening actions.
Girls and boys will be able to systematize their goals in life much more clearly, based on the knowledge acquired so far, contacts made or a clearer idea of what they want to do with their lives. Follow your intuition, not your emotion. During these seven days you can achieve a lot if you rely on hard work, ambition and will.
The men will be faced with a difficult but necessary decision for their future. Those of you who are engaged in a court or legal case will go through a new phase of development of these cases. The development of interesting events awaits you in your work.
Women will want to spend more time at home, among already created comforts or activities with pleasant things. Emotionally, however, you will miss something or someone. The week will favor pleasant meetings and visits.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May, 2023

The week of May 22 - 28 will be favorable for creating and developing romantic or love relationships. Try not to limit your search for a new partner only to the town where you live. Give yourself freedom in terms of age, profession, nationality or religion. During this week, it will be important for you to follow your own destiny without making deliberate attempts to adjust it according to your dreams or desires.
The week will show you the pleasant sides of life, but also the unpleasant ones, which in most cases will be the result of your hasty decisions and actions.
Avoid solving big problems and troubles during these seven days, because you will still not have the necessary support, energy or funds.
During the week, be careful in your money affairs with people who are your friends, or whom you have accepted as such, because there is a real danger of disappointment and even loss of money.
Conflicts in the family this week will be mainly related to domestic problems, with the lack of desire of a member of your family to fulfill their responsibilities and duties at home.
Girls and boys will have to be very judicious in their actions. This is not the time to act in areas of which you have no knowledge and experience. The week will favor trips, regardless of their purpose, as well as your communication with people from different distances.
Men will have to be more seriously involved in their household affairs. Many tasks in your home await your actions. Their postponement can cause unpleasant conflicts with other members of your family.
Women will tend to deceive themselves about some of their ideas or desires. Don't be stubborn, but talk about these things with people who have experience or knowledge. The week will be remembered for receiving an important document, contract or proposal (invitation).