Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 May, 2024

During the week of May 20 - 26, you are given to experience a variety of events that will change your lifestyle or your plans for the near future.
During these seven days you will meet new or old friends, you may end up in unexpected places or learn unexpected news.
Interesting events will happen at your workplace, which can make you happy, but can also create temporary tension in the team where you work.
During the week, you will have the opportunity to prove your personal professional qualities, to achieve stability, with sufficient mobilization and responsibility in your own actions.
This week will be favorable for travel regardless of its purpose.
Your contacts with people from different distances will be dynamic: both with relatives and friends.
Such an auspicious time should not be wasted. You should not hope that certain circumstances or people will continue to be kind to you in the future. If you miss the chances that will be given to you this week, the probability of getting new ones is minimal.
On a personal level, you will not lack emotions regardless of your marital status.
This will be a week in which you can invest time and resources in romantic surprises, express your feelings more freely and emotionally.
New acquaintances, even if they are short, will leave a mark behind them.
During the week, though, news related to friends, neighbors or colleagues may upset you.
Boys and girls will go through a week where they will exchange a lot of messages, letters or emails. Your desire for dynamic communication with people from near and far will be greatly influenced by the upcoming summer season. This is a week in which you will make new friendships and acquaintances, you will easily charm others with your ability to talk with them. All in all, an interesting, pleasantly unpredictable week is ahead of you, with various unexpected events that will leave their mark.
Men will want to be loved, liked, but not only in words, but they will expect specific actions from their partners. Now it will not be important for you whether you give and show your love, but what you receive. During this week, attention will be paid to the health problems of a loved one, or to someone in your circle of friends who complains of some ailment, but still avoids consulting a doctor. The week will favor remodeling, repairs and improvements to the home, rural property or farm if you own one.
Women will have various serious and responsible commitments with a family member, a circle of relatives or someone else with whom you have a special relationship. Your expectations for this week will be related to a more relaxed and pleasant time, but unfortunately you will be too dependent on events in the lives of the people around you to be able to have your own time the way you want. The intervention of a woman with words and advice that you did not ask for can lead to additional tension in your daily life.


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 May, 2024

During the week of May 13 - 19, you will commit to already established plans, the implementation of which will be important to you. They can largely concern things related to your love or personal life, to your financial interests. There is no reason why your expectations cannot be realized, but various small changes, delays or postponements are possible for a short time.
During these seven days you will have complicated relationships or concerns related to people with whom you have professional or business relations.
You may need to take care of a minor health issue that will arise during the week.
Your family and family relationships will develop without surprises, but you may be excited or confused by a conversation with a close relative.
During this week, you may consider various changes related to your home or family, but it is unlikely that during these seven days you will make a final decision or change something.
Professionally, the week will develop favorably and according to your expectations. It is possible to discuss financial matters: salary, deals, payments from clients or business partners, etc.
In your love life, you will tend to follow the natural course of events. This is not about a lack of ambition on your part, but you will realize that you have other, more important priorities right now.
Boys and girls will focus on their financial affairs and interests, as you will intuitively feel that this is an important and special time for you. If you want to work, if you want to be financially independent, if you want to learn new professional skills, now is the right time for it. Otherwise, you will continue to be financially dependent on parents or other factors, which will leave you with a feeling of insecurity, instability and lack of freedom of action.
Men will have to commit to some specific tasks that are related to a child or grandchild. In general, younger people will rely on you this week, who will need your advice, support, learning new skills based on your experience, and more. The week will favor travel both related to your personal goals and with your friends or your family. During this week, you will have to communicate more with people who live at a distance from you. Some of these conversations may be related to important changes or decisions in your or their lives.
Women will be put to serious tests when dealing with people who are well known for their spiteful, envious or stubborn nature. Communicating with people from your circle of relatives will cost you a lot of nerves. During the week, life will require you to be more patient, more diplomatic and tolerant of others. Otherwise, especially men will easily provoke you into conflicts.