Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 5 - 11 June, 2023

During the week from June 5 to 11, you will experience disappointment from obvious attempts at manipulation or deception by a person close to you. These actions do not bring you loss in a material sense, but emotionally it will be a painful, sensitive experience for you.
In general, the week will be remembered with more busyness and tension in your daily life. People and circumstances will pressure you to solve various problems.
The good thing is that every such experience, every complicated situation will have its practical solution.
During the week, avoid conflicts with people who try to take advantage of you in some way. In such a confrontation with them, you will not be the winner!
During the week, concerns related to the health of a relative or some specific treatment of a loved one may arise.
You will have to take responsibility for solving a household problem in your home.
Unfortunately, during the week, some of you will experience an unpleasant event related to a man.
Girls and boys will easily find ways to develop and realize their plans and desires. But don't be easygoing or lazy! Don't refuse a woman's help and don't ignore her advice. At least think about her words!
Women will have to be content with what they have achieved so far without harboring regret or anger over missed opportunities. You must live through what was decreed to you by Fate. Unexpected events during these seven days will open up new opportunities for you or meet you with new people.
Men will wander between different desires and possibilities. There is a danger that you will waste valuable time during these seven days. Meetings and entertainment with friends will be pleasant, but you have other, more important goals and commitments.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June, 2023

During the week from May 29 to June 4, you will experience events that will pleasantly surprise you. For some of you, they may relate to new people in the circle of relatives, friends or colleagues, as new opportunities arise to develop the business or career you have.
During this week, you will have a favorable time to start an intimate or romantic acquaintance, if you are looking for one and if you are mostly free.
During this week, some of you will experience disappointment related to unrealistic expectations or misunderstandings related to money or an important document.
During these seven days, avoid hoping for things related to greater or unexpected income and try to control your budget as much as possible.
During this week, you will have occasion to meet relatives or friends, some of whom may be in the town where you live for a short period of time.
Love encounters and romantic experiences will have an important place in your life, but try to preserve and take better care of the good things in your life.
The occurrence of a trouble in the middle of the week will require you to make a quick and practical decision.
All in all, you have an important week ahead of you for your future, so don't waste your time and resources on trivial things or with people who don't have serious goals in life.
You might try your luck in some lottery, but don't overdo it.
Boys and girls will increase their circle of friends. Be diplomatic and patient in dealings you have with people who are your neighbors, customers or partners.
Men will make an unpleasant mistake led by incorrect advice or under the influence of manipulative actions, which will create discomfort for them for a certain time.
Women will rely heavily on the help or support of another person in the implementation of important personal or professional plans. This week brings an important event related to your relative.


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May, 2023

During the week of May 22 - 28, your actions will be aimed at looking for new opportunities to realize an idea or desire.
You will have the opportunity to realize many things, but above all be honest and patient.
You will have interesting meetings and contacts with friends or relatives who live in another populated place.
An interesting development during the week will be your communication with a woman and the information or events you will discuss with her. You are about to exchange ideas, discuss opportunities for joint activity, etc.
This week you may expect news of some kind of loss in the life of a woman you know.
You will have a favorable week for financial actions, conversations, receiving money or completing commitments of a financial nature.
During the week, avoid interfering in the family problems of relatives or friends.
This will be a favorable week for travel and entertainment if you have free time :).
Girls and boys will have a special week to experience an event that will leave a lasting memory in their lives.
Men will be on the threshold of making an important decision or starting a new venture with high chances of success. This will be a favorable week for implementing various changes.
Women will have the opportunity to travel or develop important contacts communicating with people from different distances.