Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 October, 2022

During the week of October 10 to 16, you will have to deal with financial problems or affairs that will arise due to someone's mistake, omission or fraud.
All your actions related to financial documents and their storage will require greater attention during the week.
Children or young people from your circle of friends or relatives will be the reason for active communication with other people. An exchange of various news and comments related to them is likely.
The week heralds an important event related to the birth of a baby, baptism, birthday of a child.
During this week, various events will provoke you to look back at your past mistakes and failures. The reason for such going back will be the occurrence of a similar situation in the present and the need to learn from your previous bitter experience.
It is possible that similar events from your past will continue during these seven days.
This week your love life will reach a point where you will have to look back, look forward and make an important decision.
Boys and girls will receive interesting or unexpected messages. You will have an interesting exchange of letters or conversations with friends or peers on sensitive topics of your life or theirs. In general, you will experience various surprises this week. In most cases, they will be related to your love or intimate life.
Men will have a desire to organize their financial affairs and sources of income in a new way. This could be related to a conversation related to a change in your pay, seeking additional lucrative engagements, etc. This will be a favorable week for working with documents or a contract of a financial nature. Those matters that are somehow related to inheritance, will, legacy pension, annuity, etc. will have a good development.
Women will have to organize their tasks well this week, as some of them will need to be done quickly, and the time for their realization will be short. All this can create an unwanted and unpleasant tension in your daily life, as well as be the basis of various oppositions or conflicts. Greater stress this week will affect your health in some way, according to your individual health characteristics.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 October, 2022

During the week of October 3 to 9, you will want to make progress in plans related to your development as a person or a professional. Most of you will feel confident that you have built the necessary foundation for this.
It is possible that unresolved issues and anxieties still hang in the air waiting for their auspicious time to be resolved and closed.
During this week, it will be very important to be able to properly organize your affairs.
A meeting or a conversation with a woman will develop according to your expectations and bring you the satisfaction you desire.
The week brings for many of you a baby or toddler related event or gathering.
If you are about to engage in serious financial matters, during this week, carefully monitor your actions and do not make a mistake or an attempt at manipulation and fraud.
New acquaintances will develop in an interesting direction and will bring you positive emotions in your everyday life. The same applies to your personal life, where you may experience some interesting moments.
A trip with the family or for family reasons will also bring you emotions. Use your days off to visit places you haven't been before.
Events related to your relatives from another settlement will be an occasion for phone calls.
Boys and girls will have a week to remember. You will have important and interesting experiences mostly related to relatives, friends, colleagues, partners.
During this week, you will have the opportunity and desire to plan your affairs better. Travels during this period will be associated with many emotions, but the risks will be at your expense.
Men will put a lot of energy and emotion into things that they expect to be able to realize this week. Indeed, the odds and positive influences will be on your side, but the factor of well-done preliminary work and organization must also be taken into account. In general, this week brings you various unexpected situations and experiences, so be ready to react adequately to each of them.
Women will experience their problems and troubles very emotionally during these seven days. Some of you will blame these things entirely on yourself, but others will be on the opposite side, blaming everything and everyone for what befalls them. Attempts to be manipulated with false information or gossip must be ignored very quickly if you want to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences and compromising situations.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 26 September - 2 October, 2022

The week from September 26 to October 2 may be full of unexpected events at work or in your business affairs.
The events that will surprise you will mostly be related to people from another town or country.
Be reasonable and less emotional in your relationships with people from your family, they are unlikely to surprise you with something that you have not already experienced.
During the week, you will have various financial relationships with people outside your home. They may burden you in some ways, but the results are important to you.
During the week you will have a dream related to a person from the Otherworld. So you are likely to get the right advice or light on a case that is important to you.
During the week, you will have cash receipts, but some complications related to money will also arise.
An event related to a young person will surprise you this week.
Boys and girls will have the ambition to achieve better results or secure more income. During these seven days, you will encounter people of all different temperaments, prone to behind-the-scenes actions or manipulations, etc.
Most important or urgent tasks this week for Scorpio men will be related to other men in your family, colleagues, friends, neighbors, etc.
This week will be favorable for traveling for family reasons, for work or for the purpose of tourism.
During the week you will receive important information or news that may come from another city or country.
Women can remember this week with a new or interesting proposal for travel, for work in another settlement and other such experiences.
The week will favor the end of a commitment, a period of your life and the start of something new that promises to be successful and important for your future development.