Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 30 January - 5 February, 2023

A lot of work awaits you during the week of January 30 - February 5. Your family may take a backseat to other more important goals.
This will be a favorable week for starting or developing a family business. Changes and relocations are possible in your job or business.
With family representatives of Scorpio, the marriage will be subjected to more tension and conflicts will easily arise.
During the week, you can expect an event related to an engagement or a wedding.
More serious problems will arise with the health of a person from your circle of relatives or friends.
During this week, your old ideas and plans will have a great chance of development. Unexpected new opportunities will arise for them. However, be careful with whom and how you bind yourself when implementing them. If they are related to documents or contracts, be careful when signing them.
The week will generally be favorable for your financial affairs. Sometimes you may have tense moments related to actions from which you expect a good profit.
You may have promising financial relationships and actions with people with whom you have common goals or business.
During the week, news related to pregnancy may surprise you, with an unexpected change in a child's education or career. There will be a new career development for those of you who work with children.
Girls and boys will be very emotional, easily in love and with a desire for more romantic experiences.
During this week, many will be looking for new opportunities for additional work or to develop new contacts important to your education or career.
It is normal in such an important period to have your own personal expectations and hopes, but you will achieve what you are willing to fight for.
Income during these days for men can increase as long as you are willing to work. There will be ideas and opportunities.
Of course, be careful what promises, expenses or investments you commit to and how far-sighted and reasonable they are.
During this week, women will have minor health ailments, such as: cold, migraine attacks, blood pressure problems, etc.
During these seven days, a person from another town, who is probably your relative or part of the family, will visit you at your home. A family gathering is possible where you will meet your close and distant relatives.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 January, 2023

During the week of January 23 - 29, 2023, you will have the opportunity to secure a good income, but carefully monitor the expenses that you plan to make or that will arise suddenly. Balance in your budget will be very important during these seven days.
During the week, avoid sharing your financial affairs with other people, especially if they have a constructive development. Avoid attracting envious or insincere people and energies.During this week, you will realize the impossibility of realizing your idea or plan related to work or business, especially if you rely on people from your family or your circle of relatives for this. It is possible that a loved one will experience job loss, bankruptcy or another unpleasant situation related to their career.
The week will require more attention in repairs or various improvements in your home, which will be related to hiring specialists.
During this week, save, invest in important ideas and plans for you - but wisely. This is a time when you can provide yourself with some stability and get through some future difficulties more easily.
Some of you will be happy with expected or unexpected money that you will receive from various sources.
During the week, unfortunately, you will receive news that may upset you, be related to the health of a person you know, or cause a conflict due to false, maliciously harmful information.
Boys and girls will have worries or problems related to peers, classmates or friends, which will be related to their character, their behavior at school or in public places, etc.
During this week, you will be pleased with news or an event related to a person you know or with whom you are related.
Pay more attention to people in your own family. Try to give them more time for interesting and useful conversations. During these seven days, it will be important to maintain good communication, not to close in on yourself, not to ignore the attempts of others to talk to you.
For men this week, a test will give an important life lesson.
During this week, most of you will be able to expect money or an acquisition from a person who lives in another home or in another settlement.
You will be happy about money in your family budget, which will come through an increase in someone's salary, pension, annuity, etc.
Women will have the opportunity to resolve old problems or troubles. You will receive, intuitively or through the help of someone else, information on how to end complex situations at home or at work.
A small problem may arise with your neighbors, landlords or tenants.
During the week, you will receive a long-awaited news or offer, which you will have to make the most of. Things like this don't happen every day.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 January, 2023

During the week of January 16 - 22, 2023, you will have the opportunity to resume your old project or idea, something that you stopped some time ago for some reason.
Many are currently experiencing changes in their workplace that are causing concern. Somehow they will be favorable to you at some point. Be patient!
Unexpected events this week will force you to make quick decisions. It is possible that you do not even have time to emotionally experience the various situations precisely because of the dynamics of their development.
During the week in your family, you will expect news, a visit or the development of important events in the life of a member of your family or a relative.
This week brings a separation from a person in your circle of friends due to various life changes in his or her life.
During the week, be careful when working with documents, with a contract of a financial nature or other formalities that may cause difficulties.
Some of you will make an important decision related to a love relationship you currently have and its future development.
This will be a favorable week for property or property cases and commitments, including those that will require contact with a legal or judicial institution.
Boys and girls will have their anxieties and worries in their family, but thanks to the help of relatives, friends or neighbors, they will successfully cope with any situation. During the week, a separation of a different nature may occur, most likely with a woman who is your relative, acquaintance, friend, etc.
During the week for men, there will be occasions for various gatherings that will require you to choose a suitable gift or prepare a special meal in your own home.
Those of you who have relatives in another city, village or country will experience tense situations with them, which will have individual development according to the personal horoscopes of the people concerned. It is possible that these events will take a toll on you emotionally, but they are unlikely to be associated with major upheavals.
During this week, women will receive useful information through their friendly relations with people from near and far.
During these seven days, you can lay the foundations of a new friendship that will grow into a serious romantic or business relationship.
The week can be remembered with an invitation to a gathering related to a woman. In general, this week you will have several important meetings or conversations with women, in which you will have to be serious and responsible.