Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 December, 2023

During the week from December 11 to 17, you will not have reasons for great emotional and nervous tension, which can only distract you and disrupt your plans related to the future.
During the week, you will be greatly impressed by your new friendships, business contacts or the development of your relationships with other people.
At home, you will have short conflicts, mainly because of your disagreement with some new things or with relatives and acquaintances who are unpleasant for you.
The week will be favorable for travel, especially if it is for family reasons or with people from your family.
Some of you will be traveling in connection with an important family gathering, such as an engagement, wedding or anniversary.
The week will be favorable for those of you who are starting a new stage in your life together with a partner from another city or country.
During these seven days, be careful with technology or household appliances in your home, with their operation, when handling electricity or fire, as accidents are possible.
Some of you will experience unexpected unpleasant news related to a person from the circle of neighbors or friends.
During this week, conscientiously fulfill your professional duties, especially if you work with documents or with money, if you are responsible for goods or other materials.
Some contradictions or problems in your work may be the reason for a decision related to its change at the beginning of next year.
Boys and girls will have expectations of various experiences and events this week, but the probability of them happening is minimal, or there will be any changes with them. The surprises this week may not charm you, but they are not random and there is some important meaning, significance in them. You probably still have a hard time seeing things in perspective. In fact, during this week it will be much more important to show patience, to wait for the actions of other people, the development of certain events, and at the end of the week you may be surprised by some good results.
Men will be nervous, touchy, short-tempered because they will tend to assume that too many troubles are waiting for their resolution. Your tendency to easily enter or create conflicts can create such a strong tension around you that you will have a hard time clearing by the end of the year. Don't get too influenced by the comments of people who have a temporary presence in your life.
Women will need to keep a close eye on their correspondence, and especially that which will come through regular mail: letters, holiday cards, etc. Be sure you haven't missed anyone with a holiday greeting card. Those of you who have a child or grandchild will be involved in something important to them. An occasion for gathering during the week can be your relatives and your friends. Extra money in your budget is likely.


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 2023

During the week of December 4 to 10, you will be happy about something thanks to young people, most likely from your family.
During the week, with more effort and ambition, you will be able to achieve important results for you. Be careful if the success of your affairs in any way depends on the actions or decisions of other people.
Financially, the week will please many of you with income in the family budget. You can expect cash receipts from your work (business) and through other members of your family.
During the week you will engage in several important tasks and preparations for important events this month.
It is possible that during these seven days a process of changes related to a new lifestyle, moving to a new place of residence or a new job will begin.
During this week, do not refuse an invitation to a gathering or meeting. It will be important to keep your social life active as you are about to meet useful and interesting people.
During the week, you will be able to successfully complete the affairs that you started some time ago.
Interesting events this week will be experienced in love. A surprise related to old or new love is possible.
Use this week to buy original Christmas gifts, new clothes for the holidays and other important acquisitions.
Boys and girls will have a week of new chances and opportunities that will come from places or people you least expect. You will have to follow the advice or decision of a man older than you. You will have good experiences and a good influence on your affairs during the week mostly through men. Your love life will not be boring, but avoid tricks and manipulations, and do not allow them on the part of your partner.
Men will have responsible tasks related to a child or young people, mostly relatives. Your family affairs will be more, more responsible and require quick action. Experiences related to the birth of a baby or a child's birthday are possible. Some losses you may experience during the week are predetermined. People who live at a distance from you will have a conversation or meeting with you. You may experience interesting changes in your work.
Women will go through a week in which they will be required to make serious decisions and fulfill obligations at home and at work. It is possible to contact a legal or judicial institution, a notary related to the settlement of a document or a financial case. In general, this week will tickle you with something that you can take as luck. During these seven days, reconcile with your friends who have made some mistake, without bad intentions.


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27 December - 3 December, 2023

During the week from November 27 to December 3, you will have various occasions for gathering and good mood, especially those related to the completion of troubles and problems that have already arisen.
It will be good to give up some of your preconceived plans or intentions that may cause you a loss or break in important relationships. Wait for a better time for these things…
You will be saddened by news related to various losses or unpleasant events in the lives of relatives or friends. Failures in their personal or love life can be an important experience for you as well.
This week can be successful for you, especially if you follow the natural course of events. Thus, you yourself can leave the door open for chances that will be important for your personal or professional realization.
During these seven days, you can try your luck in the lottery once with a small amount.
During the week, you will have a serious commitment, which you will have to fulfill in the best possible way, without procrastinating and without looking for clever solutions.
This week, an experience from your past will make you sad or upset again. You still can't come to terms with a loss or some changes or experiences in life.
This week it will be important not to deepen the troubles you will face. You may find yourself unprepared for their consequences.
Boys and girls will show a childish nature in situations that will require a more serious attitude. Perhaps you will not see clearly the seriousness of the situation, or it will be a kind of escape for you from it. In your personal and friendly relationships, there will be occasion for fun and pleasant experiences. You will seek support or help from a woman, most likely a grandmother, mother or older sister.
Men will go through seven interesting days that you can use in an amazing way if you are physically and mentally ready for it. Ahead of you is a time when you will be able to get out of an unpleasant situation, find an unexpected solution to problems that initially seemed much more serious.
Women will have to abandon some of their professional tasks, plans or business ideas, or at least save them for implementation under better circumstances. An unexpected conflict can cause you a loss for which you find yourself unprepared. You will have good financial opportunities, as well as any commitments with affairs or with the property of deceased people.