Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 26 Aug - 1 Sept, 2019

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you will experience positive work or business events this week (if you have such). During these seven days, the people around you will be willing to help you, without any special expectations on your part. The appearance of new people in your life will also be for your good personal and professional development.
During this week you will have an interesting communication with your old friends or people who already live away from you.
This will be a favorable week for physiotherapy, dentistry or other cosmetic procedures.
This week will surprise you with an unexpected expense. There may be a link to a missed payment or incident at your home.
You will experience various unexpected moments this week that can create a brief moment of anxiety. In most cases, their goal will be to clear the old and release resources and time for new things in your life.
Some of these surprising experiences will be the key to solving old problems or complex relationships with the people around you.
An unexpected situation in the life of a man from your circle of relatives will create panic and stress in your home and in your circle of relatives.
Scorpio women will find it difficult to plan their daily tasks because the changes associated with them will occur almost daily. Accept the new situations or events in your life without fear. They are the beginning or part of much bigger and important changes in your life.
Men will have an enjoyable experience with their intimate or married partner, with friends near and far. Don't be tempted by having an extramarital affair if you have your own family. Vibrations will be conducive to sincere attitudes and feelings and uncompromising to infidelity and disloyalty to the partner.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 August, 2019

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, this week you will benefit from a new opportunity to make important progress in the development of your plans.
An event will provoke the need to make an important decision that will determine your future change in your way of working or in your lifestyle.
People who are your relatives will now play a special role in your life.
Expect the money you will receive this week through a document, contract, agreement.
You can make a purchase through a document, lease or bank loan.
This will be an auspicious week for settling contract, merchandise and other important things.
This week you will make a serious and responsible promise that will connect with someone outside your home.
This week, you will expect news regarding financial settlement. You will have occasion to enjoy current or upcoming cash receipts.
This will be an auspicious week to find a solution to an unpleasant situation in your personal life.
Scorpio women are on the verge of an important period in their lives that will determine their development in the distant future.
Men will make some improvements in their home, which will make them proud and happy of their work.