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Monthly Horoscopes 2024 of Nadia contains Monthly Horoscope and weekly horoscopes for each week of the month.
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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope May

In MAY, an unexpected or very emotional trip, short or longer, will occur.
In general, this month surprises will be related to travel or people who live in another settlement.
Most of these events will be positive or have some significance for your future.
In May, a new development opportunity will arise in your career, thanks to an offer or protection from another person.
In May, be cautious in your financial affairs related to people with whom you do not have a close or loyal relationship so far. It is possible for various reasons that you make omissions or mistakes that create tension, mistrust or loss.
The month of May will not be a favorable month for the development of your love relationships. It is possible that the character of your partner will be the cause of serious disagreements or separation.
In May, you will receive news related to a health problem of a person in your circle of relatives.
Certain troubles that will arise this month will have to be left to their natural development, however unpleasant or difficult it may be for you to accept this. Interference or pressure on your part to resolve them will create much more serious problems for you.
Boys and girls will have a favorable month for achieving important results in their education or career. Be careful with decisions that bring big, cardinal changes to your life. Unpleasant news can affect you very emotionally, especially if it is related to a loved one. The moments of sadness and tears will only help you clear the negative energy from yourself faster.
Men will show an impatience, haste, jealousy, a desire for control and power that will almost always be met with resistance from other people. You will be very difficult to communicate with, but you will not help yourself much either. Some events in your life will have a very rapid development that will cause you confusion or more stress. Unexpected money or an opportunity for additional income is likely.
Women, you will have an interesting experience most likely related to a family member or another close person. The presence of new people in your life during this period will be important, but it should not determine your own actions. Events are coming up in your family that will require special attention from your side, but they should not cause you any preliminary worries.