Scorpio Monthly Horoscope December 2023

In DECEMBER, you will experience several controversial, unpleasant and conflicting situations in your home or with relatives. The law will not always be on your side, and it will be quite difficult for you if you are more emotional and easily offended.
It would be good to control your emotions during this month and not create unnecessary tension especially during the holidays at the end of the year.
During this month, there will be a need to make an important decision related to a loved one, to help him with something that is important to him/or her.
During this month, avoid tying yourself to friends or acquaintances when solving a household or property problem. Most likely, their intervention will only aggravate the respective problem. But if you can't do it yourself, seek professional help.
This month will be a favorable time for love experiences for the unmarried representatives of this zodiac sign. New acquaintances, meetings or gatherings related to various occasions are ahead of you.
You are about to go through a temporary strain in your relationships with people who are your relatives but with whom you do not live together.
New acquaintances this month will have a difficult start, overcoming some misunderstandings or initial negative impressions. Subsequently, however, their development will be interesting and useful for you.
During this month, it is very likely that you will have larger expenses, so plan everything in advance to avoid difficulties.
Your financial relationships will develop in an unexpected direction for you, so be as careful as possible in your money affairs.
Young men and women will make important acquaintances with people older than them, which will reflect positively on their development as a person.
Women will go through a productive and successful month, both in terms of their personal income and in almost everything related to your work or business.
Men will be annoyed by the slow development of some events or relationships. You will have contact with a man who will look for you, and whom you thought had long forgotten you.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope January 2024

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope November 2023

In NOVEMBER you will experience an unpleasant situation or disappointment. Later in time you will understand that this was the only possible way to see some things in a new light, to gain courage for certain decisions.
Professionally, it is possible that someone will complain or express dissatisfaction with your work, disagreement with your work methods.
This month there is a sign of unpleasant news related to the health of a loved one or travel related to health, treatment, or some kind of therapy.
This will be an unfavorable month for diets, unless they are recommended by your doctor.
Protect your pets from theft or from getting lost in a public place, in an unfamiliar area.
This month, some of you will experience a trial in your marriage, questioning the future of your relationship. The reason for this can be various and does not necessarily have to be related to infidelity.
In fact, it is very rare that infidelity can be the reason for your divorce. Rather, various other factors may influence such a decision.
It is definitely about various other circumstances that will provoke your patience, challenge you to make much more definite decisions about your personal life and future.
The trial itself does not necessarily mean a breakup, it will simply show that you have a problem that can no longer be ignored.
Recognizing the complexity and seriousness of such a crisis and handling it sensibly can help stabilize your marriage.
It is good to know that the relationship in your marriage can also be affected by the words or actions of outsiders who will have their own interest in destabilizing your relationship.
In general, November does not give you hardships, adversity or crises that you cannot handle.
This month will be a favorable time for the development of your financial affairs and interests.
There will be a prosperous development of a court case or legal engagement, in case you are involved in such.
During this month, some of your personal, family or professional relationships will have an interesting and favorable development for you.
You will have the opportunity to conclude a favorable financial contract, agreement, credit.
Boys and girls will go through a difficult month in which they will have to avoid any hasty, emotional or thoughtless actions.
Women will go through brief or longer periods of melancholy, depression, low mood.
Men will remember this month with an unexpected experience related to a person, no matter what the basis of your relationship.