Scorpio Monthly Horoscope November 2022. November Monthly Horoscope 2022 for Scorpio

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope October 2022

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in October you may receive interesting news or experience events related to children and young people. They may be your relatives who live in another settlement at the moment.
This month brings news related to the birth of a child or the birthday of a child who will require attention or a special gift.
Many of the representatives of the Scorpio zodiac sign may be surprised or delighted by news related to future motherhood. An engagement or a wedding is coming up in your circle of friends or relatives this month.
During this month, you may be involved in some way in resolving troubles in the life of a relative or friend. It will not be an easy commitment, as this person has a tough and unyielding character. Such people always look for fault in the actions of others, but do not see their own fault.
In October, you will experience a situation at work or in your business that may lead to some loss, delay or other complication. There will hardly be any surprises in such a situation, and you also have enough experience to react adequately. Despite everything, difficult decisions are not excluded.
During this month, it is possible to have a health problem related to an old illness or to symptoms that have already occurred. There is no reason to cause undue alarm. Just be careful and don't be afraid to consult a doctor.
In October, you will face the duplicity of a person who does not live in your home. It is difficult to say what exactly will be the reason for this behavior, but most likely it will be under the influence of someone else.
Now it is possible to have a different financial relationship with a man or to engage in work related to men.
In general, the difficult times in October should not scare you. They will only clear some things in your life to create an opportunity for some changes to happen.
Boys and girls will have to listen carefully to what an older man is trying to tell them. The words of this person are wise and make sense, give the right direction and will help you get out of some difficulty or find the right direction of development. Do not try to rely on your luck this month, but fight with your own emotions, fears or vices.
Men will find it difficult to realize their preliminary plans this month. You will probably listen too much to other people's "advice" or comments that neither help nor point you in the right direction. During this month, be careful with your personal belongings and beware of forgetting, losing or stealing. This will be a favorable month for selling items that you do not use or that are difficult to maintain.
Women will be much more seriously and responsibly engaged in their domestic and family tasks and duties. Sometimes you will have to rely on another close woman who could be your mother, sister or daughter. You will remember October with a special event related to the personal life of your friends, or with a big change in their life. This will be a favorable month for conceiving or giving birth to a child.