Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2023. February Monthly Horoscope 2023 for Scorpio

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in February you will invest more time and energy in solving a problem that will put you at odds with other people in some way.
This month you will have more than one reason to be in a bad mood or depressed, but how quickly you will get out of such a state will depend entirely on you.
February can be a very successful month, with chances you will get for growth and progress.
You will have an important or interesting financial relationship with a woman this month.
February will be a favorable month for finding new sources of income in the family.
Your love life will be turbulent, with various emotional experiences. It is possible to experience a brief crisis in your relationship that will show how strong or true your feelings and desires are.
An old love affair or marriage may bring you some worry.
A piece of news or a proposal this month will force you to think seriously and deeply before giving an answer.
The successes of your friends or relatives can make you think about what you yourself have missed as a chance so far in your life.
Boys and girls will have a busy month in terms of studies or work. Those of you who have brothers or sisters will engage in more important matters related to them.
Men will be more optimistic than women. You will look at life more cheerfully, you will make bold plans for your future, you will be positive about life in general.
For you, February will definitely be a very important month for the development of your personal and professional affairs. In many moments, luck will be on your side, but only if you are charged with enough ambition, will and hard work to realize your opportunities. This is not time to waste lightly. You are facing a difficult time in the coming months, which you will be able to pass with ease only if you have shown responsibility in the execution of your affairs.
During this month, women will have the opportunity to successfully arrange financial documents and payments. It probably involves getting money in your family (outside of what you get as a salary).
During this month, expect important news related to a child or a young person, from your circle of relatives or friends.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope January 2023. January Monthly Horoscope 2023 for Scorpio

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in January you will have to invest more time, effort and energy in solving problems or troubles related to people who do not approve of your lifestyle, do not like your work or do not approve the partner next to you.
During this month, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a situation that someone will deliberately provoke with the aim of harming or defaming you.
However, in January, don't rush to enjoy the good news or your successes.
At such a moment, almost everyone is prone to make stupid or frivolous mistakes, to trust the wrong people, to make hasty decisions. Thus, anyone who is hostile to you will have the opportunity to harm you in some way.
During this month, expect meetings and contacts with people with whom you have financial relations, or who will ask you for financial help.
At the beginning of the year, you may receive an interesting job offer, engage in something for which you expect better pay, etc.
This month you will make a new acquaintance that is yet to become the basis of some positive influences in your life.
This month portends an unexpected situation related to a child that will require serious thought and a sensible decision.
In January, many of you will experience a health problem related to a chronic or hereditary disease.
During this period, you will have more worries of a different nature, which is not good for you. Don't give them a chance to develop, because then they will continue their impact for a long time to come.
During this month, boys and girls can emotionally experience the absence of a close person in their life who is somewhere far away or has other commitments.
During this month, more serious commitments related to your education or career are possible. Be careful, correct, diplomatic when implementing your commitments.
The love life of men will completely depend on the emotions and moods of the other partner. Manifestations of jealousy or the occurrence of misunderstandings are not excluded, which can cause conflict or cooling of your relationship.
If you are involved in a court or legal case of a financial nature, you may expect favorable developments, but these things will not end exactly this month.
Women will get enough attention and love from their life partner. You yourself will be generous in love, but do not overdo it with feelings, do not turn them into an obsession with the person next to you.