Sagittarius Winter Horoscope 2020

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, whether you want it or not in the winter you will need to spend more time solving various problems and troubles in the family.
A relative who lives in another settlement will play an important role in your actions and decisions. It is likely that his or her intervention will involve wise counsel, moral or financial assistance, and more.
It's good to know in advance that your family's troubles can get worse this winter if you're not willing to compromise.
During the winter months you will attend a gathering on an important occasion related to a close relative.
You will have new acquaintances with people with whom you are about to experience emotions in 2020, personally or professionally.
In December, January and February you will receive money thanks to the actions of someone who will give you a good idea or advice.
During this season, you may receive or earn an unexpected profit, a higher salary, or an additional income.
Sagittarius women will be more impatient and sensitive to the words or actions of their romantic or married partner. Scenes of jealousy, acts of whims or a desire for power can seriously disrupt harmony between you.
Men will be very impressed with the actions of a woman who will show strong will or heroism in a particular situation.
Winter gives you an important invitation or proposal, the realization of which is likely to come in the summer.