Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 December, 2023

During the week from December 11 to 17, various pleasant or fateful experiences related to your love and your home await you.
During the week, events will develop with great speed, leaving you almost no time to react emotionally or rationally.
They can be of a different nature, but they will definitely want to arrange things in your life in the best way possible to ensure a successful new start in 2024.
This means that you have to accept the events as they are without changing them.
The week will be memorable with meetings with new people who will appear in the area where you live or in the place where you work.
For some reason, you will remember a conversation or a meeting with a person you may meet by chance.
During the week, many will be happy with good income in their personal or family budget.
If you are involved in any business affairs, then during this week you can expect better income or financial success (especially if you have your own business).
The week will favor getting good income from hourly work.
Boys and girls will have to come to terms with the realities during these seven days. Any attempt to ignore them will bring you loss or disappointment. This will be a good week for those of you who have decided to work to make extra money during the holidays. Friends will also look to you for conversations and a pleasant time away from home. Whether you will have enough time for them will depend on you.
Men will talk about current topics with people from different distances, with relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. Informationally, this week will be very interesting to follow the development of specific events in which you personally show interest. Moments of low mood or sadness are not excluded, and there is not necessarily a specific reason for this. Sometimes you will be annoyed by the demands or demands made on you by people in your family.
Women will exhibit unusual anxiety and worry for which they themselves may have no explanation. In no case will your household cares and tasks decrease during these seven days. New or unexpected engagements with a relative will arise. Your love life will be a continuation of events or new things that have occurred in the past week.


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 2023

During the week of December 4 to 10, you will face problems that will not be resolved this week. Most likely, they will be related to some property or property.
During the week, various events will favor your actions, which will aim to harmonize your love relationships. This will be a favorable time for clearing up misunderstandings or for parting with people whose interference in your life is harmful.
This will be a favorable week for a new romantic acquaintance, although the person with whom fate will meet you will approach you slowly and cautiously, due to a bitter experience from a previous relationship.
The week will be favorable for your work or business, especially if you work mostly with men, such as colleagues or clients.
During these seven days, you will have more tasks and will be charged with more work, which will require you to better plan your daily schedule.
During this week, you will be delighted by a letter or phone call from friends with whom you had an interesting past.
An event in the life of a friend will be an occasion for gathering, choosing a suitable gift or dinner in a restaurant.
During the week, you will be interested in communicating with people who have some favorable influence on the development of your personality.
The week will be favorable for travel, especially if you are traveling with your family or if the purpose of your trip is to visit your relatives.
Some of you will have an interesting meeting or correspondence with a person from afar.
Boys and girls will have to take care of a younger sibling or other relatives. Your health will be unstable, most likely due to non-compliance with weather conditions or due to contact with people who have a viral disease. This could be a challenging week for you, physically, mentally and emotionally, where you will have to show that you are no longer a child.
Men will go through seven interesting days in which the more active of you will be able to achieve significant successes. Chances and favorable circumstances will not be lacking for you. For many reasons, you will need to communicate more or act together with people who live near you. You will be making plans for the upcoming holidays, looking for ideas to surprise your loved ones. During this week, you will be pleased with words, decisions or actions of women that will definitely be in your favor and interest.
Women will have enough professional tasks. Sometimes it will be difficult for you to find time for rest or for enjoyable activities. It will turn out that you also have abandoned or unfinished tasks from the previous month or the past week. It is possible to travel mainly on weekends, but it is also possible to postpone them due to the occurrence of unexpected circumstances.


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 27 November - 3 December, 2023

During the week from November 27 to December 3, you will go through a favorable time for settling various financial relationships and cases, documents or a contract of a similar nature.
During the week, you will have to comply with the wishes or advice of a person with whom you work together.
Your domestic problems during these seven days will increase. You will be able to rely too little on their permission to help other people. Mobilization and above all patience on your part will be very important for your successes.
Naturally, you will have expectations about the development of events in your personal life this week, but there will hardly be any changes in this plan.
However, be careful with promises whose fulfillment will be unclear or almost impossible.
The surprises that life brings this week will be interesting. They will probably give you new opportunities to change some of your plans or actions for the better.
Moments of sadness will be associated with various health ailments. You may experience sadness related to people who are no longer with you.
This week will be favorable for travel and for everything related to people who live in another settlement.
Boys and girls will encounter incomprehensible actions or words of a person from their close environment. In general, during these seven days you will more often have to adapt to the characters of the people around you.
Men will take painfully an attempt to steal, manipulate or mistreat other people. There is much work to be done before you, so do not engage in things that hinder or detract from your progress. During the week, those men whose beloved woman is much younger than them will have a lot of emotional development or unexpected experiences. During these seven days it will be important not to share their personal feelings, plans, ideas or dreams with other people.
Women will engage more seriously in solving domestic and family problems. You will like to spend more time with people you like discussing various family, social or political events. Someone from your home may travel during these days or you may have interesting experiences with a relative, friend who lives at a distance from your home. A very dynamic week in terms of information exchange, but most of the news will be related to your family or friends.