Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 October, 2022

During the week of October 10 to 16, you will engage in clarifying relations with people who have some contradictions with you.
This has been going on for long enough and it should not be delayed any longer, to continue with such tension in your life.
During this week, many will have an occasion to gather in their own family or in the family of relatives, and the occasion for this will most likely be someone's personal holiday.
During the week, you may be happy with money, a financial document or receive another material - financial benefit.
Pay close attention to the information you receive from a person born under an airy zodiac sign, because this week it will be of great benefit to you.
You will be disappointed by the brash or hypocritical attitude of a woman you work with or who lives near you.
This will be a person who strives to be significant in the environment where he lives or works, to stand out, to achieve personal success, even at the cost of hurting or harming other people in some way.
This will be a favorable week for marriage or for organizing another important event in the family.
Boys and girls will engage with a gift or some family affairs that concern your relative. Of course, it is not out of the question that you yourself will receive a gift, although you may not have a specific reason for it. During the week, you will devote more time to love experiences and to the settlement of important financial matters.
Men will have to change their plans related to a person who is your relative or friend. The reason for this will most likely be related to various events in his/her life. This week heralds unpleasant news related to such a person.
Conflicts in your home during these seven days will in most cases be about minor things, about money, as a result of various misunderstandings, hypersensitivity, etc. However, your relations with neighbors or with people who will be visiting your home will require attention.
Women will experience emotional actions of relatives, especially when it concerns material or financial interests of the family.
During this week, you have to prepare a gift for a person who will have a personal holiday: birthday, name day, etc. You'll want to leave some memento of the day that has some emotional value. During this week, an important event will occur around a family member. It will be related to some life change or some new challenge.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 October, 2022

During the week from October 3 to 9, you will have to make important decisions related to the home you live in or your family. Some of them will require the expenditure of money or the expenditure of other types of resources, but they will definitely be for the good.
For some representatives of this zodiac sign, the week portends making a decision related to a change of home or involvement in a legal/court case related to property.
During the week, you will have to prepare a gift or send (receive) a package related to someone or a company from another settlement.
During the week, keep your personal belongings: money or documents, when you are outside your home, no matter what environment you are in.
This week, many will have various commitments related to the settlement, signing of a financial document, contract or other similar actions.
For some of you, the week portends spending money related to your own health, therapy or dental treatment.
During the week, you will be pleased with news or a favor that someone will do for you.
Boys and girls will have to approach an unpleasant situation or conflict very delicately. Do not impose your opinion, do not "pour fuel on the fire". In general, you will need to show more self-control over your emotions this week. There will be no problem that you cannot solve diplomatically, with tact and patience.
Men will put a lot of hope or energy into developing a friendship or love relationship. Your relationship with a person born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn can have an unexpected development. If you have a romantic or intimate relationship with a person born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, it will be difficult for you to understand his intentions, contradictions will arise between your characters.
Women will have to look more practically at their plans and goals and give up those for which you will not have enough resources or opportunities. Don't waste the week on things you can't achieve just because they are your dream. A secret or unshared act on the part of a person from your home will cause an unpleasant conflict or an exchange of insults. During this week, unexpected health ailments may occur, which will pass without complications.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 26 September - 2 October, 2022

During the week from September 26 to October 2, your money matters will require more attention: expenses, payments, purchases, obligations, etc.
Be very careful with your spending, with keeping your bank cards and your personal wallet in a public place.
Avoid putting money into risky investments or various get-rich-quick ways.
During the week, your travel expectations may change, which will bring stress and tension into your daily life.
You may be upset by unpleasant news related to a person who lives or works in another town.
During the week, many will have occasion to celebrate a success or a personal holiday of a friend or relative.
In your home, things will develop relatively harmoniously, unless you show haste and excessive sensitivity to the words and actions of the people around you.
Memories or other emotional experiences may bring the more sentimental of you to tears.
You will be saddened by an event in the life of a person born under the air zodiac signs.
Boys and girls will be able to make important progress in their affairs. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice from someone born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini.
At times you will feel unsatisfied with your love life. You will want things that you cannot get right now. Repression is not a good counselor. Create your own personal comfort.
Men will plan and implement several interesting meetings from which they will expect to receive useful information, help or support for a new venture or project. An occasion for gathering during the week can be because of a girl or a young woman. During these seven days, many will meet a person from their past with whom they have pleasant memories and experiences.
Women will get emotionally involved in some financial plans and affairs. During the week, you will be lucky in fulfilling commitments from which you expect cash receipts or achieving a higher position in your career/society. This will be a strong period for your professional appearance or business, for various presentations, promotions, etc.