Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 May, 2024

During the week of May 20 - 26, it is likely that you will have to make important and responsible decisions related to your personal life. These decisions may involve your current or former love/marital relationship, as well as your relationships with relatives. The decisions you make during this time will have a significant impact on your future, so it is important that you approach them thoughtfully and rationally, rather than making impulsive or emotional decisions.
Some of you may also be dealing with inheritance cases or actions related to property that belonged to deceased relatives, parents, or other family members. This is a crucial week in terms of material and property matters, so be sure to consider your decisions carefully and act with wisdom.
During this week, you may encounter a man who attempts to deceive or manipulate you for his own benefit. It is important to have zero tolerance for such actions, especially if they are related to your work.
Additionally, there may be news related to pregnancy or the birth of a baby, as well as occasions for gatherings related to these events. You may also receive news, invitations, or attend gatherings related to important events in the lives of your friends or family members.
Some of you may feel inclined to show unexpected attention or generosity towards a child or grandchild.
This week is an opportunity for boys and girls to refresh, beautify, and recharge themselves with positive emotions and expectations for the upcoming summer months. However, it is important to remember that this is a time for building your future, so be an active participant in your own life and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.
Men may find themselves moving slowly and indulging in longer thoughts about the pros and cons of each action. This casual demeanor could cause conflicts, both at home and in the workplace. Women, on the other hand, may focus on their roles as mothers and devote much of their attention to their children or grandchildren. However, the week may also bring promising opportunities for those in professional or business fields, such as the chance to develop new ideas, and projects, or find new clients. Some of you may even receive offers of new jobs or opportunities that will increase your personal and family income.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 May, 2024

During the week of May 13 - 19, you may experience events that will evoke unexpected and intense emotions in your life. It will be a good week for travel and planning with people near and far. If you have financial relationships with people or institutions from another city or country, there will be a reason to rejoice during these seven days.
In general, your professional life will experience a positive development, with the possibility of new tasks, responsibilities, clients or partners. During these seven days, you may receive better pay, make a bargain, or increase your sales. If you're looking for new or additional work, you may receive an offer.
In your personal life, things will be more unpredictable, especially if you allow another person to influence your love or family relationships. However, this will be a good week for clearing up misunderstandings, clarifying positions, and planning for the future.
During the week, you may go somewhere with concern, but the situation may turn out to be favorable for you. More importantly, this week is part of your journey to achieving success and reaching a new level of development through the information, experience and contacts that you will acquire.
This will be a favorable time for the successful completion of an engagement, activity or transaction that started some time ago. Boys and girls will have a great week to organize their plans for the summer season, possibly related to education, career, qualification or other important professional activity. You will be able to meet and communicate with interesting people during these seven days. You can also have a very strong emotional conversation with a man who will try to convince or encourage you in something. Additionally, there may be a gathering occasion related to your peers, classmates or friends.
Men will remember this week with some unpleasant news or a stressful situation that may concern their personal plans or be related to someone they know. During this week, they will be intolerant of friends who seek them out only when they need something. Some may even be too direct in words and actions regarding the removal of such a person from their circle of friends. More delicately, the situation in love can be put in a situation where they will either move to a more serious commitment to their relationship or end it with a necessary separation.
Women may show an impulsive and emotional nature, which is not too typical for them. It is possible that their close relationships with people with whom they work together will provoke them to such actions. Some additional burden may arise from the occurrence or aggravation of some troubles that they do not think are their fault, but somehow all the responsibility for them falls on their shoulders. Greater attention will have to be paid by those who are going through some health ailments or are engaged in a more serious treatment, therapy.