Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week of May 16 - 22, try to act on your own financial matters and avoid relying on other people's help.
A woman's interference in your actions can lead to loss, poor performance in front of important people or compromising in some way.
During these seven days you will have an occasion to gather or meet a man who may be born under the earthly zodiac sign.
The new contacts you will eventually make during these seven days will give you the strength and energy you need right now to achieve an important goal for you.
The week heralds a pleasant and special event related to a young woman or a girl.
This week, many will be lucky enough to make an important change, presentation or exam, but of course it will all depend on your preparation.
During the week, some of the family members of the sign will have to part with a person from their home for various serious reasons and for different periods of time. The reason for such experiences can be caring for an elderly relative in another locality, traveling for work or study and others.
Boys and girls can expect the development of their affairs related mainly to money, such as: receiving a salary, engaged in an activity from which you expect to receive some income and others. You will look at your financial affairs much more seriously and purposefully, as stability in this regard will be very important during this period of time. The week will require you not only to behave more responsibly, but also to make decisions, the implementation of which will require you to show new qualities to a more mature person. During the week you may have conversations with other members of your family related to changes in the home, which will require significant financial costs.
Men will accept their responsibilities to children or other young people from the circle of relatives much more responsibly. It is possible to receive news related to future motherhood, the birth of a child or an important success in the life of a young person. Tensions this week could provoke conflicts that will involve other people in some way. The exchange of insults, which will be not only personal, but also affecting other people in the family will be accepted very emotionally and are not excluded to cause unpleasant consequences.
Women will be good to prepare for a week that brings not only changes or divisions, but also unpleasant news related to someone close to you. In most cases, these events, which will require a philosophical perception, will be related to a man from your circle of relatives or friends. During this week it will be important to accept any news, event or experience with more realism, less emotion or search for some behind-the-scenes, conspiratorial actions.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week from 9 to 15 May, your main commitments will be related to the implementation of your daily family and professional tasks.
Almost every day you will be surprised and burdened with various emotions important events or news. Accept that this week is special for you and don't waste your time!
This week, many will be discussing the future of a trip planned ahead of time.
During this week you will have interesting and useful contacts with people from other places.
During these seven days, your relative or friend will engage your attention with their personal or professional problems. It will not be pleasant to be burdened with other people's problems, but it is important to give support or advice at this time.
In general, this will be a week in which your spiritual qualities will develop: you will have the opportunity to show them or, conversely, to "shine" as a materialistic and selfish person.
During the week there will be care related to the health of a loved one.
Love misunderstandings and disputes will pass quickly during these seven days. I hope you have already learned some life lessons and stop repeating the same mistakes.
During the week you will experience a surprise in your home related to an event in the life of a person from your family or from your circle of relatives. This is probably a person who is not currently living with you.
The week will be favorable for romantic acquaintances, finding a soul mate or meeting a new intimate partner.
Boys and girls will have a special week in which you will discover new worlds related to the spiritual world rather than the material world. Discovering new worlds related to an invisible part of life is not influenced by a person's age, but by his willingness to accept things that may seem strange and fantastic to others. In a much different and interesting way you will see things in the world you live in, but also in your own life. This will predetermine the emergence of new plans and goals that will change your priorities in some way.
The week brings an experience related to a boy or a young man born under a water or air zodiac sign.
Men will have more household or property tasks and problems on their shoulders. Many will rely on you, and you will rely on almost no one. Realizing that you can rely on your own strengths and skills can make you more practical and more responsible for what you are going to do. The week brings a variety of experiences with friends, including those related to a birthday or other occasion that will require the purchase of a gift. And this week there will be no lack of stressful situations or moments of greater tension. They can be related to accidents or unpleasant events mainly in the lives of people who are your relatives or friends. The week can be remembered with something special that is related to your acquaintance born under the sign of Leo, Sagittarius or Aries.
Women will have a variety of expectations for this week, related to personal, family or professional life. This week, you would rather expect these events to develop than have a leading role in them. Anxiety can be caused by a health problem or news related to the health of a loved one. In love you will find it difficult to achieve harmony and synchronization of your desires with those of your partner. Your relationship, whether you are married or not, is still evolving and adjusting to two personalities.