Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in October your attention will be focused on important events in the life of a person in your family, related to education, career, relocation, travel, public speaking and more.
This will be an auspicious month for treatment or medical procedures related to future motherhood for those women who have a similar goal or plan. In some cases, this may be related to traveling to another city or country.
This month you will have a child in the family of your colleagues, friends, business partners or neighbors.
In October, you will be satisfied with the favorable development of your financial affairs with friends, relatives or people who are committed to your plan.
During this month, many of you will rejoice in the cash flow that will come through your kinship.
In October you will have to take care of the health of a close woman: grandmother, mother or another (mostly single) relative.
It is good to know that for various reasons or because of the importance of the events that will take place this month, your communication with women in your circle of relatives will be difficult, emotional and sensitive.
During this month, you may be pleasantly surprised by a gesture of attention or a gift from a loved one (most likely from your family).
In October, you may have difficulty with people who have similar interests and goals to you and who may be your serious competitors.
During this month you will be alarmed by an unpleasant incident or news related to a person you know.
It will be good to keep your personal information and documents, as they may be of interest to someone who will want to take advantage of your naivety or distraction.
Sagittarius women will have serious expenses or lower financial (insufficient) income. You will be required to plan every penny of your budget.
Men will need to make a gift or favor to a friend or loved one.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, one of the most important things you are given in September is a chance and luck to solve important problems related in some way to your home or property that you own. Now different circumstances will help you solve property or material problems.
You will probably be late to receive news from another locality related to an important event in the lives of people you know.
Be careful with correspondence or documents that you receive and that are confidential.
During this month, your plans for your family will have the development you want, but do not force the people around you to do everything only according to your wishes.
It is possible to attend a family gathering, for which you will have a preliminary appointment.
In September you will experience happy moments or an important event related to a woman.
The education, career or public appearance of a friend or relative will be a responsible commitment or one of the strongest emotions for you this month.
Surprises this month will be varied. In most cases, they will have to do with your family's past or personal life.
Sagittarius women will need to pay more attention to their health ailments or treatments that they have neglected for a variety of reasons.
Men will learn bad news about an event or a loved one who lives in another city or country.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, various emotional events and experiences can occur in August, which can be a cause for tears (including joy, happiness). You are about to experience a variety of unexpected events, some of which can bring you new opportunities for development. Be prepared for new offers or chances that fate will give you this month.
Some of you will experience a difficult emotional event related to a person in your circle of relatives or friends. It can be associated with various expected or unexpected changes in their lives.
If there is a conflict in your home in August, the reason for it will be the basis of many smaller or larger conflicts by the end of the year.
In financial terms, you will have to arrange your priorities at all costs and achieve their realization. However, nothing will happen without the help of people from your home or close relatives.
During this month, an occasion for joy or reunion can be a new beginning or success in the education (work) of a person in your family.
In August, you may have a meeting with someone you are about to break up with in the near future due to various events. During this month, pay more attention to your health ailments and problems.
This will be an auspicious month to start a family business or other activity that will benefit your whole family in some way.
Remember: this is a month in which fate will mark the development of important events in your life, which will take place by the end of this year and in 2021.