Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope March 2020

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, there will be tension in your relationship with a man in March, who will act unintentionally without considering the experience or advice of others. The negative results of this event may affect your personal or professional life and this may be the main cause of your angry reactions.
In March, problems will arise in love or intimate relationship with someone you work with or have common professional (business) contacts (for those of you who have a similar relationship). Your relationship may become public, provoke various intrigues or comments if your relationship affects other people's work.
Those of you who use the services of various dating agencies will create an interesting acquaintance with a person born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius, which, even if it does not grow into something serious, will remain to exist as a friendship.
During this month, do not take money risks and make purchases that are not as important to your family or yourself. Men over the age of 35 who may be in a difficult financial situation should be particularly careful.
In March, you will be saddened by the news related to a person in your circle of relatives and an unpleasant situation in his/her home. These things are likely to be emotional and in no case could you intervene.
The renewal of an old friendship or acquaintance will play a positive role in your life this month.
March will be very supportive of young Sagittarius women who will be lucky in both their monetary affairs and the realization of various important plans. 

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope February 2020

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, February may bring you some disappointments that will affect your material or household problems or plans.
Such situations will negatively affect you over a period of time.
In February you will attend more gatherings and visits on various occasions. This will give you the opportunity to meet new people who will expand your circle of friends or associates.
This month, a new acquaintance will create emotional tension, as it will be a personality that will be difficult to accept by your relatives or friends.
In February, you can expect a document, shipment or important news from afar that will matter to your household and family affairs.
Important business or work cases will arise this month that you should not delay. Their development will be the base of changes in your career throughout the year.
The February conflicts will not solve the problems that some of you will have in your workplace. Try to extinguish these situations in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.
The anxiety you had in January will now have a favorable development or a prosperous end.
Successful finalization of important tasks and commitments in January will cause new opportunities and opportunities to arise in February for you personally and professionally.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope January 2020


If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, you will strive for more diversity in your life in January. You will want to learn new knowledge or skills, travel to meet new places or new people.
What will be important for you this month is to not delay your tasks and commitments, as such actions will cause you serious problems and troubles with other people.
Be cautious with alcohol, which can have unpleasant consequences for you.
Do not downplay the importance of your workplace tasks in January. This is especially true for women who may make mistakes due to carelessness or haste. Such a situation can even endanger your work.
This month, Sagittarius parents may have unpleasant conflicts with children about the money their children want to spend or which have already been used for unreasonable things.
January will test the marital relations of Sagittarius zodiac representatives who have already gone through different turbulent periods. If you have not been able to achieve harmony and understanding in your relationship so far, this month may provoke you to make a separation decision.
In January, you will receive news that will please you and may even be an occasion for gathering with friends or relatives. You will be very emotionally touched by a conversation or information that you will receive from a person born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini.
During this month, as I briefly mentioned in the forecast above, be careful about your financial affairs with your relatives, business or public affairs. Anything related to money will be difficult to predict, as it will depend not only on your own decisions, but also on the actions of others.
Good development will have your financial affairs related to inheritance or wills.
During this month you do not need to manipulate other people or use some tricks to achieve your wish. The good things in your life will have the natural support of destiny.
This month you will be surprised by the actions of a person born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.