Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope February 2023. Monthly Horoscope February 2023 for Sagittarius

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, the events you will experience in February will test how much life experience and wisdom you have gathered so far, and how far you have understood the meaning of the lessons that fate has given you.
Avoid sarcastic comments, skepticism of other people's actions, as this will lead to alienation in relationships that have had some meaning in your life so far.
Do your best to control your nervousness so that it does not create unwanted turmoil in your daily life.
In February, a breakup with a woman is possible, due to various life reasons, including those related to differences in your characters, regardless of your own gender. It is probably a friendly or professional relationship, but this does not exclude a similar rift in your family.
In February, it will be more difficult for you in love, where it will sometimes be difficult for you to make the right decisions in complex or conflicting situations. You will tend to see things only through your own emotions and have a hard time listening to or accepting the opinions of others.
You can achieve very strong positions in your work or business, where you will not lack opportunities to show your abilities or consolidate already achieved results.
You will also be given new exposure opportunities, to find new markets or new clients, depending on what field you work in. This will be a favorable month for starting a new job or new business, as long as money such as salary or profit is not an end in itself.
Most expenses for the family this month will be related to larger household bills, paying annual fees, taxes and more. These things should be well planned in advance, but if you have neglected to do this, difficulties will inevitably arise now.
February brings a joyful event or news related to a child or young person who lives far away from you or who will be traveling this month.
During this month, boys and girls will have a meeting, visit or gathering, most likely related to a relative who lives or works in another town or country. Not everything he or she will share about his or her life abroad will be true.
February will bring you a chance to realize previously missed opportunities. You may unexpectedly find forgotten or stolen items.
During this month, men will receive useful advice or information from a friend or colleague.
Unexpectedly, some of you may experience temporary complications related to a long trip in February. Delays or stumbling blocks can also occur with money that has a connection with people from afar.
Those women who will be traveling this month should be careful with all the documents and money that will be needed for this trip.
You will remember February with an event or news related to an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy.
Commitments related to receiving money from inheritance, pension, sale, etc. are possible.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope January 2023. Monthly Horoscope January 2023 for Sagittarius

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in January you will be burdened with various troubles or problems related to a man, most likely from your family circle.
Many will be happy this month to have guests who will come from another town.
This will be a favorable month for traveling to meet relatives, friends or new acquaintances.
For some of you, January will be a time to realize a big change related to moving (for a short or longer period of time).
Surprises this month will have some connection with a child: conception or birth of a baby, a successful performance or a new start in life, etc.
You will also be surprised by news related to the pregnancy of a woman, for whom this will be a long-awaited joy.
During this month, you will be able to achieve many things, start and complete important tasks and plans.
On a personal level, you will also experience a series of pleasant emotions, mainly in love. Now you will either create a relationship with a future or develop an already created relationship into a more serious commitment.
During this month, avoid financial relationships with friends, as you risk worsening your relationship.
In January, fate will find a way to pleasantly surprise you with a document of a financial nature, with an unexpected profit or gift, with a good purchase at a good price, etc.
Boys and girls will experience a month of important decisions and changes - everything will depend on your readiness to boldly go to new, unknown horizons in your life, or you will leave yourself to the routine and grayness in which you have fallen.
Those of you who have already completed your education will be considering a new job or business opportunity, but you may find it difficult to make a decision this month.
For men, January may bring certain disappointments that will concern material or household problems or plans.
Such situations will negatively affect the mood for a period of time.
In January, you will attend more gatherings and guest appearances on a variety of occasions. Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet new people who will expand your circle of friends or like-minded people.
During this month for women, a new acquaintance will create emotional tension, as it will be a person who will be difficult to accept by your relatives or friends.
In January, you may expect a document, shipment or important news from afar that will have a bearing on your home and family affairs.
During this month, important work or business matters will arise that you should not postpone. Their development will be the basis of changes in your career during the year.