Sagittarius Monthly Horoscopes 2024

Monthly Horoscopes 2024 of Nadia contains Monthly Horoscope and weekly horoscopes for each week of the month.
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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope May

In MAY, you will have to resolve an unpleasant situation or conflict, most likely you will need to be a mediator between two disputing parties.
The unhealthy lifestyle of a family member can be the cause of some difficult conversations. During this month, for various reasons, you will have to think of a close person who lives in another home or in another populated place.
It is possible that important events are happening there, on which you have no influence, but on which you can depend.
In the month of May, larger or unexpected expenses related to a child or another member of your family will occur, which will create some tension in your relationship.
During this month, you may expect a pleasant invitation or a joyful event related to a woman.
One such person will have a special role in your life this month, whether it is your relative, friend, colleague or public/government official.
In May, you will be surprised by a decision or a change in the life of a girl or woman who has made a preliminary preparation for such actions.
In this month, unpleasant events are possible in your circle of relatives related to some kind of separation, with disputes over inheritance, property or other things.
Boys and girls will be surprised by an action or decision of a man who may be family but may be a person from your school or work. You will have the opportunity to buy something valuable or useful for you, in some cases with the help of your parents. Boys to be more careful with their appearances and performance in school or university exams.
Men will go through an interesting month in which they can achieve important successes. A favorable influence on your affairs will come from people with whom you have already established relationships. Children or younger people in your family can be an occasion for pleasant experiences, gatherings, etc. Unmarried men may develop their romantic relationship with a woman or partner from another settlement or travel for such a purpose.
Women will organize a gathering or make special arrangements to attend one. The occasion for emotions, comments and meetings can be a gathering of your relatives or friends. The health of a loved one can create a strong concern, a feeling of helplessness or anger against the unprofessionalism of certain people. In general, this period will not tolerate conflicts, regardless of the reason for their occurrence.