Answers of Levzea

Hi, name - SS, here you come from  - k, India. Question: I am supposed to get a job offer this coming week, will I get it?
Hello! There is no definite answer to your question. The cards don't say no, but they don't say yes. In my opinion, if you do not receive a real offer, you will at least clarify the situation. I think the expected information is related to a man-friend. You yourself are hesitant about what you are waiting for. There may be some suggestion related to travel. Let the best and right happen for you! I wish you success!
Dear Levzeya, My name is LS, female, widowed, from S. I left P. on ** March, as my 90 days were up. I bought a house in P. last year and I was stupid as not knowing that I need a visa from my home country, S, in order to apply a residency permit in P. Hence I have to return to S on ** March, and not expecting the covid-19 pandemic turns out to be so cruel. My residency visa process is on hold as regulated by P. government. My question is when will I be able to return to P. where my home is and where I have 3 dogs that came with me last year from S, waiting for my return. I miss them terribly. Hope to hear an answer from your goodself. Regards, LS Hello! With Tarot cards I can't answer "When?" Questions because they don't have a calendar for them. So I asked: Will you be able to return to P. in 3 months? Unfortunately, the cards show that there will be more delays. I really want to be wrong in this case and of course it can be, but ... for now this shows Tarot. For a longer period of 3 months, a solution could already be found and there would be a positive development. Let the best and right happen to you! Be healthy! BR, Levzeya
Hi Levzea: My name is XS, I normally go by the name M. I am a male, born at H, China, and I currently reside in C, Canada. I am currently in a difficult financial situation and must sell my house, will I be able to sell my house in a short time while receiving a decent amount for the sale? Thank you very much for your help. Hi! I asked: Will you be able to sell your house in the short term and at a good price? "Short term" is pretty much indefinable, but suppose you know exactly what it means. I find it very difficult. The answer is NO, but not YES. In my opinion, the problem will be to achieve a good price in the short term. It will just be better, if it can be slower, you will have better results then. So, I think you will need to seek a reasonable compromise as a solution to the problem. May you succeed! I wish you luck and success! BR, Levzeya
Good morning, I am responding to the free tarot reading mentioned on Facebook. My name is LVDB. I am ** years old and live in J, SA. I am singl. My question is related to my romantic life. I have been unable to meet  a man with whom I can establish a long term/life partnership. I want to know if my soul mate in this lifetime exists? When do the cards show that I will meet him. Regards, L. Hi! I asked if within 6 months you would meet and start a relationship with a man, your soulmate, with whom you have a stable and lasting relationship? Unfortunately, tarot cards show that you live with the past, memories and nostalgia. Yes, you have hopes and dreams, but there are unclean things from the past, and that hinders the present. Also, you are probably someone who has a hard time admitting others to themselves. You are quite independent and independent, strong, and men find it difficult to accept and get used to it. You may also be a proud person, you would not ask for help or you would have a hard time. However, there is hope for such a man if you change your character a little. And after a longer period of 6 months. Be healthy! Have luck, happiness and success!
Name: SМ, I-a. Hi! I am ** years old and I'm looking for marriage. I have a friend called RP who lives in the same city as me. We have been hooking up occassionally and we are also a part of the same social circle. I like him. He used to message me and talk to me everyday but he doesn't anymore. I want to know the future of this relationship and whether I will get married to him. Thank you!
Hi! I asked the Tarot cards if within 6 months, your relationship will really go deep? I'm sorry, but I think there's another woman involved. Therefore, your relationship is unlikely to deepen. I think you will probably realize this and start looking in the other direction. Let the right and the good happen! Good luck!
Hi levzeya I must say I love your work keep up the good work. My full name is PPM. I live in SA,  I'm a Sagittarius and my boyfriend is a Pisces, is there future between us marriage or kids? Or I'm wasting my time with him. His name is DJL we are good at the moment even though we some times we have disagreements but we are good.
Hello! I asked if there would be a serious development of your relationship within a year, with the idea of ​​having children?I want to be wrong, but according to my card interpretation, your friend is not ready for a family. He thinks he can still "live" freely. You seem to be moving at a different pace. You think you have to hurry, but he does not. This is disappointing. I think next year you will make the important decision whether you are together or not. It is very likely that you will remain friends, I am not sure and you will be divorcing, but I think your relationship will not lead to a family. If this is very important to you, it is probably good to have a serious conversation in order to make your decision. I wish you the best! Good luck!
Dear Levzeya, My name is YK (unmarried, female). I was born in **, India. I met my ex-boyfriend in **, Netherlands. His name is MV(unmarried, male). I am currently staying with him in ** though we broke-up in March this year since has was insecure and didn't trust me (partly due to my own actions though I never cheated on him). I am planning to go back to India this year, but wanted to know if we will reunite in a relationship in the next 6 months. I love him and think that he loves me as well, though I think he might now be seeing someone else (I am not sure). Best regards,Y Hello! Unfortunately, from what Tarot showed, I think you will not get together for the next six months. Doubts, fears, uncertainties have ruined your relationship. I see a certain dishonesty, perhaps egoism ... It is very possible around him to have another woman. I think he will keep his position on your separation unchanged. I wish you the best and the right thing to do! Success!

Hi, dear Levzeya. My name is K, I am female. I have a court case on me. My question is if my court will have a happy ending within 6 months? Thanx in advance!
Hello! Excuse me for my delay, but there were 4 holiday days with us. According to my Tarot interpretation, up to 6 months you should be lucky with the development of your case. It is very likely that familiar people or friends will help you. Keep in mind that the cards are positive but are not clear. They show a lot of effort and struggle, but luck. I wish you to succeed fairly!

Hi my name is nlk female single I am from L.  I moved to S. in febuary 2019 I have had too many situation so I do not know which situation to ask about  but i would like to ask what do the cards say in regards to me am I okay I do not know if I will be okay I'm having a bird continue to visit me even if I move towns the bird comes what does it want thank you kindly Hello! Your question is a bit strange, but I asked about the bird - what is it and what she wants to tell you? According to my interpretation, this is something like your personal potential and inspiration. He wants to provoke you to open the door to your happiness and health, because you have somehow blocked this energy at the moment. It is good to stop worrying. Set clear goals and have a clear plan on how to achieve them. You have an inner strength to use. Try to deal with things that bring you joy and satisfaction, something to please and fill your heart. Good luck and success!

Hi Levzeya, Name : CH/ male/ married (divorce under process). As I mentioned, I am getting divorced soon. My question is - will I meet/be with a new partner within next 6 months? Hello! Even though divorce is something that matters to you, I think you will have a chance for a new partner over the next 6 months. You will have this opportunity, but I'm not sure if you will use it. The cards look pretty positive and I hope the best will happen to you. In any case, it looks like you will feel good and with hope and security for a new, beautiful life. I wish you luck and happiness!
Hi Levzeya,  My question for you is: I’m in a kind of platonic relationship with a man N. who lives abroad. Seems we suit very well but at the same time I feel he is not so in to me. I’m traveling near his city in April but he said will not come to meet me. Am I losing my time with him, is this thing going somewhere good? My name is E. I’m a single female. Thanks, E. Hello! Unfortunately, I do not see a love development of this relationship with N. For me, this is a very self-centered person, probably loving to receive attention but does not like to give it. To tell you honestly, from what I see in Taro, I can not find out exactly what the relationship is about, maybe because there are really no such ... I will not be surprised if he has a relationship with another woman, though there things do not look serious. In my opinion, if you are not looking for a person with whom you simply communicate online, it may not make sense to waste your time here. 
Hi levzeya! My name is DP,  I will ask that will we move back to USA within 1 year from Angola? . My husband has a temporary job assignment in Africa. We are citizens of USA .Thanks Hello! I did not get a single answer to Taro for the 1 year term. Your question seems to have financial implications. The money you have to earn, get it. Perhaps there are things with documents that need to be settled more slowly. I also put some additional cards to try to see a more categorical and clear answer, but there are more things that are not unique and they have to find their solution before you go to the US. I wish you luck and success!
Hi, My name is A. and i am from Pakistan . My question is i resign my previous job but now i dun have a job ... now i can go for the interview can u please tell me i m selected for this job or not ... please reply fast... I am very thankful to u.. Hello! Unfortunately, I think they are unlikely to take you to the job where you were interviewed now. You have done well, I think, but probably have other candidates and some other considerations. You'll probably have to keep looking. Do not despair! Think positively, every evil is for the better! I wish you good luck!
My Name is R, i am female and married having two children. I am working as a lecturer in engineering college from past 10 years. by December 2017 , am not working due to maternity leave. I wanted to know... Should I become entrepreneur or continue in same field in which I was before... Right now I have no direction in which field I should invested my self.. Hello! I asked how things will develop for you, up to 1 year, if you go back to your old job or if you become an entrepreneur? In both cases, the cards do not show anything bad as a result. If you go back to your old work, there may be some conflicts initially, having to prove yourself again. But ultimately, I think you will be able to move forward. There may be development, what you thought, for example, to study for a higher degree. Because with Taro I can not tell you exactly what an entrepreneur you can become, I have asked the question in general. Taro asks for a choice between opportunities, if you choose options, I can compare them or ask if they are good for you. Overall - or the job will go well or ... you will become a mother for a third time :) Same is the tarot card that shows motherhood and company management :) I wish you the best solution for you! Good luck!
Im C ann A,  DP . I just want to know if hes for me. Hello! I do not know what the situation is between you right now, but I think he is going to retire. You look very disappointed and surprised. The impressions you have about these relationships are not entirely realistic. It is very likely that there will be another woman who is an obstacle. 

Good day from Gr.! Birth Name(mine): A. Birth Name(his): G. Situation given, we feel sympathy for one another, we are friends, already expressed my feelings. My intuition "made" me to read between the lines, that he felt the same. He politely told me, I was wrong. Strongly believe he has a lot of burdens in his family life, could be wrong, I don't know.. Is this friendship could lead us in a relationship (even though obstacles are apparent) within the next 3 months or it's my imagination that he is hiding his true feelings? Really appreciate your time, and ready to order my personal reading after receiving this one. Kind Regards, A. Hello! For your question - it comes out that you are not wrong, this person has emotions to you. But it is very self-limiting. He is very careful and will try to distance herself. Probably he will ask you to be just friends or at least he hopes to be like that. He knows he has to make an important decision, whether to demonstrate that he is a good husband, stable and responsible, or open to giving and receiving other energy. But I think she'll stick to being a husband for now.

Hi, I see that you provide a free question, here is mine. My name is JS. The guy that I date is (MR), our relationship started out good, then I found out he lied to me about a lot, is this relationship going to work for me at all ? or am I wasting my time? Hello! I do not think this relationship will be good for you. This man is very stealthy, there are things he does not tell you or show you. I think he is too authoritarian, despicable, and I think he does not have enough respect for you. Maybe you want to travel to him, but think well. Be careful with it, at some point it can be shown that you are very in love and you will have difficulty ripping off.
Hi, my name is KB, female, married but separated. I am dating the man I had an affair with, our relationship seems to be progressing in a positive direction. I am learning to trust him, but I am afraid my emotional connection with JL, married, but separated, is deeper than the connection he feels for me. He does show his affections for me, but has never said he loves me. I am in love with this man and I would like to know if he feels the same about me. Will our relationship become deeper and more fulfilling within the next six months? Thank you! Hello! According to the tarot cards that came out, not all the fruits you will taste in this relationship will be sweet. Yes, I see you feeling there. You are guided much more than feelings than he does. In the next 6 months, he is experiencing a lot of disappointment. It may be the reason you are not, but it will affect your relationship. Any news about or from his wife might be unpleasant. In general, for your relationship, I do not see very profound developments in the next half year. I wish you good luck!
Hi Levzea! My name is NM and I am separated from my husband. I am involved in an on again off again relationship with another man (AR) who has an on again, off again relationship with another woman. Please could you tell me if there is any hope for us in the next 6 months. Thank you so much Hello! With AR you may be friends, but I do not see your relationship getting deeper and deeper. He is most likely to want to end. Too many secrets have things to keep in secret. So it is difficult to have a stable relationship. You will also be in constant tension and that will not satisfy you. But still you may want to be friends. I wish you good luck!
Hello, My name is FC. I will like to inquire about my husband (AM), male. He just applied for a job in the US and we are expecting a favourable result this February. Do you think it will be positive. The job is an international offer we're really counting in it. Thank you, waiting for your reply Hello! Unfortunately, what Tarot has shown is not very encouraging. Rejection is very likely. Or have some suggestion, a variant that you do not like. Hope, still be lucky! I wish you the best!

Hello, I would like to try your services with the advertised free tarot reading question. My initials are J. V. , London. I would like to know if I have a chance to win a large sum of money in the upcoming 3 months. Thank you in advance! Hello! Unfortunately, I do not see you being able to win a big amount of money. But I do not see your situation being bad. It is very likely that you have a friend or parent who can help you. To start earning well, you need to improve, learn more, gain more skills. I wish you success!

Hello, My name is BP. I have a great wish to become a mother, to have a child. Regarding that, can you please tell me: Am I destined to become a mother in my life and  when? If so will everything be ok with a baby and me (healthwise  - because of the quite late age pregnancy)? Many thanks for the answer. 
Hello! Of the few questions you have asked, I have ordered cards: Can you get pregnant for up to 6 months? The cards are nice, but they do not show accurate pregnancy, but they show that something new and nice can happen to make you happy. Some change. Have you ever thought of adopting or becoming a foster parent? I wish you to choose the best solution for you and it will happen to you! Good luck!

Hello! My name is SG. I am from California, US. I am currently in a bad financial situation and it seems that every year towards the end of the year, I end up without a home and in huge debt. I want to know if I will get an influx of money in these up coming 3 months. Than you for your help! :) Hello! It is possible to receive financial support in the next three months. According to tarot, things depend on too many people. Some of you rely on, but your joint plans will be disappointing. Others can help. Keep in mind that the cards are not clear. Rather show your emotions and hopes, but it still shows that there are people with opportunities that can help. Hope they do! Success and good luck!

Hello, i am EB, from A, married and i have a 8 years girl. I just wanted to try your prediction for this 3 month to come. I have i quite life and my love life is not what i wanted. Can you tell me if i will have with my husband or another man some strong emotions that i miss so much? Waiting for your prediction! Wish you Happy New Year! 
Hello! I asked - if you, within 3 months, will experience joyful and happy emotions as you want with a man? Tarot's answer is Yes. Very likely with a man you already know and have nice memories with him. However, it is possible that your commitments as a responsible wife will prevent you. The solution will be yours, because I think you still want to have family happiness and peace. I wish you the best! Happy Holidays!

My name is MS, I am a female, single but in a long term relationship, I am from the US. The person I will be asking about is my boyfriend named JH, male, also single but in a long term relationship, from US. My question is that J. and I have been in a relationship for about 7-8 years, not always the best, but has gotten better, we have recently gotten worse and am wondering if any major changes will happen in our relationship within the next 6 months? As far as things getting better or a break up. Thank you. 
Hello! Your relationship in general is most likely not exactly what you both want. At this moment I see he is an apathy, fatigue, boredom. And you want something more serious. Until 6 months, unfortunately I do not see things getting better. The situation seems to be burdensome for both of you. Each of you will protect yourself. I do not see a compromise. I see a strong influence on another woman. Maybe he is his mother. A woman who is quite insensitive and cold. Maybe she advises him to think about himself. You are most likely to be angry and want to defend your position, but it is very likely to quit disputes. I do not see separation, but I do not see the situation getting better. I wish you good luck!

Hi! Name :HNF (female ), OUESTION: I have been trying to get a permanent house from government since 2 years but my every attempt fails and right now I am living in a flat with my kid in very poor conditions.My question is that when will my housing condition get better  or I will get a house because I am trying very hard but nothing works . Thanks Hello! I asked if you and your child would live in a better home for you within 6 months? Unfortunately, the Tarot suggests that it is unlikely. You have big hopes, but ... You seem sorry for something of your past, maybe you made a mistake. A woman who can decide to grant help or who depends on things - hinders you. You must have great ingenuity and very strong will and perseverance to get it. I wish you good luck!

My name is KM from NY, NY and I fell in love with AS, I am really hoping that this is true love and that I will not get disappointed.  He would like for us to move in together and stay together for a long term.  Will this happen? Thank you! Hello! I asked your question 1 year. According to Tarot, you could have a good relationship, perhaps traveling somewhere together, but I think you both have your own personal problems that prevent it from happening. AS looks like a person who would make you feel good. But in my opinion there will be some disagreements between you and fears for more serious steps. There is something you may not know yet, but it binds the hands of the AC. And I'm not sure if your relationship is against the wishes of your family. There are no objective reasons for a good relationship, but I think there are some subjective ones. I wish you good luck!
Z and B, Hungary. will we break up or proceed further in our relationship? 
Hello! I asked your question 3 months. I do not see an end, but I do not see any meaningful development either.  Fear, hopes, hesitation, rapprochement, withdrawal ... As if both of you are not quite sure what you want from the other. I'm sorry I can not answer you in particular, but obviously there are things you need to make yourself clear as regards. I wish you all the best!
Name is TZ, female, in a relationship, I come from  LA, CA. My current partner Name is MS. He's incarcerated at the moment, i recent gave birth to my second child a baby boy, which hes not the father, has he had any suspicious about it or doubts? Will he find out he's not the father? Hello! On the cards that came out, I think he does not know for the moment and will not understand. He looks happy and pleased. But keep in mind that a difficult situation between you can make him think and doubt. Good luck!
Hey there, I'd like to ask for that free tarot reading. My name is O,not married from hungary. I want to know if my boyfriend will propose or i'll get pregnant sometime next year? My boyfriend's name is L. Hello! You are entitled to one free question once and I asked - Does your friend offer you a marriage in the next 6 months? There may be something like an engagement. But is he not going to look for work somewhere far? There are fluctuations for marriage. Things are very responsible and not very easy. His plans are still not very clear. He seems to want to prove himself in his work first. I wish you good luck!
A. from Budapest. My question involves A. (he has a fiancee) whom i know for 3 years now.He is in a toxic relationship and i was wondering if he'll realize i am the one for him/will our relationship progress in the near future? Thank you! Hello! I asked if your relationship would be seriously developing within 6 months? The one that came out with Tarot - no. There may be communication, but no more. And what will happen will be very disappointing for you. A. Thinking of a family, of your relatives, of your responsibilities. And it is very likely to put an end to your relationship with you. I wish you the best! Good luck!
GD, male, married, I am facing a troubled  life since last 3 years, involvement with a female is the main concern of my troubles. I cant find the way out of it. Will i hav a happy life ahead? Hello! You have asked a very general question. I asked if you would be happy in the next 6 months? I think you should be able to find happiness in your family. Find stability and good attitude there. You have to choose to stop the nightmare you are spinning. More control and serious decisions are needed. Beware of the external emotions that are trying to flood you. Good luck I wish you!
Dear Concern, My name is SM, Mumbai and i am single. My question is will i have love marriage or arrange marriage  Hello! I asked your questions - 1 year. According to the maps, within this time, it is very likely that there will be neither a marriage of love nor a settled marriage. The marriage of love comes out that it's an illusion. Perhaps there is a candidate, but you yourself feel that he is not serious enough and good for marriage. For the arranged marriage - you are very likely to resist, because you also think that there is currently no suitable candidate. Still, I wish you a marriage in love with a very good person! Good luck!
Caitlin Ann Antonio , Oct 13 1994, female, single,from Philippines, its for myself, i want to know your tarot reading for this month. Nextweek its my bday, and im not happy, financial and love. Hello! I asked what's next in your love plan in October? I think you need to clear something old. End some kind of crisis. Pay back. And then a new romantic relationship may emerge. Tarot says this should happen in the next month :) I asked you what was going to happen on your financial plan in October? Unfortunately, I can not glad you here. There are many problems, disappointments. Something like bankruptcy straight. I'm sorry. Let the pleasant news in love manage to compensate for the financial troubles. I wish you good luck!
Hello Levze! I'm KP, from Tallinn, female, not married. My big love is AV, married with another women. My question is: should I give up on a relationship with him or keep it going. We've been in relationship for 5 years. He is a man I love and with whom I want to live with. W ill we ever be formally a couple? Is there a future for the relationship between A. and me? the next 6 months... Thank You very much! Hello! The site allows you to set 1 free question. You have asked a few. I have charts the question: Is it okay for you to keep in touch with married A? According to my card interpretation, you are inclined to continue to wait until you become the first lady, but you yourself know that this is unlikely to happen. Or at least not in the foreseeable future. A. He keeps his family in his own way. These are 5 years. He has had many options to make another decision so far. But maybe he promised you a change. In my view, you are intuitively aware that the right answer is to end this relationship, but still you wait ... I wish you a wise decision! Let the best happen to you!
DC - I have lost my only soul mate after 2.5 years. He can not commit for many reasons and we have become almost as toxic as we are amazing to each other. I am giving up hope and fear I will not find another love. will I find true love?
Hello! I put a deadline for your question - 6 months. In my opinion, within this time, you are more likely to find yourself. You need to start to love yourself and to be self-sufficient. This can turn your current presence to 180 degrees. First you have to work on yourself before you have real love. I wish you good luck!
AS, I live in Ivey, Georgia.The question is about: HC. My question is should I give up on a relationship with him or keep it going. We've been together 5 years and have 2 children together. But he has been very unfaithful while I've been loyal to him. Hes currently locked up and gets out in November and I just want to know if I'm wasting my time like usual or if he's gonna be committed this go around? Hello! According to my interpretation of the maps, it is now important for you to take care of your safety and to be able to preserve what you have. I think you are not fascinated by what he can offer you. You have a desire to control your life and move forward. Things with him would be the old way. It is very likely, for a while, to make an effort to be responsible to you and your children. But it is also likely that his old bad habits will prove to be very strong and he will not be able to control them... I wish you good luck!
Greetings Dear, my name is LN . i am female .single. live in south africa. is my soulmate the man that is goin to marry me come into my life in the next couple months ? thank you kindly Hello! According to tarot's answer, this man will not appear in the next few months. You are looking for this somewhere farther, and he may be closer. But I see a lot of your fears and disappointments, perhaps related to a previous marriage or a previous relationship. This hinders. At the moment, you seem to be a closed person. Think about it. I wish you good luck!
Ch - Is there a future for the relationship between J. and I? Hello! It could happen, but a bit difficult because you are quite different in character and temperament and each of you is considered better and right. You are colder and cooler. He's the man of pleasure. If you can find a common language, you may have a connection. An obstacle also appears to be traveling. Look for the touch points and not the differences to get it. I wish you good luck!
I want to learn, will I be able to get my job back in 3 months? I have been dismissed from my profession 2 years ago. I am G.,Turkey. Hello! I hope to be right that you will gain stability in your profession for up to three months after a break. I wish you good luck!
JC - Question: My close friend and I had a fall out 2 weeks ago, after I said some hurtful things. I’ve tried reaching out, to no avail. I miss her dearly. I would like to ask, will we mend the crack in our friendship, or is it best to let her go? Thank you for your time :)
Hello! I set a deadline for your question 1 month. Yes, your girlfriend is very hurt. But if you are persevering, do not give up looking for it, there is a chance to clarify your relationship and fix it. Nothing that she does not answer now. Do not give up! I wish you good luck!
Hello, my name is B. I come from Poland. My question is: will I have my dream new home in which I will live in the near future? (+/- 6 months). I'm in a difficult situation now but I've always dreamed about my own home. Now I live with my parents and my fiance in one apartment. Thank you very much for your answer. Regards B. Hello! Unfortunately, within this 6-month period, the cards will not succeed yet. Or you will stop at something that will not bring you joy. Better for the moment not to hurry. I wish you good luck!
SH - I would firstly like to inform you that I read astro.velida frequently and also read the way you precisely respond to everyone who asks you tarot questions. I am an admirer. Looking forward to a positive association.Coming to my question on the basis of above mentioned details :I am a lawyer by profession and I’ve been on the lookout for a job for more than a year. My precise question is : Will I find a well paying job in the coming 6 months? Thank you very much for this free reading. Shall be eagerly waiting for your response. Hello! Thanks for the kind words! The answer to your question is not quite solid Yes. I think you will find a job, or you will not be looking anymore, but what you start may not satisfy you completely. But you are young. You will have many more opportunities ahead of you. Success!
Hello, I am F. from Vienna / Austria. I currently live in Poland. My question: for almost 2 years I applied for a disability pension in Poland, I can not work anymore because of massive back problems, will I get the disability pension, it is necessary to survive. Thanks for your answer, F Hello! I set a deadline for your question - 6 months. I hope I am right that you will be able to get this pension. That's what I see in the cards. Yes, the problem is no longer delayed for you. It is decided slowly but there should be a solution. Good luck!

my name : FG, I'm from Algeria. I'm single.  I have a sweetheart from Bulgaria we are in relationship one year ago.My question is whether I will get a visa to Bulgaria over the next six months to see her Hello! I hope I am right that you will get a visa. You must, of course, file documents. I wish you good luck!

my name is CE i'm a female ,divorced/single i'm from eunice louisiana. i'm a single divorced mother of 6 i work constantly to provide for my kids with no help from anyone im living from paycheck to paycheck and it never seems to be enough going without basic necessities most of the time its really tearing me down and i dont know what to do anymore it is also affecting my healthin a major way .i know material things aren't everything but financial help would be a huge stress reliever i would like to know when will i be financially stable?  Hello! Cards can not answer a question - When? I asked if you would feel financially stable for up to 6 months? Unfortunately no. I see that it is very difficult for you. But for some reason, life is currently undergoing this test. I asked for free for you - What do you need to do to feel financially stable? You have to radically change something in your life. Set up positively. Make an audit - what you are impeding, what does not help you anymore and you need to get rid of it. Whether it's the place, whether it's memories, thoughts, something that does not help you anymore - let him go and find the right decision. You will see the answer. Good luck!

Hello my name is I. and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. I’m going to school in August 2018 for a year and a month, in Cosmetology, while working part time. Then, after I finish, I plan to work in that field and save for a building while going to Law School. My question is: Did I make the right career choice? Thanks Hello! The cards say you will have hesitations for your decisions. In fact, their answer is logical because you have described something that will take a long time and includes several things. And they respond clearly to clear questions and for terms of about 6 months. I am sorry, but there is no way to answer just one free answer to the questions about two schools and a job.

Hello my name is SS and I am from America. I was wondering if you feel my Love life moving forward soon? I am still healing from a past situation with an old friend (AD) is that situation done for or is there unfinished business? I am female and I am single! Thank you :) Hello! You are entitled to one free question, once . I asked if the AD situation is over?  Yes, according to the map answers - yes. There is pain, there is disappointment, but it is finished for you. You think and you have already gone another way. May A get you some time to talk, clarify something, but it should not make sense to you anymore.

Hello Levzea, My name is RR (female). I m married. I have applied for US visa. Wanted to know whether I will get the visa or not. I had tried before in 2016, but couldn't clear the interview. Will I get the visa this time. Your faithfully, RR.  Hello! I hope I'm right and this time you can get a visa. Success!

Hi, I am PM, female, in a relationship, from Dubai. I had a deep friendship with my colleague but due to some misunderstandings, the friendship has drifted apart. I want to get back with him as before. Will I deepen my friendship with my colleague N. soon? Thanks. Hello! I put your question for 2 months. Difficult, but I think you will have an improvement in the relationship. You will achieve some balance and harmony, though you will not smooth things out. You have to take a step for that. He is rather against. Success!

Good day Levzeya, Name: TLV, Female, Singl, From: K. South Afric. Person in question Name: DA, Male, In a relationship.From: E. South Africa (living on a cruise ship in caribbean) Question; We were engaged until end of 2017, so will we get back together again or do I move on? Thanks God Bless Hello! Unfortunately, I do not see your relationship going on. He's done with relationships. You think you still love it, but you suffer. After all, you will not get to be together. I wish you good luck!

MS, Baltimor - For now, given all the information I provided. When will I i move pass this impass or blockage I feel has been in my life for a long time? The concerns Money.
Hello! I asked if your life will change in a positive direction for 6 months? This could happen if you change your attitude towards life. Show your strength. Start managing your life and thinking positively. Concentrate on what you have, not on what you do not have. You need to achieve peace in your mind. Get rid of constant anxiety. You will then find the right way out of your situation. I wish you luck and success!

Hello My name is SR. I was in a LDR with a guy name FS. We been talking for past 9 months and he shows no sign of committing to me. So this week I give him an ultimatum to only contact me if he is serious about me and this relantionshi.He has not contacted me yet. My questio: Will he contact me  and how soon and what is the future of this relationship.Will it turn into a long term relationship or not and if so then how sooner or later.Thanks  I asked: Will he call you in 10 days? According to Tarot, no. He did not like that you made him a condition. He's angry. He's disappointed.
What will be the development of your relationship to 1 month? He will insist on his own and does not want changes. He likes him the way he is now. For you this will be very disappointing. I'm sorry I do not see good development for you.

My name:  CP. Female. Busy getting divorced. His name is J. I would please like to know if this person and I will have a positive future relationship, will we be a family in the future? Kind Regards Hello! I asked what a jointly future is waiting for you in the next 6 months? Perhaps within this time you have to divorce yourself. Because I think this is visible. With J. you will communicate, he will wait patiently and hope for joint plans. For a longer period, it's hard to tell. I wish you good luck! 

Hi my name is RP. Have been working in airlines as cabin crew and ground jobs at the airport in my earlier careers.. I had a very bad years last few..  Didn't get a right job...wat I wanted...Last year I got a job in a different country  as guest relations officer in a hospital.. But am not liking the job now.. Am looking for a job in airlines and airports.. As I want to get back to  aviation industry again... I have been applying many places.. But no reply yet... My question is .... When will I get a new job?? Will it be in aviation industry ??? In Bahrain ??? Or different country ??.? Waiting for ur reply...Best regards,RP Hello! You have only one free question to ask. That's why I asked: In two months, will you start work? In my opinion, there is a high probability that you will start working for up to 2 months in aviation. Success!