Taurus Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week from 16 to 22 May you will often have a good mood and a desire to have fun.
However, avoid ignoring your problems or serious commitments by looking at them superficially and lightly.
An occasion for special emotions in your life during the week will be a person from your circle of close relatives or friends.
During these seven days, it will be difficult for you to find a reasonable explanation or the right solution to a problem that creates tension in your love or family relationship.
It can be provoked by gossip or intrigue, by deception or infidelity, and its purpose is to cause separation, of course, if you allow it to happen.
Be vigilant and be careful not to make mistakes driven by your own emotions, doubts or ambitions.
During this week, attention will be required for a health problem or other situation in the life of a person who lives in another home or in another locality.
Many of you who will be traveling this week will experience an anxiety that will require a change in your choice of transport, personal car maintenance or driving skills.
This week will be important for your professional development and for the proper performance of your professional tasks.
Avoid conflicts with colleagues or clients, because both you and they are subject to some tension and stress.
Boys and girls can expect various unexpected situations, news or meetings this week, which will sometimes require you to make quick or difficult decisions. The week can boil you unprepared for the rapid development of the events you are about to experience through it. Some of you can handle this fast pace of life quite successfully, but for some it can be a serious challenge. It will be very important during these seven days not to rush into decisions and actions, if necessary to seek advice or additional information.
Men will also go through a week of important and difficult decisions, especially if they involve major changes in life, concerning family, work, business and others. This will be a week of movement for those of you who are involved in a lawsuit. Higher stress can cause you a problem during these seven days, and each of you will deal with it differently. Do not underestimate the words of people born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, who will try to give you some advice, guidance or other useful information. The week brings you more work, more business and overall commitment.
Women will take on most of the duties and responsibilities in the family, which can be very tiring at some point. Whether you ask for help and share responsibilities from other family members, or continue to carry the burden, will be an individual decision for each of you. This is a week of serious tasks and decisions related to money and your financial affairs in general. Personally, you will be able to provide some comfort, pleasant entertainment or time for rest and entertainment. It will depend on your own nature, whether you prefer a quiet life or an active, social person.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week of May 9 - 15, it will be difficult for you to work or communicate with people younger than you. Their actions can easily cause various misunderstandings or troubles.
During the week in love, a complicated relationship will arise with a partner who currently lives or works in another city or country. This may be due to various misunderstandings, the greater pressure they are subjected to, the inability to meet or reunite at this stage or some other reason.
The week will also have its beneficial effects, which will rather be related to the feeling of something good in the near future.
It can be related to work or personal life, or a person you know recently.
Remember that this week will bring you chances that may seem insignificant or hopeless, but the wise and practical of you will certainly feel them.
During the week, avoid tricks to earn more money or to benefit in some way.
Boys and girls will have expectations that will very rarely coincide with reality, or are the situation they are in at the moment. This will be especially evident in your expectations, which are related to money, some kind of contractual relationship or arrangement. This week you will worsen more feelings, hopes and concrete actions in your love and intimate relationships.
Men will tend to be more influential in their actions than the opinion and advice of a woman, even if she is younger than you. You are probably at a time when it will be difficult for you to rely on your own judgment. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with waiting or looking for additional information on issues that concern you at the moment. During the week, many will rejoice at the news of motherhood or the birth of a baby who will have a relationship with a girl or a young woman.
Women will have to be very careful and cautious during these seven days, to avoid any risks and to accept philosophically any unpleasant news. The news that may upset you during these seven days will most often be about a woman you know personally, whether she was in your past or part of your present. Be careful in your relationships with people who in most cases will be older than you or will have enough experience and knowledge to oppose you in a particular situation.