Taurus Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 April, 2024

During the week of April 22 - 28, you will make various contacts with many people, regardless of how they will be done.
It may be that your work is related to clients or another reason that you are required to communicate dynamically in your workplace.
A variety of people will influence your life during these seven days, and most of them will be well-intentioned towards you.
During this week, you will be delighted by an event in the lives of friends that they deserve or have been waiting for a long time.
New friendships this week will have a lasting meaning in your life and will be connected to people from whom there will be much to learn.
Such a friendship created this week can even be the beginning of a promising love relationship (if it is of a romantic nature).
The week will favor the development of your domestic and professional affairs, especially if you have to work from home during these seven days.
Good developments will have plans related to repairs and improvements to your home or those related to another property that your family owns.
During the week, the health of a son, grandson or another man in your family will require attention, which should not be a reason for panic, but should make you be more careful and caring.
Boys and girls will go through a week for which they will have great expectations, hopes or plans. It is possible that you received courage for new and bold actions from your close people and friends. During these seven days, however, you will have to act carefully so as not to fall into a position of self-delusion, of any illusions, unrealistic dreams and expectations. Learn and have to live with the realities of your life, adjust to them whether you like them or not. During this week, you will have the opportunity to make some important purchases for yourself, but this will not be related to the purchase of luxury or expensive items.
Men will have the opportunity to achieve good results in their financial affairs and tasks from which they expect good monetary income. Being able to stabilize yourself financially will require a more practical handling of your current cash. Any impulsive or risky spending and investment can cause you unwanted loss and reversal of some of your plans. During these seven days, avoid making long-term plans and try to organize your affairs day by day.
Women will show an unusual irritability and grumpiness, which will not only make you difficult to communicate with, but also create unpleasant conflict situations, from which it will be difficult for you to get out. It is likely that some people will deliberately provoke you, playing with your patience, which will require wisdom on your part, and hopefully you possess it. Similar provocations can come even from close people or be caused by a representative of some institution. Actions related to court or legal instances will require attention if you have them coming this week.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 15 - 21 April, 2024

During the week of April 15 - 21, you will have unexpected meetings or a visit to your home.
If you are involved in a court or legal case, the week heralds unexpected changes related to its development.
During this week, you will be required to handle the financial means available in your budget more practically and to avoid any money-related risks.
If you have to postpone the more expensive purchases for a more favorable time.
This week there will be something to please you and in most cases the good events will be related to your personal life.
The presence, the appearance of a person with whom you have not seen for a long time will bring special liveliness to your everyday life.
During these seven days, you will have interesting conversations about your future with people with whom you are going to move forward.
If domestic problems arise during these seven days, then you will find a quick solution for them or they will be related to things for the repair of which you will be counted on.
This is an auspicious week for making a decision or taking care of property outside your city.
Boys and girls will look for possible sources of income, whether it will be in connection with some permanent or part-time work, with a short-term engagement and others. This will be an important week for those of you who have any documents or contractual relations to form. The slow development of major events this week should not make you nervous or afraid that things will not go well. Accept that sometimes events have a slow development because their success depends on other factors beyond your control. This week heralds various romantic experiences, flirtations, unexpected crushes, etc.
Men will have a lot of work to do and will have to responsibly go through these seven days with every single task or engagement of that nature. Your commitment at work will be great, but you will be no less busy with household chores. Small but urgent repairs or changes to your home environment are likely. During this week you will have an interesting or special experience with a girl or a young woman.
Women will have different experiences related to travel, plans or people from different distances, including overseas. Such a more dynamic movement or communication in your life will have a pleasant effect on you and especially on your mood. Remember, this is a very strong week and make the most of these favorable trends. Success is possible, but the effort must be yours.


Taurus Weekly Horoscope 8 - 14 April, 2024

During the week of April 8 - 14, you will have conversations or commitments that will be related to some financial document, contract or other monetary affairs. These actions will definitely have a favorable development for you and it is even possible that an unexpected chance will arise from which you will derive some benefit.
All in all, this will be a financially favorable week, which with reason and wise actions you will be able to use in the best way for you.
During this week, you will face various unexpected stressful situations, which in most cases will arise due to lies or malicious actions of other people, mainly from your close environment.
Experiences related to theft or loss of personal belongings, documents or any type of property are possible.
It is possible that you will be defamed on purpose in front of important people or get into another awkward situation.
In general, this week be very careful what people you associate with.
For those of you who are planning a trip abroad, there will be situations of tension or confrontation with people with whom you are about to have contact.
This week heralds unpleasant news related to people you know and some personal or family drama in their lives.
Boys and girls will go through a week where more time will be spent outside the home, engaged in various tasks at school, university or work. Gatherings or meetings with people important to you are not excluded. You may receive an invitation to various events or an offer for something that will most likely affect your current or future career. There will be occasions for conversations or gatherings in the family or in your circle of relatives, who hardly bring any surprise with them.
Men will go through an interesting week, with opportunities for success and progress. You will have chances, you will have luck, but you should not stand and wait. Be active and act, look for every opportunity to show and prove your abilities and skills. General activity or plans related to a person close to you will have a positive development.
Women this week will be difficult to communicate with, as they will be very strongly influenced by their mood. You will painfully experience disappointments or failures. You will tend to look for the negative side of every news, event or experience. During the week, a boy or a man from your circle of relatives or friends will be an occasion for communication, a gathering or another similar experience.