Taurus Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 December

During the week of December 11-17, don't be afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to show your love or respect for your loved ones.
This will be a favorable week for the development of your love and friendship relationships, especially if you have a partner or friends with whom you want to be together for the future.
This week brings meetings and reunions with old friends, as well as making new acquaintances.
This will be an auspicious time for conception or the birth of a child.
Unfortunately, during these seven days you will be saddened by unpleasant news related to a woman who most likely lives in the same town as you.
My advice is to be careful with your financial expenses during the week so that a crisis does not arise in your personal or family budget.
During these seven days, you will realize that you had doubts about the feelings or plans of a certain person in vain. The development of events will show you your mistakes, and you will definitely not bother to apologize for your actions.
During this week, a gathering with a relative or a friend may involve you, which may be related to a birthday, name day or other important event.
The week portends making an important decision related to a daughter, granddaughter or other close relative.
Let boys and girls be cautious in giving or asking for a promise, help, or favor. Your actions can become known to a large group of people, putting you in a delicate situation. Overall, you may have many interesting and memorable experiences during these seven days. An occasion for gathering can be an event in the life of your classmate, colleague or friend.
Men will have enough commitments related to their family, so it will be good to be careful what promises they make to other people. The trend of fast-moving events continues, the days that will fly by with unwanted speed in your life. You have important conversations or events coming up with friends who live near or far from you. Your financial affairs will require the drawing up or signing of some document or contract.
Women will encounter a man's grudge or difficult character. Trouble with such a person will have a negative emotional impact on your mood. During this week, you may get more serious about buying gifts for Christmas or New Year. You will remember these days with different experiences related to friends or acquaintances. The health of a relative or friend can cause concern.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December

During the week of December 4th to 10th, you will receive news or events will occur that, whether you are a participant or not, will require you to take a more philosophical view of what they bring with them.
Some situations may require you to seek more information through relatives or friends, through the Internet or specific literature.
This is a week in which it will be important to accumulate more information and knowledge in various areas of life.
During the week, you will have more commitments or meetings with men, which can be a sign of a more serious and responsible job with which you will be involved.
Despite the festive euphoria, the week will demand from you a more responsible attitude towards obligations and promises.
It is probably a gathering related to a personal celebration of a person in your circle of relatives or friends.
Your love life will be as emotional as you let it be. You will seek to control the relationship with your partner, which can be good, but can also cause opposition.
Boys and girls will return to their childhood memories of the holidays at the end of the year and look for their repetition or revival, as a tradition. During this week, you may travel long distances, arrange upcoming holiday trips, or engage in other similar activities. Your love life will not take a backseat in any case, on the contrary. Even if you don't have a romantic relationship, now more than ever you will want and seek one.
Men will go through difficult moments related to emotional experiences around close relatives or friends. The news will sometimes find you unprepared for such unpleasant emotions, and stress can be a big part of your life during these seven days. You have important conversations, meetings or other activities with people from different distances coming up. In most cases, your close relatives will be a good influence on you when you are angry, upset, scared or confused with the support they will give you.
Women will have more work, business obligations, contacts with representatives of various institutions. It will turn out that some of your important commitments still have something to finish, or other situations will arise with your past tasks and affairs. In general, you will expect a better organized week and hopefully you will be able to achieve the results you want! Some unexpected situations will show you that some things can still easily make you cry or some people can easily disappoint you.


Taurus Weekly Horoscope 27 November - 3 December

During the week of November 27 to December 3, you will have various occasions for pleasant experiences, planned or unexpected meetings and gatherings.
During the week, be careful and cautious in your decisions. This is especially true for tempting offers related to work or money.
During these seven days, beware of being deceived or manipulated to be used for someone's benefit. In some cases, such actions can even come from people you love or who you think love you.
During these seven days, someone can take advantage of your weakness or mistake, your naivety or trust.
The surprise for you this week will be related to an important event in the life of a relative. Most likely, this is someone who lives in another settlement or you do not have frequent contact with each other. This may cause the need to gather with relatives, more frequent phone calls, etc.
You are about to make important personal contacts or new acquaintances with people who will be an important part of your future personal or professional experiences.
During the week, you will receive news or follow the development of an unpleasant event related to an incident in another town or country.
You will have an important money-related conversation with someone who does not live with you in the same home.
In general, this week will be remembered with more professional or business commitments. Their development will be positive with likely new opportunities for progress in the coming weeks and months.
Let the boys and girls focus their attention on their own education: school or university where some important events are coming up. Avoid fighting with people with whom you will have different opinions or priorities this week.
Men will go through seven important days of their lives in which they will have to make decisions related to the need to free themselves from some emotional or physical burden. This will be a favorable time for travel. A problem will arise in your home that only you will be able to solve.
Women will get emotionally involved with some financial matters in their lives. You have upcoming conversations or a common activity with a person who does not live in your home. You will think for a long time about words that a woman will say to you as advice or criticism of your actions.