Cancer Weekly Horoscope 5 - 11 June, 2023

During the week of June 5 to 11, there will be an unexpected development in your plan related to your family.
You will experience unexpected events with your relatives who live in another home or in another city (country) at the moment.
Materially, you may experience disappointment related to your acquisitions, gifts, purchases that you will make or receive during the week.
You may be angry at a breakdown with a household appliance or another incident with equipment (apparatus) at your workplace.
During the week, don't count on promises of favors or help. Always have a backup plan where the responsibility is yours alone.
Some of the major plans for your immediate future will require more frugal planning of financial resources.
This is especially true if you have other more serious expenses coming up.
If you expect cash receipts this week, then things should work out without surprises for you.
The week can be remembered with an unpleasant event related to a person from your circle of friends.
Girls and boys will be influenced in actions and decisions by their own romantic or monetary interests. You will tend to avoid the obligations you have to your own family, relying mainly on your parents or siblings (if you have any).
Men are in danger of falling into some kind of fraud, being the subject of malicious comments or intrigues from colleagues, clients or acquaintances. During this week, you will expect some cash receipts, but they will not be that big.
Women will expect the development of various events in which other people around them may play a major role. It is possible to commit to a gift purchase on a different occasion. You will want to change something in your home or office.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June, 2023

During the week of May 29 to June 4, some of your pleasant experiences will be related to a girl or woman in your family or circle of relatives.
Young mothers will rejoice at the successes or achievements of their children.
During the week you will receive news or information regarding an old friendship.
What you are about to learn may upset you because it will involve dishonest comments and actions against you by this person you thought was a friend.
Most expenses during the week will require you to take serious control of your financial resources.
A delay in money that you expect to receive this week or the occurrence of an unexpected expense is possible.
During the week you will have your happy moments, which will be different for each of you.
These experiences will definitely surprise you whether they are related to your work, business, family life or family relationships etc.
Boys and girls will have a favorable week for achieving real results in education or work. Ahead of you is a week of growth that should not be wasted through laziness or lack of will. During this week, you will be inclined to talk openly, but tactfully and diplomatically about problems that you believe are at the root of some conflicts and disputes with people close to you.
Men will tend to spend more time on love or intimate experiences, focusing on their personal comfort. New acquaintances will be interesting, but do not start more than one at a time. Parallel relationships in your personal life will collapse, with unpleasant consequences for you.
Women will have a week with more real and virtual contacts. You will have occasions for various meetings and gatherings. Make sure you have enough time to rest. During this week, you will be very active in harmonizing and stabilizing your love and family life, and achieving financial stability will also be an important priority for you.


Cancer Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May, 2023

During the week of May 22 - 28, you have a trip or a meeting with relatives or friends who live far away from you.
Through your new acquaintances with people from other cities or countries, you will receive useful information, new knowledge that will be important for your work or business.
During the week, you may receive a proposal or important support from colleagues or a supervisor.
Those of you involved in litigation will be able to expect favorable results.
During the week, you will deal with a financial problem of a close person who will ask for help or advice from you.
During the week, urgent commitments related to a person from your circle of relatives will arise.
In general, this week will require more serious and responsible attention in your financial affairs.
During the week, avoid making promises easily, do not be easily impressed by offers related to quick and easy money.
Some of you will be looking much more seriously at home business opportunities, work from home side jobs, etc.
Boys and girls will be impatient, nervous because they want everything to happen quickly and the way they want. During these seven days, you will realize the fact that it is very important to make important decisions, the implementation of which you should not postpone, since you gradually fall into a situation of chaos or stagnation, without enough freedom to develop.
Men will go through different stressful situations that are difficult to predict, as they will be individual for each of you. Relationships with people you work with will require attention.
Women will receive an interesting proposal or invitation that will inspire them to implement new ideas and projects. During this week, you will have to intervene in the personal or professional life of a close woman to help her solve her troubles. The way out is easy and achievable, but everything will depend on her own will.