Cancer Weekly Horoscope 26 Aug - 1 Sept, 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week you will have a favorable time to develop your financial family affairs. During these seven days, you will plan various actions that you will need to secure with financial means.
This week may make you happy with your family budget. This will be a good time to receive better income for the coming months.
During the week, be careful about your relationships with people in your daily contacts. Someone will be cunning or attempt (possibly successful) to manipulate you for their own benefit.
This week you will be watching or helping a relative or friend who is having trouble with a car, traveling, or with people from another location.
Events or engagements related to the property may be the reason for contact with government officials.
During the week you will have pleasant meetings or gatherings related to pleasant occasions (birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding, etc.). You will enjoy an important event in the life of a friend or relative.
In love you will have an interesting and emotional week. You will have the opportunity and desire to accomplish important things for you related to your love relationship.
Cancer women will engage in important tasks for their family that will have a successful development and will be a source of pride, satisfaction and good humor.
Men will be careful, reserved in their dealings with things that do not concern them directly, but are more important to relatives or friends.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 August, 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week focus on completing tasks that have something to do with people in your family circle.
This week you may be considering a trip that you will undertake in the near future. During the week you will incur expenses related to travel or to people from other places.
It is possible to receive money this week, which in some cases will come from another locality or country.
Financial transactions or deals with people and businesses near and far are also possible.
This week, some of you may be away from your home for a few days due to an event in another location, travel for tourism, and more.
This week you will be worried or sad about the setbacks or difficulties in a young person's life.
Check carefully every suggestion or idea related to work or business and do not rush into your decisions in this regard.
During these seven days, you will have a dream  about a person from Beyond who was part of your family or friends.
This will be an auspicious week for events related to a wedding or an important holiday in your family.
Cancer women will be much more involved in their family affairs. Almost every one of your relatives will count on you for something.
Men will be more social this week. You will be inclined to organize meetings or gatherings on your own, and will have a hard time refusing an invitation.