Cancer Weekly Horoscope 29 July - 4 August, 2024

During the week of July 29 - August 4, changes may occur in your life as a result of a message or proposal from someone who lives or works in another populated place. This will be something that will intrigue you, but avoid emotional decisions.
This week your attention may engage your old ideas or plans related to your family or your work.
You will talk to the necessary people about the possibility of their realization. The probability of achieving real success this week is definitely possible.
For many, the week brings an occasion for family gatherings.
During this week, your friends will share with you news that is related to their success or an important event in their lives.
During these seven days, through friends, you will receive useful information, but do not be in a hurry to share it with other people.
Bigger expenses will await you during the week. Various payments will be required. A serious overspend of funds is possible.
During the week, keep your personal documents from being lost or forgotten at an important moment for you.
Some of you will be surprised by events or changes in your workplace or business.
During these seven days, boys and girls will have to overcome problems or experience unexpected changes related to work or education.
This will be a period of time in which the emergence of new situations in your life will cause changes in the activity you are engaged in.
They may not be so cardinal or drastic, but related to the need to start some new ventures, activities, courses, etc.
During this week, men should avoid comments with colleagues, about their activities or about managers, other colleagues or clients. Unexpectedly, you may find yourself at the center of an intrigue or other unpleasant situation.
Correspondence or conversations with friends will be a reason to consider new ideas or proposals.
A romantic or other kind of interest in you is possible that will surprise you.
Financially, this week you may experience moments of instability, but this should not be a reason for drama. A better organization and practicality in actions and use of the family budget will be required of you.
A pleasant money-related surprise is possible, and this may have to do with another person in your family.
Women can expect a joyful event or news related to a child or a young person.
This will be an auspicious period for traveling for various reasons whether it is for a few days or for a longer period.
Many of you will attend an important event related to relatives or friends.
In general, this week you will have to be more careful and think better about your decisions and actions.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 July, 2024

During the week of July 22 - 28, experience a wide range of emotions in your family. In some cases, they may be related to your relatives near and far. During the week, you may receive a variety of news from relatives with whom you rarely have contact.
Unfortunately, this week you may be upset by unpleasant news related to a woman you know. You probably have a rare but still some kind of personal or professional relationship with her.
During the week, your plans and actions related to children and youth will have a good development. Success of a child or young person related to a change in their life will be a topic of phone conversations.
Good developments this week will have your plans related to a business trip.
This will be a favorable time for moving to another city or country due to starting a new career, starting a new family, etc.
If you have to travel to take care of a property outside the town where you live, you are unlikely to have any surprises.
Some of the unpleasant moments this week will have to do with strained relationships with people you don't live with.
An important factor during these seven days will be your health, which should not be underestimated, especially when specific health ailments arise. Follow the doctor's prescriptions and avoid self-medication.
Boys and girls will prefer to spend most of their time this week in meetings and gatherings with friends, classmates or peers. You probably need such a more leisurely time, but it would be good not to waste it only on amusements and pleasures. It is possible that a hasty comment or an inappropriate action on your part could cause an unpleasant conflict with a person who lives outside your home. Disputes in your family will also require attention, especially if the reason for them lies in your own behavior or decision.
Men will have a week full of social and professional contacts, which will be an interesting experience and will definitely bring you useful information or make new interesting contacts. Unfortunately, some of you will have to go somewhere for an unpleasant occasion related to a person who is your acquaintance, relative or friend. In general, however, the week will be a step forward and will bring you progress in important plans and goals in life.
Women will more easily find solutions or a way out of a variety of complex or problematic situations. During these seven days, you will take advantage of some new ideas or opportunities to better realize yourself in your work or business. Financially, the week promises to be good and successful for you, with the possibility of better income or new sources of income if you are in such a search. This will be a favorable week for concluding contracts related to better pay or of another financial nature. NADIA'S MONTHLY HOROSCOPES: AUGUST, SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER