Cancer Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 December, 2023

During the week from December 11 to 17, contradictions can easily arise in important personal, family or professional relationships for you. Such events will determine many things related to your future and you will be required to be direct and decisive.
It is possible that the current tension is caused by past experiences that you or the other person cannot forget.
During the week, you will take time to realize a postponed meeting or conversation.
You will take time to prepare before making important professional contacts or conversations with people from another area.
During the week you will have an engagement with a person from your circle of relatives or friends.
This will be a favorable week for working with children, for gatherings or celebrations related to them.
During the week you will have a meeting or conversation with a person from another town or nationality, with whom you will discuss social, historical, political or cultural events.
During this week, you will pay more attention to your personal budget than to your financial situation in general.
In the next few weeks you will have serious expenses, so it is good to plan your resources in advance.
During the week you will meet or have contact with a person with whom you have not communicated for a long time.
During this week, you will experience troubles that will happen at your workplace or in your immediate environment much more emotionally. You will hardly intervene with any reaction on your part, but you will experience the events with your inherent sensitivity.
Boys and girls will go through a week where new things and people will take their place in your life. Each with its own mission and importance for your development. You are about to make important decisions about your future. During the week, you will experience an important event or an unexpected conversation with a person you live with.
Men will have enough tasks in their family, so wasting your time and resources is undesirable. Words, decisions or experiences of your birthday will require attention. In your work, you will have good prospects for development and for achieving important results. A reason for emotions can be an event in the life of a colleague. The inability to implement some of your plans this week should not create negative emotions in you.
Women will have occasion to enjoy events, experiences or conversations with a man who has some special place in your life. During the week, your relationships with people with whom a delicate situation will arise, a misunderstanding, an attempt to cover up incorrect or wrong actions, etc., will require attention. During this week, you will spend a lot of money on gifts or other important (in your opinion) purchases.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 2023

During the week from December 4 to 10, you are about to engage in important financial affairs, which are likely to be tied to the actions and decisions of other people.
It is possible that these actions of yours take place in real contact with the relevant people or institutions, but virtual communication related to some project, business, sales, etc. is also possible.
This will be a favorable week for working with financial documents, for receiving money via bank transfer or other financial institutions.
During this week, however, your financial affairs will require attention with someone who will have some difficulties or postpone commitments with you.
Such events will show the need to plan your expenses well and be careful when working with financial documents or agreements.
During this week, the greater emotionality you will experience and the greater mental load you will be subjected to will affect your love and family life.
For similar reasons, arguments and conflicts with your partner will occur more often, even over insignificant things, which, however, can provoke a more serious clash, and in some cases even a break in your relationship.
During this week, unexpected troubles will pressure you to give up something, make a difficult compromise or experience a necessary and instructive loss for you.
Protect your personal belongings and documents in a public place or from the curiosity of malicious people.
Boys and girls will show unexpected impatience in realizing their desires and plans. This may cause opposition from parents, relatives, friends or classmates. Their unexpected reaction will surprise you. During this week, you may have interesting and special emotions with a friendly relationship. You will be delighted to receive news related to the birth of a baby, pregnancy or a personal celebration of a child in your circle of relatives.
Men will have personal concerns about travel or people who live at a distance: in another city, village or country. This week brings an experience with someone who will be traveling or who lives far away from you. Be very careful with what other people tell you, with the news you watch on TV or read. A lot of false things will be spread during this period, and with your emotionality, you may react hastily.
The women will be engaged in sending Christmas and New Year greeting cards, with gifts and other important things for the holidays. You may have an obligation to pay taxes or other documentation related to your property or property. You will have to decline a meeting or a meeting invitation. Something unforeseen will almost always arise in these engagements. Good things this week for you will be related to an unexpected luck or chance.


Cancer Weekly Horoscope 27 November - 3 December, 2023

During the week from November 27 to December 3, unexpected and interesting events and experiences, mostly related to close people and friends, await you.
At the beginning of the new month, you will have urgent or important commitments that will affect your home or family affairs.
Almost every day you will have commitments related to serious tasks that you really should not put off. They will not resolve themselves, but will become more difficult to implement.
The tension during the week will be greater, but you will have the strength to cope with it all. Everything will depend on the support of your loved ones and your partner.
If you have to give up some preliminary plans despite your wishes, do not get sad or depressed.
Some events may be important to other people's lives and you should not stop their development.
The week will bring you pleasant experiences in your personal and love life.
During these seven days it will be important to avoid any pretense, manipulative actions and whims.
You will have emotional and unexpected dreams with people from the Otherworld. You may have recurring dreams.
Children or young people in your family or circle of friends will be the reason for more phone calls or meetings.
The week heralds good income, stabilization of your budget, emergence of new professional commitments and other favorable events in financial terms.
Unpleasant news related to someone you know can create a temporary turmoil in your heart.
Boys and girls will experience an emotional event related to a classmate or friend. You will have many chances for success and appearance during these seven days, but do not waste your time. Do what's important right now, and other things can wait.
Men will commit to a child or young person, most likely someone in your family or circle of relatives. Your engagement won't be complicated, but it will be important to your family for some reason. A very unpredictable week for those who find it difficult to control their jealousy, towards things or people they take for granted.
Women will need to spend more time with friends who will have something to share with them or ask for advice on. You will receive an invitation or proposal that you will consider carefully, as it will require a change in some of your previous plans. This will be an auspicious time to settle documents with any financial parameters in them.