Cancer Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

The week from 16 to 22 May will start with the expectation of pleasant experiences with loved ones important to you. How much and how this will really happen depends on your individual circumstances.
If you have succeeded in the implementation of important preparatory work in the past week, this week you will be able to count on success in your work as well as in your home work.
Your love life will depend on the freedom of emotions that you and your partner will give each other. Don't just expect your partner to create pleasant moments in your relationship.
This week will be favorable for making new acquaintances with people near and far. My advice is not to burden them with serious expectations from the very beginning.
Some of the more serious conflicts this week may be provoked by other people to discredit you or manipulate you to their advantage. It is up to you to find a tactical and diplomatic way out of this situation.
Your family commitments will not be small and will definitely be important to fulfill. You should not delay them, as this will bring you additional complications.
The week heralds an important event in your family or in the family of your friends.
Overall, this week can be very interesting, with a variety of unexpected events or strong emotional experiences.
Boys and girls this week will be easily touchy, hypersensitive and sometimes intolerant of their friends or relatives. It will be very easy to get angry and offended, especially if things do not turn out the way you want. Such manifestations of whims or pampering can cause you serious problems and completely replace the favorable picture of this week. Learn to think before you speak and act. Do not waste your good chances and opportunities and learn from the mistakes you have already made in the past.
Men will have a unique time to develop personal abilities and skills with which to realize their bold plans and ideas. This is a week in which fate will give you luck and chance, but only to those of you who are ambitious and brave enough to take advantage of them and realize them in the best way. It will be good to know at the beginning of the week that the events will move very fast, which will require you to be well organized and perfect in the implementation of what you have to do.
Women will have to engage in more tasks at home, including those that are more important to other family members. The week brings a lot of news or important information from other relatives or friends of your family. This will be an auspicious week for settling property documents, transferring or acquiring property and other similar actions. Those of you who will be engaged in the sale of some things or property this week will be able to hope for good development.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week of May 9 - 15, various events will make you return to your past. They may be related to meetings with people from your past, unresolved issues from previous months or years, different dreams, and more.
This will be a week in which you will have to be very careful, not to allow haste or emotionality in actions and decisions, to think carefully about everything you have to do.
During these seven days you will have cash receipts or you will receive important news related to money. Slight disappointments in this regard are possible, but it will not be something that will cause drama.
During this week, be careful with people who have a negative attitude towards you. Their envy or malice will determine their actions, with the desire to create as much damage as possible.
In general, the troubles this week will rather follow the line of clearing the unnecessary things and people from your life. The chances of them actually hurting you or causing you some important loss are minimal.
During these seven days you should show a wiser and more philosophical view of the events you experience in your daily life.
The week heralds an event involving a woman who may be your relative, friend or colleague.
During the week you will have complex relationships with men who have power, position in the service and more.
Boys and girls will tend to pay more attention to meetings and entertainment with friends or peers. This can be a reason to miss some important opportunities or to respect the importance of some of your responsibilities, which at some point will put you in a delicate and unpleasant situation. This week, some of you will have to make an important decision about a friendship (mostly with a girl). You may be put in a situation where you will either have to break up with that person or make a compromise and continue your relationship.
Men will tend to live restlessly this week, doubting different situations, opportunities, suggestions or people.
Such moods can be further fueled by the words of people born under the fiery zodiac signs. These unstable emotions and feelings of yours will probably be mainly related to your work or business. The week will be conducive to travel, with those who are involved in work or other important purposes, and not just for fun, in a better position.
Women will need to engage more seriously in some personal or professional affairs of a man in the family or in a circle of relatives. You may need to seek help from a man in solving a household or technical problem. During the week you may need to buy a gift for someone who has a birthday or other important occasion to celebrate. You will have a lot of tasks around your own child or grandchild.