Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 February - 1 March, 2020

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, you will be lucky for the zodiac this week, as you will be given the deserved opportunities to realize your plans and goals. Of course, nothing will happen with a magic wand if you do not make the necessary efforts to achieve what is important to you.
Your personal or romantic relationships may have a particularly favorable development, and you will gain greater clarity about their future.
The week will also create favorable conditions for you in your work or business, where you will have the opportunity to earn better income, sales or profits, depending on what the specific activity is related to. You may be pleased to increase your pay or sign a new, financially advantageous contract.
This week, however, it will be difficult to conceive a child or it may be possible to create complications in pregnancy or childbirth - which should in no case be a cause for panic.
Take more time during the week to talk to your own children about he different life situations they are experiencing or which are about to come.
During the week you will experience a stressful situation involving a woman over 35 who may have an incident or personal drama in her life.
Your relationships with women born under the sign of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo will be of interest to you and will positively influence your plans for the week.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 February, 2020

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week you will be ambitious to engage in specific, delayed tasks related to your home life and comfort. It is possible to repair some appliances or buy new useful items for your household.
In most cases, you will seek the help of specialists for repairs.
This will be a good week to invest in a property in the community where you live or as an additional place to stay during the weekends and holidays.
This week comes with its unique chances of achieving major successes, but nothing will come easily if you have similar expectations.
First of all, you will need to share less of your plans and actions with people outside your home to protect yourself from the actions of envious or evil people.
No matter what your expectations are for these seven days, events will in most cases have their own individual development, especially when it comes to health or complex problems related to your past.
This week you will need to seriously consider your words and conversations as a whole with a man born under the sign of Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus, because in what he tells you there is much truth, wisdom and something useful for you.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 February, 2020

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week it will be important for you to plan and organize your home and family engagements in the best way. You should not make mistakes that can complicate the situation in your home or create some other problems and difficulties. During these seven days, comfort and harmony in your family will depend mainly on you, especially if you have to spend most of your time at home for some reason.
Some of the possible difficulties will be due to the fact that you will not be emotionally stable or will be influenced by different emotions and moods. It will be very painful and sensitive to accept some dispute or unpleasant situation.
You will require much greater self-control or positivism when difficult situations arise or when you receive unpleasant news.
It's good to know early in the week that it won't be easy for the people around you to be with you at all. Whatever you send against them as feelings or energies, it will return the same to you.
During the week, it will be more difficult for you to accept the new people who will appear in your daily routine.
Good plans for these seven days will relate to your child's plans or cases.
Many will be delighted with the news of pregnancy or childbirth.
Overall, this week's events will aim to teach you something. If you consider yourself knowledgeable and capable, then your difficulties will be greater. However, if you are open to listening, learning and developing, these seven days can be an important and constructive period for you.
Remember that moments of sadness are a time of rest for your soul.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 February, 2020

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this is a week in which you will be amazed at the actions or conversations you will have with people from your friendship circle.
The week brings important and interesting events with people born under the air or earth zodiac signs with whom you have asquantance or friendship for many years.
Visits to a government, banking, tax, or judicial institution will arise during the week. These will probably be pre-planned actions related to an important conversation, arranging documents or attending a formal meeting.
During the week you can expect good news at home related to your financial interests or the financial success of a woman in your circle of relatives.
During the week, young women from this zodiac sign will have the opportunity to arrange for an important document or contract that will be relevant to the home and family.
During the week, you will find a favorable solution of troubles or a difficult situation with a man with whom you may have family or professional contacts.
Men over 35 will be remembered this week with the unexpected resolution of a seemingly hopeless situation.