Cancer Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 April, 2024

During the week of April 22 - 28, you are about to experience an important event related to a loved one or travel (albeit a short distance) for family reasons.
It is possible that you have a close person who lives some distance away from you, and whom you currently miss, or for whom you are worried in view of the unusual circumstances of his life.
During this week, your every action will require attention, no matter how insignificant it may seem at first glance.
A small mistake or omission can cause an avalanche of unpleasant events, conflicts and even some kind of loss.
This will largely affect your financial affairs, but not only them.
During the week, avoid putting your family to the test, because the tension that each member of your family is currently under can cause an unwanted development and reversal of your relationship.
This is especially true if there are secrets in your family or topics that no one likes to talk about or are deliberately avoiding.
The week will favor working with documents, signing contracts or agreements related to your material or property, personal or business interests.
Boys and girls will have different occasions for joy, for entertainment, for a more optimistic view of the future. or new development ideas. An unpleasant news related to a person you know or to something that you were 100% sure would be yours or that you would be able to achieve may come to you unexpectedly. Do not let various news, rather gossip, affect important relationships with friends or with your favorite girl/boy.
Men will have to slow down a bit in their development or work and focus more carefully on some troubles both at home and at work. Think and look for a way out of every such situation. Don't put things off for another day, for another week, and don't rely on some miracle in your life. You will have enough luck, energy and resources to put your life in order and harmonize important relationships.
Women will go through a variety of complex emotional situations with a man who may be a relative, a friend, or someone you work with. This will be a favorable week for travel, for creating or developing important contacts for you with people from different cities and villages. Financially, there may be revival, you may have better income or achieve better financial results.


Cancer Weekly Horoscope 15 - 21 April, 2024

During the week of April 15 - 21, you will be looking for information or explanations regarding the actions of a person who is trying to achieve something through lies, deception and manipulation. The disappointment you will experience will be great, but at the same time you will try to understand the motives of this person's actions.
During this week, you will follow with interest news or events related to an important event of a family nature, such as an engagement, wedding, pregnancy or birth of a child and others.
Some may find the courage to propose to their partner this week.
During the week, try to keep your sense of realism regarding your financial affairs, the development of which will be according to the specific situation of the place where you live.
Any risky situations and decisions are undesirable, and their consequences are unpredictable.
Be careful in money matters with people who will want to earn or do something nice for them, but not for you.
During the week, it will be important to be cautious and not allow conflicts in your home, which can have a very unpleasant development.
Boys and girls will encounter the difficult character of their relative, friend or classmate, which will give you some life lesson in terms of getting to know human nature. You are about to experience something that will leave a strong impression on your life, and which is very likely to be related to someone in your circle of relatives. In many ways, this could be a week of progress for you, which will be determined by your ability to seize and take advantage of the chances that life gives you.
Men will have an interesting week because with greater freedom and ease they will be able to move ?? their ideas and plans for this period of time. Your communication with people who have achieved real success in life can fill you with a new dose of optimism for your future. The week will be remembered for the rapid development of various important events, which in most cases will concern your close people.
Women will have to change some things in their lives, such as the way they communicate, the way they work or plans for the near future. Those of you who are involved in a court or legal case will be able to count on some development, as well as support or assistance from a man. During the week, a more important issue related to a relative who could be your father, husband or son will be discussed.