Cancer Winter Horoscope 2020

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, you will be able to remember the winter with various child-related surprises.
Many will be surprised by news related to pregnancy or the birth of a child.
Winter brings important events in the life of your own child, if you have one.
During these three months (December, January and February) you will need to take care of your own or of your loved one's health.
Winter brings various commitments and care related to close or distant relatives.
In the winter, you will understand the meaning of events that you have experienced in 2019 and that you have received with bewilderment, resentment or anger.
In fact, what you experienced was part of the development of events that you will go through this winter season, and thanks to which you will now be given new chances and opportunities.
No loss in our lives is meaningless, but to open the door to new things, to help us gather the strength and resources we need to make a significant change (or a new start).
In the winter you will plan or prepare to travel in the spring or early summer.
Winter will be a favorable season for home changes, moving to a new home in another city or country, regardless of weather conditions.