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Monthly Horoscopes 2024 of Nadia contains Monthly Horoscope and weekly horoscopes for each week of the month.
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Taurus Monthly Horoscope May

In MAY, unexpected opportunities will arise for you to resolve your troubles or difficulties that have been an unpleasant burden for you in recent months or weeks.
You may be in luck if these problems are related to money.
This month you may be surprised by deception or duplicity on the part of a person of whom you had a better opinion or whom you trusted.
Getting involved in an intrigue can create unwanted enemies for you, so be careful with your comments and in general with the people you come into contact with.
During this month, you will have to help a colleague or assist in resolving an unpleasant situation at your workplace. In some cases, it may be related to a dissatisfied customer, a disloyal partner, layoffs or the introduction of a new activity, and others.
May will be a favorable month for medical procedures, for various types of therapies, mineral baths and others. This will be an auspicious recovery time for those of you who are undergoing some kind of treatment.
During this month, you will have good development or important success for you in domestic or property matters.
News or a document related to a person from your circle of relatives or neighbors may cause a conflict in your home or in some institution.
During this month, you will be sympathetic to a love drama, separation or divorce in the life of a person who is from your circle of relatives, neighbors or friends.
Good times this month will generally be related to expected or unexpected money. You may commit to a contract that will bring you new income in the future, a salary increase, a new employment contract, etc.
During this month, you may hope for a successful development of a legal case of a financial nature, if you are involved in one.
Boys and girls will have a desire for a new beginning, although the circumstances will not be as favorable as you would like. You will tend to look for new ways to realize old dreams, plans and ideas. You will consider the words and advice of people around you much more seriously. Luck will be with those young people who are willing to learn from the experience and skill of the elders.
Men will have important commitments with people from the family or from their circle of relatives. These new responsibilities may be related to health or the need for some special treatment. In general, the month of May brings you more obligation and more limited time for leisure and entertainment.
Women will be surprised by the unexpected development of some events. You have already started preparing some of your plans, but this month circumstances will change and this will require a new attitude on your part. This month brings you unpleasant news related to a person. whom you know personally.