Taurus Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, in October you will experience unexpected events related to friends who live near you (in the same community). During this month you will be able to make new acquaintances in unexpected circumstances.
October will be generous to you financially, but that doesn't mean you have to be unreasonable. Organize your budget well, consider your regular income, and do not rely on extra money or unexpected profits.
During this month, many will have travel plans (mostly for family reasons). Some of you will welcome guests from another city or country. Whatever plans or expectations you have in connection with such meetings, they will develop favorably and interestingly for you.
Anxiety or panic can arise around a loved one who will find himself in a difficult situation, accident or have problems with a lawsuit (legal commitments).
During this month, not all your contacts and acquaintances will develop in the desired direction. Sometimes you will have to meet on an unpleasant occasion or with unpleasant, annoying, unyielding people.
In October, be careful with the things in your home, with solving household problems, with the purchase of new things for home comfort. Do not easily reject the opinion of others, the advice of professionals and take into account your real needs.
During this month, many unpleasant consequences can arise from a lie, manipulation or cunning.
Some of you will experience moments of fear or strong anxiety related to an unexpected change, the need to make a difficult decision, or you will experience a drama related to a loved one.
Women will break up with a friend (man or woman) or meet old friends.
Men should be more careful with their health, to avoid accidents and to avoid extreme sports and adventures.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, in September you will have little joy in your home and family. You will realize that your happiness and peace is in your hands.
Now it is up to you what decisions you will make and what changes you will make.
The development of your financial affairs may make you happy, but nothing will happen by itself. Your actions will be important, but they must be wise and reasonable according to the specific situation.
In September you will have a favorable time to settle documents or contracts of a financial nature.
During this month you monitor the development of your already started projects for which you have allocated time or financial resources.
In September you will be surprised by events in the life of a man who is your relative, neighbor or friend. The events in his life will definitely be unexpected, and you be careful with your comments.
It is possible for a new man to appear in your circle of friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors and others.
September will be an unpredictable month in terms of your travel plans.
Be careful this month if you drive a personal car, both in the city where you live and outside it. 
This will largely be a negative month, suggesting various transport incidents and accidents.
In September you will experience a temporary separation from a close person or friend who will go to another city or country for a certain period of time: for work, guests, for personal family reasons and more.
During this month, attention will be required to the health of a person in your family or circle of relatives who will need treatment or some kind of rehabilitation.
The events of this month will determine the development of things in your life until the end of the year. 

Taurus Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Taurus, in August you can make a trip to visit friends or relatives who live in another city or country.
However, it is possible to invite friends or relatives who will want to visit you for some reason.
Such events in August will be part of the changes that are currently going on in your life. It is possible that you see only one side, but in fact their development has some specific, still unclear or invisible meaning.
Even if you do not feel the changes in your life, they are visibly or invisibly evolving and will have a clear result for you in the next few months.
In August, you may be upset by some unpleasant news related to a man from your circle of relatives or friends.
During this month you may have a financial relationship with a person who lives in another locality (including possibly abroad).
It is possible to commit to settling a document with such a person.
In August, you may worry about the health of a relative or friend who is about to undergo hospital treatment or surgery.
During this time, be very careful at work. Do not blindly follow your emotions, do not react hastily, especially in your relationships with colleagues, clients or partners.
You are about to have a conversation with someone who will be willing to share their ideas and plans with you. We will need your advice or opinion. Do not rush with your comments, as you will need more information and research.
Love this month can be complicated due to your greater emotionality and impatience. If you are still looking back on a broken relationship, know that you are wasting your time with vain hopes. Pressure from you, provoking meetings or conversations can bring you face to face with secrets through which you will cause yourself pain.
Look ahead to the future. If you do not have a new partner, look for a new start in your life.
In August you can expect extra money from work, and if you have your own business you will be pleased with a slight increase in your income. Unexpected money is also possible.
Men will be very careful with any new ventures.
Women will rely more on their luck, and it is surprising that he will not disappoint them.