Leo Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 June, 2024

During the week of June 24 - 30, you will allow yourself to be influenced by your sensitivity and emotionality, and you will let them determine your decisions and actions.
During this week, avoid trusting other people when working or acting on matters related to money, and avoid impulsive actions and decisions in this regard.
You may receive unexpected money, but this is not necessarily a prediction for each of you.
This week will be favorable for any changes related to the home in which you live.
You may realize changes in your work (business) that will develop in your favor.
During this week, you will enjoy favorable treatment or good news related to a woman who is your relative or acquaintance.
The week will be favorable for travel. My advice is to beware of rash actions or cocky actions, especially while driving.
The unexpected actions of your relative or friend will make you nervous and restless.
Boys and girls will go through various worries, fears or anxieties about their future. This week will prove to be turbulent for you in many ways and will be a kind of test of your stability and your personality in general. Mild health ailments are not excluded. Your social life will generally be active, with a more dynamic communication with close people. During the week you will attend at least one gathering to which you will go with flowers or some small gift. Shopping this week will have to be well thought out and avoid spending on items that you will use for a very short time.
Men will have useful, productive or promising activity with another man or with other men. You may be looking for a way to impress a woman with your behavior or what you intend to do for her. If this is related to your love life, and especially to a relationship that is very fragile at the moment, then you may be disappointed by the lack of interest or enthusiasm on the part of the woman you love.
Women should not ignore small troubles, because any delay in solving them or ignoring them can create much more serious problems. During this week, you will need to be more careful in your relationships with men, especially if they are older than you or in a higher position at work or in the society where you live. Various events will direct your attention to the life or activities of your child or grandchild. In general, this week will pass under the sign of the family and everything that is important to him.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 June, 2024

During the week of June 17 - 23, there is a possibility that you will be disappointed by the insincerity or malice of people with whom you will have contact during these seven days.
It is possible that you will become the target of fraud or that someone will try to take advantage of you for a selfish purpose.
During the week, you will have a commitment related to a close person, which will require you to be more proactive in its implementation.
This week, the tension in your daily life will be high, so plan your daily tasks well.
Unexpected situations will arise related to various events with people near and far.
You will be emotionally unstable and easily vulnerable to the words or actions of other people. Sometimes you will feel inexplicably tired or sad, pessimistic or melancholy.
Just like every week, there will be no shortage of surprises that can confuse or scare you for no reason.
During these seven days, you will have the opportunity for interesting meetings or trips.
Some of you will get excited about a new business idea or career change opportunity.
In general, this week you will need to show greater professionalism in your work. Do not allow confrontation with people with whom you work together!
Boys and girls will go through a relatively calm and slow-moving week. In your love life, avoid confrontation, imposing your opinion or your wishes, because the resulting conflict with your partner may have unexpected consequences for you. Short but responsible tasks will await you in your family or in your home.
Men will go through a week in which some of you will have to make an important decision related to travel. Others may undertake one, but it will hardly be for rest and entertainment alone. Financially, this period will require much greater attention, as there is a danger of serious loss of money. Some of you may enjoy an inheritance or have commitments with one, but generally these will be rare cases. During this week, you may break up with a person from your friendly environment, and the reasons for this will be very different.
Women will have enough to do with documents and all kinds of paperwork. This may be a tedious task, but it will be important for your financial stability and for getting your financial affairs in order. You may expect all kinds of surprises in your work or business, but in most cases they will be good for you and bring you some luck or open up new opportunities for progress and advancement. It will be very important for you during these seven days to avoid trying to lie, trick or manipulate other people, regardless of your true or good intentions.