Leo Weekly Horoscope 26 February - 3 March, 2024

During the week of February 26 to March 3, do not rush to be impressed by words or proposals that will seem quite tempting and interesting to you.
This is especially true if you are not closely acquainted or related to the person you are communicating with.
During this week, your commitments related to financial documents and all kinds of contracts will have a good development.
During these seven days, you may be pleased with good news related to an upcoming increase in cash receipts in your family budget through work, rent or another source of income.
This week will be favorable for travel, especially if the purpose of your trip is related to some future project of yours.
During the week, you will follow a trip of your relative or be sympathetic in some way to his plans related to travel.
The week may please some of you with news related to the birth of a child or another similar event that will happen in another city or country.
Boys and girls should be careful how they spend their money this week, so that they don't end up quickly exhausting their resources.
You may go through a period of doubt or worry in your personal life, which may be related to your romantic relationship or a person you like but are afraid to share your feelings. Trouble with another boy or with a man will not surprise you because you have "old scores to settle" or complicated relationships in your past.
Men, you will have different tasks and commitments with women, both with those in the family and with other relatives, girlfriends, colleagues or acquaintances. Those of you who have a daughter will remember this week with a special experience. The week will be favorable for actions related to financial and banking documents, payments, receiving money, etc.
Women will determine their daily plans based on news, conversations or information from the previous day. This will be a dynamic week in which every day there will be a new, independent development in your life. Conversations with people from your circle of relatives or friends will be an occasion to reflect on possible changes that you consider good to implement during the year. The week will be favorable for travel, both on Saturday and for recreation.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 February, 2024

During the week of February 19 to 25, many of you will be able to expect interesting love or family conversations and experiences.
During this week, you may commit to specific decisions related to the future of your romantic or marital relationship.
During the week, you will be surprised by the development of a problem or situation that develops in your family or in your circle of relatives. It is possible to create panic or fear within yourself, emotions that will not correspond to reality.
During this week, avoid negative or pessimistic moods, as they will not bring you anything good.
It is very important to know that during this week you will be lucky in engaging in the resolution of a complex situation.
During the week, you will be upset by unpleasant news related to a person who most likely lives in another city or village.
Your greater communication with people from near and far can provoke various misunderstandings in the interpretation of certain events.
The week will be favorable for welcoming guests who may come from afar, or you will have to travel to visit someone.
In general, the week will favor the resumption of relations with forgotten friends and acquaintances.
During the week, you can be happy about money that you will receive from various sources. This will help you solve a financial problem or make an important payment.
Unexpected concerns about the health of a relative may arise.
Some events during the week will surprise either boys or girls born under this zodiac sign. Most of these experiences will be good and important for you, related to some luck or a new chance in your life. Of course, do not arrange events according to your own wishes, because you may go in a completely wrong direction and instead of achieving success, you may cause yourself some loss.
Men will remain disappointed by some of their expectations related to a contract, document, promise or money. The reason for this may be some oversight on your part or an overly high expectation that does not correspond to reality. Your family tasks, relationships and obligations will increase during these seven days.
Women will have good hopes and expectations for the development of their main plans during the week. You will probably have to commit to something that has to do with a relative. You are about to make some decision or have a necessary conversation with a man, something that you have actually planned to do for a long time.