Leo Weekly Horoscope 30 January - 5 February, 2023

The week of January 30 - February 5 will favor the development of a court case of a financial nature or the development of your other money matters.
The health of a person who does not live with you in the same home will be your concern or worry.
Whatever financial problems arise during the week for you, they will in most cases be the result of your mistakes, hasty actions, thoughtless purchases and investments, etc.
During these seven days, expect conversations or gatherings with relatives near and far on some important occasion for your family. You will have a short
trip in the country where you live.
During the week, you may be saddened by the action of a close person with an important decision or action of his without taking into account the opinion or advice of the people around him.
During these seven days, conflict with children or because of children may arise.
The week brings good development of family business or business from home.
Important events in your home during this period will be provoked by various actions of people from your circle of relatives.
During this week, success in the lives of girls and boys will depend on a sense of responsibility towards household chores or towards loved ones. Thoughtless actions on your part can create obstacles in the lives of people around you, which can be taken as a manifestation of selfishness on your part.
You will easily win the sympathy of others, but you may also easily arouse their suspicion.
Men will engage in a variety of troubles and problems that await resolution. This week will be a favorable time for you, which does not mean that you should take your affairs lightly, but on the contrary, tackle them with much greater responsibility.
From the outside, the life of women born under this sign may seem monotonous and almost at a standstill, but in fact, this week, although not so obviously, there will be an interesting development of plans and ideas.
Difficulties may arise in your communication with people outside your home or outside your place of residence. They may be delaying a promise or running away from a responsibility they have made to you.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 January, 2023

During the week of January 23 - 29, 2023, you will meet a person who will introduce some confusion into your thoughts, ideas or plans.
During this week, you will experience a life separation from a person whose mission in your life has ended.
This week will be generally tense for your domestic affairs and relationships. A relative may have a health problem that will take longer to heal.
Some of you will experience an unwanted change of residence or have to resolve an unpleasant problem with neighbors, tenants or landlords.
Your professional or business contacts will have a good development this week. New interesting ideas may arise or you may find new markets for your production.
The week portends receiving money through a document, bank transfer, etc.
During the week, an unpleasant contradiction will arise, a woman from your circle of relatives will try to oppose your desire or idea.
Boys and girls will encounter the difficult, grumpy or conflicted nature of a person with whom they will have some contact during this week. This can negatively affect your personal plans, your education or career. The week will favor the development of plans related to a short trip in the country where you live, but consideration of the road situation and weather conditions will be mandatory.
Men will have more stressful days in their family. This may be due to changes that are taking place at the moment and that are putting pressure on all members of the family. Your health will be unstable and will require some more serious attention or care. In general, in terms of health, all kinds of situations can arise in your family.
Women will be in the mood for important affairs. They will have high hopes for their future, for achieving specific successes in their personal or professional lives. This is an important week for you and act boldly on tasks that matter to you. The influence of a man on your decisions and actions will be very great, and in most cases favorable to you.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 January, 2023

During the week of January 16 - 22, 2023, the development of your original plans will have an unexpected and even strange development. This is especially true for pre-arranged meetings or general actions with people who live outside your place of residence.
The week brings important news near and far related to your relatives or family friends. You may discuss future meetings, receive an invitation to a gathering on an important occasion, which you have yet to decide whether to accept or not.
This will be a favorable week to make or accept a marriage proposal.
Financially, the week will be favorable for you, because you will be able to count on the help and cooperation of various people. Use these good days to stabilize your love and personal life, make important, achievable decisions and goals for your future.
For parents born under this zodiac sign, a child's education or career will be an issue or priority for another important reason. Any kind of change is possible, but with the idea that it should be for the better.
Your mood during these seven days will be unstable, despite the positive trends you are given. You may want more for yourself or have unrealistic expectations about certain events. There will be surprises that will manage to charge you with positive emotions, but in general, it will all depend on you.
The week brings new chances and luck, but everyone will get what they deserve.
Boys and girls will have to deal with the commitments and promises they will make during these seven days much more responsibly. Your financial affairs will require more attention, full control of your available funds and search for new sources of income through work or useful activity if you do not have enough funds in your budget.
Men will have to pay more serious attention to complex relationships they have with a woman: life partner, relative, daughter or sister, friend. These relationships are quite complicated or problematic in your present and will require some compromising actions and decisions if you want to preserve them for the future.
Women will have various occasions for entertainment, for pleasant meetings and experiences mainly outside their home. You will not lack an occasion to gather, but you yourself will decide whether you want to be there or not. This week you will tend to seek more personal comfort for yourself than to create it for others.