Leo Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week of May 16 - 22, you will encounter acts of stubbornness and stubbornness on the part of a child or young person who will reject your offer or advice without even thinking that it is best for them.
The week portends unpleasant news or life separation from a loved one for various reasons in his or her life.
During these seven days, your communication with people born under earthly zodiac signs will be very intense, who will find it difficult to understand your intentions and will accept them as unwanted interference in their personal life or work.
Overall, this week will be quite explosive and stressful for you, but in this way you will achieve important results and successes.
An unexpected conflict in the family or with a person from your circle of relatives will cause the disclosure of some secret or actions from the past that you did not have information about.
Different conflicts with people in your circle of relatives will make you decide to stop interfering in their lives, even if it is related to their mistake or danger of experiencing loss.
The dynamism of the week will meet you with different people and you will see different manifestations of their character.
Unfortunately, in most cases, this will bring you disappointments or at least make you rethink your relationship with them.
Boys and girls will be inclined to impose their opinions, to insist on the fulfillment of their desires, and in most cases this will lead to an unpleasant confrontation mainly with parents or relatives. Such manifestations are possible in your love relationship, but they will definitely be less common. Arguing or confronting a man who is significantly older than you can lead to your isolation from a group, from participating in an event, and so on. The situation in your home will be no happier, where you can afford rude behavior or disregard for the capabilities and opinions of other people in your family.
There will be so much work for men this week that it would be foolish to make any entertainment plans, not before the weekend. Even then, you may be closely involved in a variety of tasks, but you will have some opportunity for a short break. Most home problems will be waiting for you for their solution. Various household or technical disorders will also be waiting for your intervention. Your relationship with a woman you work with can have an interesting development, who can support you, give you protection or a proposal for a better position.
Women will be emotional, loving, seeking attention and compliments, flirting. Well, this will not be possible for each of you. Those for whom this will prove impossible will direct their emotions to watching romantic movies or reading books with similar content. The week will find something to surprise you with, but how much you will be happy with these unexpected events will depend on how strong an impact they will have on your future, or just a moment of happiness.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week from 9 to 15 May you will have the desire and will to finish things started from the beginning of the year until now.
During these seven days you will be lucky to help you easily fulfill your tasks and commitments.
The week portends good luck or the emergence of an unexpected chance at an important time for you.
All events now will be important for your future.
Your health will be shaky this week, so avoid heavy loads, both physical and mental. It is possible that a health problem of a loved one may also be your concern or concern.
The week will be favorable for travel, but choose well the people you will travel with.
Your contacts with people from different towns and villages, including from abroad, will have a good development.
Events in a child's life will be the subject of lively conversations or decisions. Urgent changes related to a child are possible.
Many will rejoice at the news of the birth of a child.
This week you will not only create new acquaintances, but you will also develop existing ones. In some cases, this week you may take on a more serious commitment to other people for a joint activity or business.
Boys and girls will be looking for ways to engage in some temporary work for the summer season, or for the upcoming vacation. In general, this week you will focus more seriously on looking for different ways to earn extra money, whether you study or work. The rapid development of some events during the week may worry you that you are missing something, but in fact the dynamics are due to the active actions of other people who have some part in your life. During the week you can commit to a promise or a meeting with a person born under the sign of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo.
Men will experience momentary sadness or pain from the unpleasant news they will receive about a person they know.
It is possible that the events in the life of this person are due to a serious health problem. You yourself will need to be more careful about some health problems, even if they are only related to insomnia or headaches. This week you will enjoy communicating, working or having fun with people who are representatives of the air zodiac signs.
Women will definitely need the attention, support or presence of a male representative next to them, and this can be a husband, friend, son and anyone else who can offer you what you need these days. Some of you will be depressed as a result of emotional loss from the recent past. It is possible to break up with someone this week, and the reason for this in most cases will be a lack of loyalty, behind-the-scenes or harmful actions.