Leo Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June, 2023

During the week from May 29 to June 4, you will have the opportunity to create and develop important contacts that will help you achieve success or implement your plan (idea).
During the week, for some reason, your relationship with a woman in your family or another close relative will be important.
During this week, an unplanned meeting or conversation will make you think about some change in your personal or professional life with the aim of better fulfillment or a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.
During these seven days you will look for the reason for the special attitude that a person has towards you.
Your business relationships during the week will largely be based on financial interests, current deals or other types of monetary commitments. Some of these affairs of yours will require innovations or other changes of some kind in the activity you are currently engaged in.
You will closely monitor the actions of a friend whose lifestyle has recently been developing in a strange way.
During the week, most of you will be too influenced by your emotions and let them determine a lot of your decisions and actions.
An unexpected social or political event will make you give up one of your hopes and look for a replacement with a new goal or a new way to realize your desire.
Boys and girls will have an interesting, constructive and developmentally promising week. The chances that will be given to you now will be unique and accept them as such.
Women will struggle with troubles and unpleasant people, which will take a lot of valuable energy and time from them.
Men will be able to develop their own important plans related to travel, with people from the village or from another city, etc. Attention will require your personal car or other personal means of transport that you own.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May, 2023

During the week of May 22 - 28, you will have useful contacts with people who live or work in another populated place. This will be an auspicious week to welcome guests into your home, regardless of where they come from.
During the week, you may be pleased with the attention or a gift you will receive from a relative or friend.
During these seven days, you are likely to unexpectedly lose or forget money or personal belongings. You may make a rash expenditure or invest money in something that you will receive late.
During these seven days, expect surprises that will be related to your past: your previous job, old love, old friends, etc.
During the week, news related to your family will please you. An invitation to an engagement, wedding or other special gathering is possible.
During these days, you will be given the opportunity to easily resolve a complex situation or problem. This will give you optimism about your future despite some difficulties or problems you will go through during these seven days.
Boys and girls will have occasions for gatherings, for interesting meetings with new and old friends. You will focus your efforts on specific actions related to a document, contract or professional commitment, things from which you will expect some monetary income.
Men will make plans for their future, sometimes involving a great deal of risk. You will have interesting relationships during the week with people with whom you have common professional or business interests and relationships.
Women will go through seven days of various unexpected situations and experiences. Even if they are pleasant and important for your future, they will also bring you a lot of fatigue and tension. During the week, you will make an unexpected decision to break up with someone who affects you negatively or causes you problems, whose resolution is difficult for you or causes you some inconvenience.