Gemini Monthly Horoscope October 2023

October Monthly Horoscope 2023 contains Monthly Horoscopes and weekly horoscopes for each week of the month.
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Gemini Monthly Horoscope September 2023

In SEPTEMBER you will meet new people, and one of these new acquaintances will somehow change your interests and outlook, or some of your plans.
In this month you will get a chance or experience a situation related to luck or something unexpected, thanks to a crisis situation that you will experience or that you will witness.
There will be a lot to worry about this month, but this is not the best time to make changes. You will be emotionally unstable; more often you will show hypersensitivity to other people's words and actions.
You may feel particularly negatively about such actions by people who are your managers, officials or government officials. In September, you will plan purchases for your home as well as possibly needing a gift for a friend or loved one. Be careful in your selection, don't rush to buy things just because of the lower price. Look for original ones, ones that will leave a memory of you.
Very few of your expectations for this month will come true the way you plan them to. Various unexpected events or the emergence of new circumstances will lead to unforeseen changes.
Although you will have an expectation for a news related to a person you know, it will still manage to surprise you.
September will be a favorable month for work or business, where you can achieve important results for you.
This month you will receive more letters or emails from friends near and far. Some of them will offer you a meeting or some common activity.
Boys and girls will go through a month where they will have to take stock of their lives so far. Some troubles and difficulties must have taught you important life lessons. An event related to a man this month will greatly affect you both as an experience and as new directions in life.
Men will go through one of their strongest months of the year. You will not get anything for free, but you will be given enough opportunities to grow and make real progress in your work, business or family affairs.
For women, September brings various pleasant experiences, occasions for gatherings, celebrations with friends, colleagues or relatives. Many fast-moving events are in store for you this month. You can expect a good increase in your household income this month.
In OCTOBER, you will be surprised by the need for an unexpected trip or an unexpected change related to it. Most likely, such an experience will be related to the realization of your important plan or idea.
In general, this month will favor your travel plans. You will have the opportunity to make useful contacts with people from different cities and villages.
During this month, they will have an interesting conversation with a person who will have some connection or relationship with your family.