Gemini Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this month you will spend a lot of time and energy to solve problems that are important to you. There are three months left until the end of the year and you know the cost of time very well.
If you organize yourself well at the beginning of October, at the end of the month you will have something to feel happy and hopeful about.
During this month, think carefully about any offer or chance that will be given to you. Don't be afraid of the new things in your life. There is nothing you can't handle, especially if you have enough will and ambition.
Many of you will be involved in plans or projects related to a property or farm.
Things may be slow, but success is ahead of you.
Surprises this month will arise in your work, career or business and will create pleasant emotions, achieve important results or profits.
You can use this month's favorable trends for presentations, new job interviews, and more.
During this month, children and young people in the family will require the most attention, as mistakes or other unpleasant situations may arise around them. Unfortunately, your protection, advice or help as a parent will not be enough.
Slightly more unpredictable events will unfold in which you will have to adjust your commitments or promises.
Women will have to meet unpleasant people, or will have contacts with representatives of institutions (business) on an unpleasant occasion.
Men should avoid conflicts with people born under the sign of Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, in September you will experience unexpected, annoying and unpredictable events related to your work or business. This will be a busy, responsible, difficult month, mainly psychologically and physically, in the performance of your professional duties.
Any changes and relocations in these areas of your life are possible.
During this month an occasion for an important or strong emotional event will be a child or grandchild, someone younger than you: brother, sister, nephews.
In September you will be able to get more clarity about your feelings in a love affair, but only if you want to see its real development. Any illusions that you create yourself or someone gives them to you can lead you in the wrong direction.
In this way you can cause yourself suffering due to unrealistic hopes and experience an unpleasant waste of time.
During this month, you will have difficult conversations with people who are not members of your family. They can be related to your work, be representatives of various public, banking or private institutions and more.
In September you will have a meeting or you will visit somewhere on an unpleasant occasion for you.
This month will be generous for you in many ways. It will all depend on your expectations, on what you think you deserve or deserve.
The more realistic and practical you look at your life, the more likely you are to achieve real success.
Surprises will now show you that the good things in your life have their own way of reaching you.
Money is unlikely to be a big problem this month if you manage to balance your funds.
There may be tension over money that you expect to receive in one way or another.
Women can make an unexpectedly difficult decision.
Men will have a favorable time for treatment or therapy. 

Gemini Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Gemini, in August you will have a chance to achieve important successes for you. You will be given the protection and luck you need, but don't abuse it.
However, beware of ill-considered comments, of rougher communication with others, of conflicts. Such actions on your part will put a serious test important for your relations with relatives, friends, colleagues and others.
August will be a difficult month for those of you who are about to get involved in a lawsuit.
During this month you will have a favorable time for work, although you will not avoid stressful situations. This mainly concerns those representatives of Gemini, whose work is associated with some specific responsibilities.
Many of you will have to be away from home for a few days. This can happen on weekends for leisure or in connection with a visit to relatives.
During this month, you will be greatly annoyed by a person's hypocrisy and attempts to deceive or manipulate the people around him. This may make you openly show your disapproval, but you can only stay angry and ignore the situation driven by your other more important interests.
In August, you will experience trouble related to a person from your close circle of relatives or friends. They will probably have a connection with property or household problems, problems with household appliances or a car, etc.
This will be an auspicious month for settling financial relations. It is possible to receive money from a specific person, from a government institution or bank.
During this month you will have more dreams related to people from the Otherworld, and the reason for this may be their strong absence in your life, as it is possible that they bring you some messages.
There are likely moments of painful loneliness, whether you live alone or with other people.
August will be an auspicious month for travel, and it will most likely develop according to your plans. Expect gatherings related to pleasant emotions or meetings with interesting, fun loing people.
During this month you will have more than usual conversations with people who live far away from you.
In August, many will be able to enjoy a bonus, bonus or other gain, a profit related to a job well done or another type of commitment.