Aquarius Winter Horoscope 2020

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, this winter has prepared some interesting surprises for you. In most cases, they will bring you new career opportunities or business opportunities, new interesting people in your circle of friends, or a new partner.
Successes now should not make you think that you will always be lucky. Always act reasonably, and think about your future.
In the winter, expect the money you can get through new sources of additional income (part-time or seasonal work).
In December, January and February you will receive money in your family budget thanks to rent, credit, insurance, scholarships and more.
Some unpleasant experiences during this period will be related to someone who will disappoint or anger you with their behind-the-scenes actions and tricks.
During this season, you will experience anxiety related to a health problem of your relative or close friend.
Aquarius women will strive to be the dream mother, caring especially for children and grandchildren (especially during the holidays at the end of the year).
Men will make an important journey or start preparing for one that brings with them an important change in family or career.