Leo Monthly Horoscope February 2023. February 2023 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in February avoid travel and plans related to people from long distances.
Problems can arise with transport or with a personal car while traveling.
If you are traders or manufacturers, problems may arise in February with goods or raw materials that you expect from another settlement or in transportation from one place to another.
February will be a month of surprises that will have to do with men from your circle of friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.
Various life dramas and experiences related to people you know will provoke you to think more about human life as predestination and other spiritual-philosophical reflections.
During this month, you will have strange dreams related to deceased people or you will be interested in reading literature related to mysticism, mediums, life after death, etc.
This month you will be able to renew and harmonize your complicated relationship with a woman with whom you experienced a separation "thanks" to the intervention of other people.
Larger or unexpected expenses related to your family are ahead of you this month.
If you have expectations of receiving money related to your relatives, then it is possible to experience disappointment or some problem may arise.
Despite some worries that will arise of a financial nature, February heralds better incomes, will give you opportunities for extra money in your budget, etc.
In February, you may experience unpleasant moments in your romantic relationship or marriage, related to jealousy or stupid misunderstandings.
Boys and girls will encounter problems in choosing various purchases for themselves or for the home. My advice is to avoid things that are offered to you at a discount as you will be disappointed with their quality.
You yourself may be disappointed by an inappropriate or unnecessary gift that someone may give you.
During this month, men will experience emotional and interesting moments with a child, with travel, gatherings, etc.
In February, an unpleasant event or incident will occur with a man from your circle of friends or relatives. It is difficult to determine how such an event will affect you.
Women will have more occasions for satisfaction and contentment. You will be fascinated by actions or proposals from people with whom you have an old acquaintance.
During this month you may travel different distances and for different reasons. You will be restless, impatient and unpredictable in your behavior.

Leo Monthly Horoscope January 2023. January 2023 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in January you will be impressed by an offer or a new opportunity related to your work, education or business.
This month brings the entry of many new things into your life, which will mainly appear through already established connections, friendships and relationships.
During this month, you will experience the success of a person from your home or a close relative.
The important decisions that you are about to make in the family should be well thought out and evaluated in order to avoid any risks or stressful situations. Develop a practical and realistic approach to problem solving this month.
In January, a change in the home where you live or a move to a new apartment, appearance of new neighbors, etc. is possible.
This month you will attend a gathering related to a baby or a child.
The new friendships you will make in January will develop in an interesting way for you.
During this month, you will have more complicated or tense relationships related to various financial matters or documents.
January will be a very interesting month for you, but some of the chances that will arise during this period will have a slow development during the year.
A person with whom you do not work together will have a favorable influence in your work or plans.
Boys and girls will be lucky in new endeavors related to an exam, presentations, starting a new activity, a new job or a new relationship. Your commitments or responsibilities that you will have towards the home you live in and the family you belong to will also have a good development. This will be a favorable month for actions related to your home, accommodation and in general housing that you are using at this moment.
Men will engage in various documents, contractual relationships, tax payments or insurance. During this month, you may renew your professional contract or agreement related to a certain activity that you will engage in for a
short period of time. Lots of news and events will make this month dynamic for you. Phone calls will sometimes tire you out.
Women will have complicated relationships with women who will be older or in a higher social (business) position. Your relationships with men, whether they are part of your family, colleagues or friends, are unlikely to undergo any change. The interest that a person will show in you, your family or work may puzzle you and cause doubt or cause for reflection.