Leo Monthly Horoscope June 2024. Leo Horoscope

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If you were born under the sign of Leo, one of the stronger influences this month will be the transit of the Sun in a square with Saturn during the first ten days of the month. This transit brings trials and challenges that can lead to pessimism and depression. Your ego may suffer because it will be challenged to get your way and achieve your goals. You may feel restricted or overwhelmed by specific duties and responsibilities. You should not expect to feel carefree or happy because you are under pressure due to various restrictions or other important obligations at home, school or work. Your needs must be put on the back burner in order to complete the given task during that time period.
In June, most of you will seek to engage in activities of a lighter nature or with fewer responsibilities. In a better position will be the people of art or those who are engaged in some creative activity.
There is a danger of splashing money or dissipating your efforts and energy in different directions.
Moments of anxiety can provoke the occurrence of various errors, with unclear development. The main thing to guard against is the danger of waste.
This could be a month that will be remembered for a major or minor crisis in your life.
In June, it will be normal to have different expectations of how this month will unfold for you. Unfortunately, the limitations you will have for development will be greater than what you can overcome at this stage. This kind of difficulty will definitely affect your mood negatively.
Girls and young women can spend an unreasonable amount of money on various purchases, mainly for their personal wardrobe or personal needs.
Of course, you won't lack luck this month, but it won't be with you all the time, and it will only be able to be used at times that are important or meaningful to your future.
In June, take care of your own health, even if that care is related to maintaining your physical fitness, dentistry, physical therapy, and more. A more serious problem may arise with the health of a person from your circle of relatives.
In your work, you will be able to achieve good results, show your abilities and skills, which will be properly appreciated by others. This will be a favorable month for starting a new job, a new activity or a new business.
In June, many will take a trip for the purpose of recreation or vacation, to meet friends or other pleasant and helpful people.
Let boys and girls beware of risky and presumptuous actions that may involve them in some unpleasant incident or mishap.
In June, it will be pleasant and useful for you to communicate with your friends and acquaintances from different distances. You will not only exchange useful information, but also have the opportunity to learn new things and knowledge. Your love life will go through a new phase of development in June, when your love relationship will have the opportunity to develop into a more serious commitment (if you are ready for it) or to move to a breakup, for those who have completely different goals in life. Unexpected theft or loss can cause you unpleasant stress, fright, fear or confusion.
In June, men will talk and consider various actions during the summer that will be important for the home or any additional property that your family owns. Some of the small losses that you will experience this month will have their meaning, freeing you from unnecessary or no perspective burden and commitment. Financially, things will be good and you will definitely have the opportunity to both secure a good income and achieve some increase in income in your budget.
For women, this will be a favorable time to sign a contract or agreements of a financial nature. In June, be careful in relationships or common activities with people with whom you have common professional or business interests. In June, a very unpleasant conflict may arise with your child or a young relative, which will have some negative impact on your relationship.

Leo Monthly Horoscope May

The month of MAY and in general the end of this Spring season will be a favorable time for you, especially if you turn your attention to developing your personal or professional plans.
During this period, many people will be ready or willing to help you, and various circumstances will be on your side.
During this month, you will have various occasions for gatherings in your family, mostly related to young people.
Trips related to meetings with close or more distant relatives are also likely.
In the month of May, a person from your circle of friends will play an important role in your personal or professional commitments.
Most of the surprises this month will have to do with women.
Although this month will be a special and successful time for you, avoid hasty actions and do not push circumstances to develop faster, as this can create unwanted chaos and confusion for you.
During the month of May, protect your personal belongings and documents in a public place or from the deliberate attack of people for selfish purposes.
The month of May will be a favorable time for those of you who want to clarify the future of your romantic relationship more definitively. This will be a good time to talk about this topic.
Boys and girls can be surprised by events that will yet cause various changes in their personal lives. This will be a favorable month for travel, for developing important relationships with people from different distances. A trip related to your education or career is possible. In May, avoid distractions and overexcitement, when you can easily lose or forget something, as well as become a victim of fraud or theft.
Men will go through periods of stress related to unexpected events, dramas in the lives of relatives or friends, accidents, etc. You will be bound in some way to people with whom you work together. Your family tasks will be much more during this period, so organize your daily schedules well. Gatherings related to relatives on various occasions are likely. Changes related to your work or business are likely.
Women will be surprised by some events or decisions of their own children. Divisions are possible with grown children who will take their own path of development. The month of May brings many unexpected events for you, so prepare yourself emotionally for any surprises. You have serious commitments or important gatherings related to women. Some gatherings you are about to attend may have a social - political, religious or charitable nature.