Leo Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in October you can commit to the realization of some new ideas and plans. What you have prepared so far, this is going to be. October is not a time for preparation, but a time for realization or for continuation of what has been achieved so far.
You will follow with anticipation events in the love life of a woman who may be your relative or close friend.
During this month you will have the opportunity to help friends or relatives who will have trouble or difficult problems to solve. You will probably be the right person to give the right advice, to point in the right direction.
Unexpected events in your home are unlikely to surprise you this month. Rather, they will accelerate some processes related to necessary changes.
If you are involved in a lawsuit related to a home or property, this will be a favorable month for its development.
News related to a serious health problem of a person you know will upset you. Unfortunately, this person probably lives in another location and your contacts will only be online or by phone.
As for your work, you will be more tense this month, especially if you work in the field of finance or your work is related to money.
In October, many will start a new relationship, or there will be a development towards a more serious bonding of already established relationships.
Women will expect the development of important events related to a child or grandchild.
Leo men will think about how to resolve an emotionally difficult situation related to their personal or family relationships.

Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Leo, September will be a very busy month for you. You will probably not have enough patience or others will not have patience with you and this will cause unexpected disputes and more serious conflicts.
The problem will be the search for reconciliation after that will sometimes be difficult. Master your emotions, ambitions and desires at the beginning of the month. Do not risk developing plans, commitments and relationships that are important to you.
In September, you will attend an important gathering, conversation or have another emotional experience related to a girl or a woman.
Your expectations for the development of pre-arranged commitments and joint actions with colleagues or business partners will be realized in the best way.
September will be a good time to develop contacts or work with men.
During this month you will be much more serious about abandoned plans and commitments. You will have more work with documents, forms, contracts and all kinds of paperwork.
Expect an invitation to a meeting or gathering later in the year.
One of the surprises in September will be related to an unexpected trip for work, business, a new career elsewhere, etc.
September will be a good time for work related to transport, logistics, tourism, communications, but do not postpone such commitments for October.
In love you will be able to harmonize your relationship, investing more feelings and reason in stabilizing already established relationships or in developing new ones.
Leo men will be able to get rid of a big worry, as important success awaits them. In September, you can engage in some treatment procedures.
Women make plans for their future, not driven by emotions and whims, but with a real view of things in their lives.

Leo Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Leo, in August you will go through a difficult and very responsible period of time. You have important events ahead of you making difficult decisions. You will face problems that you will have to deal with very seriously and in a planned way.
It is important to know at the beginning of the month that any mistake or omission can cost you a delay or a loss. The more discipline there is in your actions, the more protected you will be from future troubles.
During this month, there is a high probability of a conflict with someone who will make unpleasant accusations or reproaches against you.
You have financial commitments ahead of you, which will involve settling a delicate, healthy or credit relationship.
Although August brings a chance to win or make money, it also has a sign of losing or struggling with money.
During this month you will be happy with news related to a child or a grandchild (if you have any), future motherhood or the birth of a child.
For the younger representatives of this zodiac sign, August will be a favorable time for professional development, to achieve important success in education or career. You will have the opportunity to show your abilities, to present your project or idea.
During this month, many will have to spend money on a larger investment, purchase (new car, expensive household items, new property, etc.). It is also possible to receive money from dividends, rent, rent, etc.
In August, many will receive an invitation to an engagement, wedding or other large family event.
In August you can experience a pleasant surprise related to someone who lives far away.
Women will prepare a pleasant surprise for loved ones and will look forward to their reaction.
Men will emotionally experience periods of bad mood or dissatisfaction with themselves.