Virgo Winter Horoscope 2020

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, you will experience unexpected events this winter with colleagues, customers, employers or business partners.
Most likely, you will be unprepared for the emergence and development of such an event or situation. It is not excluded that it may provoke a change in your plans, a change in your career position or the responsibilities you have there.
Generally, in winter, there will be more tension and instability in your workplace.
In winter, you may experience a situation involving the conclusion of a contract and the conclusion of a new contract, the assignment of new tasks and responsibilities in your work, etc.
In the winter, avoid spending money or making plans for purchases or investments without planning well for such actions.
Keep yourself out of trouble during the winter.
During this season, the influence of a man in your affairs will play an important role in your personal or social life.
In winter, new people will appear in your circle of relatives, friends, or colleagues.
During these three months: December, January and February, avoid unnecessary conversations with neighbors or colleagues, as you may be involved in an unpleasant intrigue.
Winter brings a new love, flirtation or intimate adventure.