Virgo Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in October you will have different reasons for joy, which you are entitled to after a stoic period of various difficulties or failures. You will be given a chance to stabilize or achieve success.
Ahead of you is a month favorable for the realization of a change that will be important for your life.
October will be an auspicious month for the development of a lawsuit, regardless of its nature.
However, you may be disappointed or deceived about money that will have something to do with someone in your family.
During this month, organizing preliminary plans and tasks for implementation will not be of much help to you, which does not mean that you should not do them. Just always keep the surprise factor in mind.
October will be a favorable period for the development of your professional and business relations. You will be able to achieve success with a lot of ambition and consistency in your actions.
You will receive bad news or you will experience a difficult event related to a person who is a relative of yours or has some connection with your family.
The marital relations of some representatives of the zodiac sign Virgo can be complicated. This will mainly affect those who are unstable, have problematic issues or are burdened with a lot of stress in recent months. A new crisis in your relationship may call into question the future of your marriage.
During this month you will give up on one of your promises due to new circumstances.
Beware of any kind of material or intellectual theft in your workplace.
In October, many will gather at home, associated with a lot of emotions and mood.
Virgo women will have a favorable time to stabilize and organize personal or family finances, to buy important things for the comfort of home or for the winter season.
Men should avoid cunning or manipulation in their family relationships, because it will come back to them like a boomerang.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in September you will have a commitment to an important event in the life of your relative. Here are some emotional experiences related to people in your family.
September will generally be a good time to complete cases that have already begun. Some of them have already gone through various difficulties or delays, for reasons beyond your control.
This month's surprises will be related to your past, long-lived events or people you've been with: relatives, neighbors, colleagues and more.
September will not be one of the most successful months to achieve higher incomes or profits. My advice is not to focus your attention in this direction, but rather in the quality of your tasks and plans.
It is possible that people with business will make larger investments, which will limit their budget to some extent or will require borrowing.
In September, you may be upset by unpleasant news or an event related to a child or a young person.
This month will be a good time to travel for family reasons, to meet relatives, for an anniversary, engagement or wedding and more.
It will also be a good time to move to another village, town or country.
Virgo women will be very emotionally engaged in solving problems, which can be a reason for crying, disappointment, manifestations of greater sensitivity and more.
Men will have a favorable month for judicial or legal action. This is a month not only for making important decisions, for starting some changes in your life, but also a time when you will see real results from your previous actions.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in August expect interesting news that will change some of your plans or expectations. They are likely to greatly affect your family or family relationships.
It is possible that there is news or an event related to the birth of a child or an important event in the life of a young person from your family.
During this month, many of you will have conversations and work related to documents, dealing with inheritance and more.
Trouble in August can arise for those of you who are involved in a lawsuit or in resolving a legal case.
August brings more expenses related to a child or grandchild, for which you will have preliminary plans and expectations.
During this month, there will be an unexpected panic related to news or gossip, which will turn out to be false, false or deliberately spread by someone who has a special interest in such misinformation. My advice is not to react hastily without checking the relevant information.
In August, a person from your family is likely to travel for a longer period of time for work, study, or other life reasons.
In August, some of you will be happy with a good offer related to the sale of a property or home.
During this month you use the favorable tendencies to start a new acquaintance with a person who has enough experience in his/her life and will be able to appreciate your real, serious intentions.
In August, most men will experience difficulties, which will be the only way for fate to provoke you to make firm decisions, to change something in your life.
Virgo women will have family commitments related to reconciling relatives who have contradictions, difficult communication, acts of perseverance and stubbornness.