Virgo Monthly Horoscope February 2023. Monthly Horoscope February 2023 for Virgo

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in February the new problems or unpleasant situations that may arise in your life will be the result of your illusions, mistakes, lies or other wrong actions. It is possible that something that you expected and that you were sure would happen could fail precisely because of one of these above actions.
In February, you will be thinking about the development of a health problem in your relative's life, his future treatment, and your sympathy or help that you have to give or that this person needs.
This month you will meet a woman who will be from your circle of friends or you will make a new acquaintance with a woman who may be older than you or with more life experience.
February will be a favorable month for travel, and for most of you this will require special preparation or the purchase of a suitable gift.
Good development will help your plans related to a property that is outside the settlement where you live.
During this month, be careful in your financial affairs, do not waste money on insignificant things, as your income will not be what you expect or what you want.
Parents born under this zodiac sign will have unpleasant commitments or responsibilities related to a child, which will be resolved favorably, but will need time, patience and diplomacy to resolve them.
Boys and girls will attend an emotional reunion with friends, and the occasion will be very different.
This month you will definitely have the resources and courage to make a change that you have been ready for for a long time and this may have something to do with your personal or professional development.
Now you will make much bolder decisions, take bolder risks and create new friendships.
For men, a good development will have a court case if you have such a commitment.
During this month, you will worry about the development of events in the life of your intimate or marital partner, which will be related to work or her family.
In this month, women should avoid conflict with a woman, as such an opposition will significantly worsen your relationship. Even if you achieve a quick reconciliation, the situation will not be forgotten.
Many of you will be focused on achieving some financial stability and ensuring sufficient resources in the family budget.
You will be open to new acquaintances, even if they are only virtual, to expand your knowledge and worldview.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope January 2023. Monthly Horoscope January 2023 for Virgo

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in January you will experience events related to your young friend or a child of your friends. These events can be both positive and unpleasant, and everything will depend on various other circumstances.
You will not be bored in January, as you will meet many people and many people will seek contact with you.
During this month, you will have common professional engagements with different or new people, which will have a good development.
New acquaintances will make you suspicious at first, before you get to know and accept these people close to you.
During this month, you will follow an event related to a young woman, most likely from your circle of relatives or close friends.
January will be a favorable month for travel, but unfortunately, some of you will travel to visit someone who is ill, or travel for treatment, therapy, a spa stay, etc.
In January, your love life does not portend unexpected situations, but unpleasant scenes of jealousy, imposing your will on the other partner, etc. may occur.
Boys and girls will have high expectations for the development of important events this month. Your hopes are for better things at the beginning of 2023, but you will soon find that the reality is different. Not so bad, but requiring a different behavior on your part. The troubles that will occur in your life this month will have the purpose of correcting some things in your life, such as: behavior, work style, lifestyle, relationships, etc.
In January, men will be able to achieve a lot, rejoice in important successes, start a new promising activity or relationship. The only danger with you comes from your inability to see reality, sometimes creating illusions for yourself or having too high expectations.
During this month, you will be happy about a long-awaited news or a success in which they have invested a lot of time and energy.
Women will dramatically experience unpleasant news or situations that may not affect you personally, but have a connection with a close person. At the beginning of the year, your financial affairs, income and expenses will require attention, the movement of which should not be out of control. You may need to buy something important for yourself or for your home, and this will create a temporary concern. This month is favorable for the sale of unnecessary items, but the price you ask must be in line with the economic reality in which you live.