Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 26 February - 3 March, 2024

During the week of February 26 to March 3, you will be surprised and confused by the decisions and actions of a person in your circle of friends, which are different from what he has done so far, which he had as a way of life.
It is natural that there will be specific reasons for such behavior, but you will not look for a direct answer, but will try to figure out the situation yourself.
During these seven days, many of you will be looking for money or another way to buy an important or necessary item, equipment, etc.
This will be a favorable week for receiving money from a sale or through some other arrangement you have with people or with an institution.
In general, your financial affairs during these seven days will develop favorably for you, but sometimes at a slower pace, which may give you a feeling of uncertainty, fear or anxiety.
During this week, it will be important to strictly control your family budget so that a "hole" does not appear in it due to the unreasonable spending of funds by another person from your household.
During the week, you may be saddened or offended by the actions or words of someone around you who definitely did not have such an intention.
In general, the week will favor the clearing up of misunderstandings in your personal, family or professional relationships.
Boys and girls will be very careful in their actions this week, and such careful behavior will have its reason. The lessons of some setbacks you've experienced in recent months have taught you that it's better to wait rather than rush or push. This is especially true of your relationship with a close woman or girlfriend. However, those of you who have not learned anything from your experience so far will accordingly come face to face with some unpleasant situations or experiences.
Men will need to listen carefully to what someone is trying to tell them, what idea they are trying to ignite and engage them with, as this person has a lot to give you, with the information or experience they have. This will be very important for you this week: listening, gathering information and storing it in yourself for when you need it. During these seven days, an engagement or meeting will occur, an experience that can bring you a good mood.
Women will go through a very strong week, with real opportunities to make progress in family or professional matters. You will be able to realize many important things for you during these seven days, as well as clear a load from your shoulders. Your communication with people with whom you have common interests and goals will be useful for you. During these seven days, you will have to make several decisions that will determine the direction of your development in the coming months or years. Success can await those of you who will engage in some legal or court case.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 February, 2024

During the week of February 19 to 25, you can expect different experiences and interesting events related to travel or with people from different distances. It will be nice to let these events take their natural course. Your plans, whatever they are, will always undergo some changes.
It will be very important for you during the week to show good organization and professionalism in your work or business. Only your actions will depend on whether you will make mistakes and whether there will be tension in your workplace with colleagues or with clients.
During this week, appreciate the value of spoken words and promises. Don't be in a hurry with comments or promises that you yourself will later realize were too hasty, emotional, thoughtless.
During the week, you are likely to experience changes that will reflect on your relationship with your intimate or marital partner. They may be triggered by events related to travel or the influence of people outside your family on your relationships.
This week will not tolerate displays of jealousy, control or imposing your own opinion.
The disappointments you will experience this week may relate to the fact that you will not have enough time for activities that are important to you, as you will be too busy or involved with other people.
The week heralds various events related to father, grandfather, brother and other close male relative. Strange dreams related to them are also possible.
Boys and girls will want more fun with friends. Your desire for more communication will also be the reason for expanding your circle of friends, acquaintances or like-minded people. You will have no shortage of worries or fears about the future, but they will come and go quickly. Your birthday will be an occasion for special attention or lively conversations.
Men will get more serious about solving problems that no one else can solve. The week comes into your life with new chances and luck, but only for those of you who are active and ready for action. You will have more work, but the results will be important to you.
Women will expect the fulfillment of some promise, arrangement or contract. Do not waste time, but activate energies and forces in this direction. The week will favor traveling and developing your contacts with people from different distances. Unexpected events during the week will be connected precisely with travel, with people who live in other cities and villages, or with socio-political events in the country where you live.