Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week of May 16-22, you will experience events that will provoke unexpected emotions in your life.
This will be a good week to travel and develop your plans with people near and far. If you have financial relationships with people or institutions from another city or country, there will be something to be happy about during these seven days.
In general, your professional life will have a favorable development, with the possibility of new tasks, responsibilities, clients or partners.
During these seven days you can reach an agreement for better pay, a bargain or increase your sales. A proposal for a new or additional job is not excluded (especially if you are looking for one).
In your personal life, things will be more unpredictable, especially if you allow another person to influence your love or family relationship.
This will be an auspicious week for clearing up misunderstandings, clarifying positions, and planning for the future.
During the week you can go somewhere with a sense of anxiety, but the development of the situation there will be favorable for you.
Overall, this week is part of your path to success, to a new level of development through the information, experience and contacts gathered during the week.
This will be a good time to successfully complete an engagement, activity or deal that started some time ago.
Boys and girls will go through a favorable week to organize and organize their plans for the summer and autumn seasons, probably related to education, career, qualification or other important activities for your professional realization. These seven days will meet you with interesting people born under the air zodiac signs, with whom you will enjoy communicating. You can have a very strong emotional conversation with a man who will try to convince you or encourage you in something. It is possible that a gathering occasion may arise related to your peer, classmate or friend.
Men will remember this week with unpleasant news or a stressful situation that may concern your personal plans or be related to someone you know. This week you will be very tolerant of friends who only look for you when they need it. Some of you will even be too direct in words and actions related to the removal of such a person from the circle of friends. More delicate will be the situation in love, where some love relationships can be put in a situation where you will either move to a more serious commitment to your relationship or end it with a conscious separation.
Women will show an impulsive and emotional character, something that is not very typical for you. It is possible that such actions may provoke your close relationships with people born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. An additional burden may come from the occurrence or aggravation of some troubles that you do not think are your fault, but somehow all the responsibility for them falls on your shoulders. More attention will have to be paid to those of you who are going through some health problems or are engaged in a more serious treatment, therapy.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week of May 9 - 15, your greater emotionality will help you get through some situations more easily.
You will be inclined to look at your personal relationships more cheerfully and not to deepen minor misunderstandings.
You will want to do more work and show your skills better in the workplace.
It will be easier to make contacts with people who seem strange or difficult to reach.
This week you will talk to someone from your family about important issues that will be the basis of some changes in the home in the next few months.
This week you will experience an important event in the life of a person in your circle of relatives, which may be related to the need to reunite with friends or loved ones.
During these seven days, avoid investing unnecessary worries and anxieties in your financial affairs. Strive to be strict in the payments you have to make and which you have as a duty, Avoid unnecessary expenses.
A conflict over money is possible, which will affect your psyche too emotionally.
Despite some doubts or pessimism about the development of things that affect your home or property, this week you will have reason to rejoice. You will be able to achieve well-deserved success for something in which you have invested time, money and energy.
Boys and girls will need to talk more openly with a close woman, who can be a grandmother, mother, sister and others. Therefore, there will definitely be a specific reason and it will most likely be related to your personal life or your personal plans for the future. In most cases, you will find understanding or support from her, and this can give you the strength and faith to move forward. The week brings pleasant experiences, including those related to a personal holiday of a woman from your circle of friends or relatives.
During these seven days you have to make at least one important decision for your future and for it you will need the support and understanding of people close to you.
The men will have some interesting meetings during the week, which may be related to people you know or will have a connection with some institution, organization and others. During this week, it will be important to pay enough attention to all your financial affairs, documents or contractual relationships. This will be an auspicious week for salary talks, negotiating financial parameters for a new commitment and so on. You will be able to do many things this week in the best way for you, which will be important for your home and family.
Women will remember the week with strange experiences or the emergence of unexpected situations. For some of you, they will be related to travel, and for others, they will be related to people who live some distance away. Very interesting seven days will bring life to you, in which if you have a more positive view of the future you will be able to find new footholds for the development of your plans or ideas. This will be an auspicious week for planning and organizing a trip during the summer season.