Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 2 - 8 October, 2023

During the week of October 2 - 8, you will face some unpleasant tasks or obligations of a financial nature or related to documents.
During these seven days, self-control over your own emotions will depend on whether you achieve success or experience a week of stagnation, of loss. The presence of a stable person next to you will be a very important factor that will be able to make you ambitious to achieve something important and constructive in life.
During the week, avoid pessimistic moods that can make you suspicious, make you see insincerity or hypocrisy in other people's actions.
Avoid bothering those around you with inappropriate or pessimistic comments about events or people in your life.
This week will be favorable for work and commitments with children and adolescents.
A trip will have a good effect on your mood and mental health. During these seven days, the more time you spend in nature, the better for you.
Mild health ailments should not scare you, but should direct your attention to imperative changes in your lifestyle.
In general, this week it will be important to be more philosophical about the troubles or problems in your life.
Boys and girls will have an interesting week, with opportunities to achieve good results in school or in activities they will be involved with. Love disturbances are likely. During this week, an important influence in your affairs will come from an older man, such as a father, grandfather, older brother or uncle.
Women will experience a moment of panic or intense stress that will have a sobering effect on them in a situation or relationship. The troubles that will arise in your life during these seven days are not random, they have a purpose, and you must react adequately to them. In your work, expect surprises related to various changes, innovations or new people.
Men will experience more emotionally news that they will receive from different places. An invitation or proposal will require you to think more carefully about your response. Those of you who are parents may be traveling with or for your children, communicating more dynamically with those who are at a distance now.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 25 September - 1 October, 2023

During the week of September 24 - October 1, events or conversations in your home or in your circle of relatives will require attention. Perhaps something eludes you or someone wants to deceive you about a specific situation in their personal life.
During the week you will have important and responsible affairs or meetings with people near and far.
I don't expect any surprises in planning such events, and most likely everything will work out as you plan.
This week you will be excited by news or events related to a child or a young person in your family.
The development of the various events during this week will be related to the transition from one stage of development for you to another, which does not mean that it will happen within this week. This is definitely a longer process related to the appearance of new opportunities, people and circumstances in your life.
During this week, you will have the opportunity to benefit from things that were not previously important to you or were not your priority.
Boys and girls will go through important and successful days, as long as they do not laze in front of the TV or computer. Think about how best to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise for you during this period. Mild health ailments, colds, toothache, etc. are possible. Those of you who are facing exams or an important change in your life may go through a difficult sleepless week.
Women will follow social and political news closely. You will have interesting, dynamic and useful correspondence or communication with people from different distances. You will enjoy talking to people with whom you have common goals in life, which does not mean that you will not have differences with them.
Men will be emotional, prone to hypersensitivity in their actions. During this week, in one way or another, you will be part of an event related to a child in the family of your friends or relatives. Certain events or experiences from the recent past related to your friends, their family, marriage or love will be relevant again.