Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 October, 2022

During the week from October 10 to 16, you will have an occasion for joy related to a member of your family.
This week brings the possibility of a wedding or another important occasion for a gathering related to a relative or friends: birthday, anniversary, retirement, return after a stay in another city or country, etc.
Difficulties or unpleasant events will be associated with a girl or a woman who will go through a serious trial in her life.
During the week you will have more commitments related to home or relatives.
Attention or care will be required by a person born under an earthy zodiac sign.
This week will be good for work, for the development of your professional or business contacts. Be active and ambitious!
During these seven days, many will enjoy good income or other important achievements in their career.
Boys and girls should be careful when arguing or conflicting with someone who is older or in a higher position. Carefully plan your personal budget. During the week, a commitment will arise with a woman who can be a mother, sister, mother-in-law, friend, wife, etc. Your health will require some care and attention, especially if you engage in extreme sports.
Men will have a favorable week for the development of their financial affairs. You may find a better paying job, get a raise, secure an additional commitment or a new source of income. Your professional relationship with another man/men will be very important and productive during these seven days.
Women will encounter a manifestation of human malice or envy, without you causing it. You may feel mentally or emotionally contaminated by the words or actions of another person with whom you have some kind of close relationship. During the week, you may be upset by unpleasant news related to a young person, most likely male. During these seven days, pay special attention to your own child or grandchild!

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 October, 2022

During the week of October 3 to 9, you will be empathetic or involved in some way in complicated situations in the lives of friends, colleagues or neighbors.
During this week, you may receive news related to a problematic conception, the birth of a baby or other problematic situations related to a child.
During these seven days, you will be pleased with news related to a son, grandson, nephew or other young man in your family.
A meeting, gathering or general professional engagements with women will be remembered with more tension, lively discussions, opposing opinions, confrontations.
During the week, unexpected situations related to money will arise, such as: a forgotten payment, an unplanned expense, which may cause you a temporary difficulty.
The week heralds the creation of a new romantic acquaintance under unexpected circumstances.
Boys and girls should be careful about promises and offers that come from people born under an earthy zodiac sign. Be careful with your new contacts and beware of people with fake identities. During the week, you will be generous in words, promises, gifts. You will be very talkative, but more difficult than the implementation of concrete actions during this seven-day period. This can be due to a lack of ambition, self-doubt, skepticism, suspiciousness, etc.
Men will be involved in various important documents, contracts, payments, etc. It is possible that you will receive additional or unexpected money in your personal budget. The week brings many interesting experiences for you, as well as an emotional event related to a person born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. The week will favor trips related to different goals, plans and expectations.
Women will go through a week where you will interact much more with a variety of people near and far. You will be involved in some paperwork, arrangement or arrangement of documents, archives, family albums, etc. During the week, you will learn about a serious health problem or an unpleasant situation in the life of a person you know. Find time for love and intimate experiences, because this will be important to you during these seven days.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 26 September - 2 October, 2022

During the week of September 26 to October 2, commit yourself seriously to the fulfillment of promises or already started tasks.
The week heralds the birth of a baby or news related to future motherhood.
During this week, you will receive a lot of the most diverse information in your home, about people you know or who are part of your family. The dynamics that such events bring with them will make you emotional and sensitive.
Many will commit to a document that will be important to your family affairs.
The appearance of a new person in the family or in your circle of neighbors, colleagues is not excluded.
This week's surprises will be related in some way to travel or to people who live in another city or country. You may unexpectedly decide to take a short trip or someone may unexpectedly visit you.
Some of your friendships will undergo changes due to various events in your friends' lives.
The week will be favorable for any commitments and actions related to inherited property, documents or care of property of parents and older relatives.
A conversation with a woman or an invitation you will receive from her will be a chance that you should not underestimate.
Let boys and girls not try to guess their future, guided only by their inner urges, dreams, desires or whims. There will be much to be happy about or feel satisfied about this week, although brief moments of panic or fear are not excluded.
During this week, men are about to experience several happy events. Ahead of you is a very dynamic and interesting period of time, which promises you work and a lot of work.
You have important conversations and events coming up that will be important for the development of your plans.
Due to your increased workload during these seven days, it will be good to take enough time for a complete rest.
Many of you will be offered a project for a new activity or a new job, or will have one yourself.
During this week, your cash receipts will ebb and flow, so organize your personal or family budget well.
New contacts with people from near and far will help you arrange your financial or material affairs favorably.
People who work in a government institution, bank or are your managers can please you with good news.
For women this week, an unpleasant encounter can make you think about the trust you place in your new or old friends. It is likely that a woman who is your friend or relative will cause you problems with her inability to keep a secret and not share things that someone else has already shared with her.
Be careful in your personal life, what you say, how you react, what comments you make and to whom.
The week promises a short trip.
In general, there will be something to surprise you with this week. In most cases, these unexpected experiences will relate to someone in your circle of relatives.
During the week, you will be able to finish serious commitments, tasks or relationships. Use this favorable time to stabilize and lay the foundations for new, promising ventures.