Daily Horoscope January 31, 2023 - Tuesday
On Tuesday, many will start the day filled with high hopes and expectations. Your health will be fluctuating, so avoid heavy physical exertion. If unexpected discomfort occurs, consult a doctor. The day will be remembered with important events or decisions related to work, travel or your personal life. Clear up disputes and conflicts today quickly and do not allow them to deepen.













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Happy Birthday Horoscope 31 January, 2023
IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: the year will find ways to surprise you with unexpected events. You will experience unexpected and even strange things. You will be very emotional, sensitive, you will not be patient, so you should control these things so you will not miss the chances the year will give you. You will have a good year for medical procedures, cosmetic or dental procedures and more. You will remember this year with a great material benefit to you.







Love is the connection of the human soul with God.
Every feeling that upsets brings death. Every feeling that produces joy and merriment brings life.
It is determined for each person who loves Him. And everyone must find the one who loves Him.
If you assume in your mind that the one you love can cause you some trouble, it shows that you do not love Him.
To know people in the true sense of the word, you have to love them.
When you love someone, you look at them like a mirror. And when someone loves you, they look at you.
Love is manifested in taking and giving. He who loves, above all gives, and he who is loved, above all takes.
He who loves will be placed on the hearth to burn. Those he loves will be warmed and illuminated. Then they will enter the hearth, and he who has been loving will be warmed. By not understanding this law, people expect to be only loved. Such a thing does not exist. You will love and they will love you.
To be strong, one must be content externally and internally. When he is dissatisfied, he breaks off his relationship with love.
Grief is the limit for passing into love. When one comes to the greatest sorrow, one is at the limit of that love to which the soul aspires.
You have the right to love, but you have no right to possess. Nature does not allow to be obsessed with what she has given. It gives something to use, but not to obsess over. She will always counteract if you want to conquer what she has created.
To love those who love you, everyone can. It is human. And to be kind to those who are not disposed towards you is divine.
If the divine works in one person, you will surely love it. If he has given way to the human in himself by loving him, you will encounter great contradictions.
From the outside, no one can protect your love or take it away from you. You will embrace your loved one with a fiery aura and write: "Dangerous for life!" Only in this way can Love save life. Prophet Peter Deunov