Libra Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 June, 2024

During the week of May 20 - 26, you will be invited to or attend various interesting meetings or conversations with people from different distances.
These events and experiences can be the basis of new prospective plans and projects for you, both personally and professionally.
The week portends an unexpected meeting or an unexpected conversation with a person you may meet for the first time.
During this week, you will be surprised by unexpected problems or troubles. You will search very thoroughly for the cause of their occurrence. You will probably need more patience and wisdom in resolving them.
This week will not be one of the most favorable for travel, but probably during these seven days you will make plans to travel in the near future. They will definitely have a greater opportunity for realization or bring you important success for you.
During this week, you will successfully complete an engagement related to a person or an institution that is at some distance from you.
The week portends pleasant experiences with a man, or there will be an occasion for a gathering related to him.
Boys and girls will encounter insincerity, scheming and hypocrisy from classmates, friends or colleagues. In some cases, it is possible that you yourself provoked such events or were a part of them. Being aware of such behavior on your part (if it exists) can help you quickly clean up your act and maintain your good behavior and authority. During the week, a commitment related to a gift or some belongings may arise, in which your close person or friend will participate.
Men will be very interested in their financial affairs, their development, the possibility of expanding some activity from which they receive income, and others. For those of you who have a child of your own, the week brings an unexpected or larger expense associated with it. In general, this week your main affairs will be somehow related to money, documents or contracts. Any such action will require greater attention, insight into details and sound judgment in decision-making.
Women will meet new people this week, either through real meetings or online contacts. Be careful and choose the new people in your life well so that you don't end up with scammers or those who are looking for some benefit from you. For some of you, the week will be memorable with a trip or an experience with a loved one who lives some distance away. Unpleasant news related to a person you know, who most likely lives in another populated place, is not excluded.

Libra Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 June, 2024

During the week of May 13 - 19, you will have to commit to tasks that will have to do with various financial documents or payments.
In general, the week will be favorable for your financial affairs, but avoid manifestations of distraction or haste.
During these seven days, an unpleasant news can create tension or cause the need to travel some distance.
During this week, consider your real possibilities, both financially and emotionally. Don't make promises or commit to things you can hardly keep. Stay grounded as this is your unique way of self-preservation.
During the week, you will receive an invitation or an offer that you will find difficult to refuse.
Your new contacts and acquaintances during these seven days will be with people who have similar interests or goals to you.
In general, be more tactful and cautious in your dealings with people with whom you have a professional relationship.
This week will be important for you because it is a time to build a base on which to proceed with your actions in the future. It will depend on what achievements you will have and what successes you will achieve.
This week will be an important thread in the development of plans or commitments that you started in your recent past and that will have development in your near future.
Boys and girls will go through an interesting week of emergence and realization of new tasks, projects and goals. You will have the freedom to show your talents and knowledge, to develop your own potential so that others can see what you are capable of. This will be a favorable time for clearing up old issues and harmonizing problematic relationships. You can revive your old idea and now it has a favorable chance of realization. You may make bold plans for your future and even start taking action to make them happen.
Men will wander between different emotions, desires and moods. You may allow a strong influence on your actions from a person in your circle of friends, which is difficult to predict whether it will benefit you or cause you harm. Adversities this week will aim to show you your mistakes, your frivolous attitude towards specific problems or people. Such situations can be one of the main reasons for your bad or depressed mood during some of the days of this week.
Women will have a desire to gather more often with friends or relatives, to talk about various interesting topics. You may have an occasion for a gathering at your home or attend a gathering related to a celebration in the life of a relative or friend. This week will be a good time to consult a doctor on issues related to your or a loved one's health.