Libra Weekly Horoscope 30 January - 5 February, 2023

During the week of January 30 - February 5, you will have specific plans or commitments related to the home where you live. Repairs, improvements, changes of any kind are possible, including moving to a new home or accommodation.
This will be a favorable week for purchasing additional or vacation property.
During these seven days, starting your own or family business will be discussed. Those of you who plan to work at home, in a personal studio, office, etc. will be able to hope for success.
The week will create opportunities to build new perspective relationships with people from different distances.
Conflicts in your home or with relatives, during these seven days, can upset your relationship with them for a long time.
Life separation with an elderly relative or a person from your circle of friends is likely.
Priority for some of you will be inheritance cases, commitments with inherited property, housing of parents or other relatives. You will be able to realize an important plan related to real estate or movable property.
Troubles in love life can provoke a desire for separation. Don't rush into such decisions. Sometimes such a decision is not subject to correction.
Boys and girls will have the opportunity to achieve important results in areas related to education or career.
During this week you will have to do another person a favor at the request of a friend or relative.
During this period of time, men will have to postpone or refuse to attend a gathering. It is likely that your attention at this time will be directed to another more important commitment or event.
Expect joy in your home associated with people or events from another settlement.
For Libra women: an unexpected life situation will make you think about things that happen often in life, but for which we always find ourselves unprepared. Such an event can provoke you to have conversations with your loved ones about some important issues.
Many will be able to start a new job or experience an important event in the family this week.

Libra Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 January, 2023

During the week of January 23 - 29, 2023, it will be very important to have your feet firmly on the ground when making plans, both for these seven days and for your immediate future. The main problems or disappointments can be due to incorrect judgment on your part, seeing some situations only from your own "tower".
The week will be remembered by several unexpected events, and despite your suspicion, these experiences have an important and positive influence on you and your affairs.
The week will require greater attention when traveling, especially if it is related to your romantic or marriage partner, with a love encounter. This complex influence also applies to those of you who have such a partner who is located in another city or country.
The week will favor a meeting, conversation or general actions with a man, regardless of whether he is your relative, client, colleague, etc.
This week will be remembered above all for important events or changes in your own home, for creating and developing friendly relations with people from different places, as well as for certain experiences with a child or a grandchild.
The week brings an important event related to a baby or a child in the home of your friends or neighbors.
Boys and girls will have an interesting communicative week that they will remember with various meetings and experiences with people from near and far.
Moments of sadness, depression or confusion in family relationships will arise where there is insincerity, silence and lack of communication. Such a psychological burden can affect you in a very different way, according to your personal emotional state.
Men will have a strong 7-day period for professional and business realization.
My advice is to avoid tricks or spreading personal (unverified) information because you risk getting into a very unpleasant situation.
Women have serious money-related conversations ahead of them. They may be with people in your circle of relatives, people you work with or someone who is a representative of a financial or banking institution.
During this week, you will experience fear or worry due to unexpected and serious events in the lives of friends or acquaintances.
Your friendship relationship will be put to the test as it will be attacked in some way by other people's influence on your relationship.

Libra Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 January, 2023

During the week of January 16 - 22, 2023, you are likely to visit a doctor or take care of your relative's health.
Family problems that are still unresolved during these seven days will continue to be a concern for you. It will be important for you to realize the need to wait for more favorable circumstances to resolve them.
During this week, you will have the opportunity to revive an old idea, to give a new impetus to something that has been stagnant until now.
The week will give you a chance to achieve an important success related to something you already started some time ago.
This week will be favorable for those whose work is related to travel, transport, contacts with people from different cities or countries.
This week you may be considering or discussing a new job opportunity involving a move to another city or abroad.
The general trend of this week is achieving financial stability, settling financial affairs, etc.
Favorable trends will cover a large part of your daily affairs, and everything else will depend on your own actions, decisions, ambition and preparation.
Boys and girls will be surprised by an invitation to a gathering or date. This week heralds for many of you a short trip to the country where you live. Be cautious in your contacts, and do not underestimate the importance of your own intuition (your inner voice), which will try to correct you or give wise advice.
Men will have engagements with a son or grandson, as well as with another man younger than them.
During the week, you will return to past memories and experiences through an unexpected meeting with unknown people.
Love will be able to show you its generosity this week. Of course, this will largely depend on other circumstances, but in general, these seven days will be a time for romance, love adventures and new adventures.
In a week, women will be able to enjoy money or a financial document through relatives or through work (business).
Tension may arise around a young person from your circle of relatives or friends, someone who lives in another home or in another settlement. The tension will be related to some conflict, misunderstanding or disagreement on various topics of life.