Leo Season Horoscope Summer 2024

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If you were born under the sign of Leo, during this season it is very likely that mainly your parents or relatives will play an important role in your life, possibly through events in their personal lives that will reflect on you.
Although the summer brings quite a few expenses or moments of money worries, overall it will be a time where you can make important progress for yourself. You will have the opportunity to find a better paying job or secure more income from various activities.
Some of you will be surprised by an unexpected profit or the realization of a successful trade.
During the summer, expected or unplanned commitments related to inherited property, wills and other financial and property matters related to deceased relatives or other sources will arise.
However, during these three months, you may experience monetary loss due to your own mistake, gullibility, naivety, etc.
This season brings you the discovery of an unexpected kinship or an unexpected secret, fact, event related to your family.
You will experience interesting events related to a relative younger than you, which will definitely surprise you. It will be something you didn't expect this person to decide on, to make such a change, etc.
Despite the conflicts that will arise between you and your parents or close relatives, summer also brings joyful moments with them. You will realize that in difficult times you will be able to count on each other. You can work together to do something that everyone will be happy with.
Remember that much of the energy and support for you during these summer months will come from your family, so don't ignore anyone or anything.
During the summer, choose your friendships more carefully, because you will receive many promises or do many favors - but in vain. This is especially true if you have an expectation of thanks, return service, etc.
In this season, there is a sign of danger of losing, forgetting important things or stealing money.
During the summer, a large part of your expectations related to your family or your marriage will succeed. If you are planning a marriage - this is your time. If you want a child - do not postpone your plans for a more favorable period.
During this period, several important events in your family will leave exciting memories behind.
This season will have a strong material significance for you. You will be able to enjoy a large acquisition. You will receive help from relatives on your partner's side or through inheritance, annuity, pension, scholarship, cash award, etc.
You'll be in luck if your plans for this season include a new home, a new car, new furniture, and more.
During the summer, those of you who are in the process of treatment for a baby, various medical interventions related to motherhood or therapy of another type of gynecological, urological problem will be able to hope for success.
It is very likely that during these three months, some of you will send your child far away for education or work. The venture will be successful, but it will be difficult for you emotionally.
This summer, expect interesting changes in the team where you work. Thanks to already established professional connections, you may find yourself in a new environment of people with certain interests or a specific business.
This summer will be a good time to develop a home business, online business, home and family service business, and more.
In June, you will experience various interesting events related to your love life.
This month you may receive news about your old romantic relationship. It is possible that an old admirer or love of yours will seek contact with you.
The new acquaintances you will make this month will have a slow development.
During this month, small miracles or unexpected joys will be associated with a girl or a woman.
In July, you will experience worries about the troubles of a person from your circle of relatives or very close friends. These troubles will arise suddenly and will create a great stress in the life of this person and those around them.
It is possible that the development of your plans will meet resistance from someone who will want their development only in their own interest.
This month you will reach an agreement on common actions with a person who is most likely from your circle of friends or colleagues.
In August, you will tend to be distrustful, to have pessimistic thoughts about your present or future. Even when luck is on your side or fate gives you an important chance, you will feel uncertainty and fear about your future.
Of course, these conditions can be overcome by greater self-control over such emotions and moods.
Those of you who will have health problems this month should not allow yourself to despair or feel hopeless, as the reality is quite different.
Boys and girls will tend to be more cautious when making important decisions or changes. Take care of your own health! Your communication with the people around you will be interesting, but when necessary, defend your own opinion or position. Your relationships with classmates or colleagues who may intentionally or unintentionally harm you in some way will require attention.
Men will hardly achieve important successes, but if they achieve something, it will be important and stable. Do not rush your actions, beware of mistakes, silly omissions or incorrect information. This will be an auspicious time to settle an important financial contract or document. A decision, action or reaction of a loved one may surprise you.
Women will be visibly impatient, in a hurry to get somewhere, achieving slow results. You will be lucky, but you will have to learn to patiently fulfill your duties and not run away from responsibility when you have failed in something. This will be a favorable season for buying an important item for the home or for some remodeling.