About your money

Electricity, water, telephone, rent etc.... We all pay bills.
And did you know that you can use paying these costs to your advantage?
Follow me to tell you how!
Pay your household bills on certain days of the month and it will have a positive effect on your finances - you'll manage your expenses better and have more money left over!
What you need to do?
To pay your household bills on the dates I will give you.
The days are different each month and apply to a specific person.
Why do so?
To manage your expenses better.
To make saving easier.
To get a job - if you're looking for one.
To get a long - forgotten loan back, etc.
The positive effects are different and individual for each person.
When you order the service - you will get a list of three or four dates for each calendar month in writing, as well as some additional instructions.
The method is entirely numerological.
Information needed: name and date of birth of  the person who deals with the payment of the bills. The dates are different for each person.
You will receive a list of days within 3 – 5 working days on your personal email, after payment has been made /to the bank account, PayPal/

Fees for the service About your money  
For 1 month – 9 euro
For 4 months – 29 euro
For 12 months – 70 euro

You can order the service once for a period of 6 months at a price of  29 euro.
Inquiries should be sent to [email protected]

Should you have any further questions about the service I offer, do not hesitate to ask me.

Customer feedback

Once we started paying the bills on the dates provided, it worked out that whenever we have big irregular expenses there is always money coming in from somewhere that is enough to cover them. During this period we have really big expenses related to medical procedures. Usually then we get paid in arrears. A large loan given to us years ago was repaid at just such a time. We also arranged to take out two large loans from different sources with no interest or very low interest to buy a car and to renovate the house. The nicest thing is that we don't have a period where we are without cash for current expenses, as was the case until we started paying on the dates. We were also able to buy many appliances and furniture for our home during this period that we had been planning for years. Now when I take stock, I realize how well we have done financially over the past 7-8 months since we have been paying on the estimated dates.
E. S. Bulgaria
I have been paying my bills on the dates provided for three years. I started doing it without super much hope that the method will work. As much as possible I made my regular payments on the dates given. Over time, I've found that unexpected expenses happen less often and I save money more easily. It has also helped me to find a job extremely quickly that completely satisfies me in terms of hours, attitude and pay.
A. S. Bulgaria
I have been working as a teacher in a school for 5 years. The headmistress is happy with me, but did not hire me on a permanent contract. I only used the bills service for a few months. The very second month I was hired on a permanent contract. Thank you!
D. G. Bulgaria
Hi, just to say that I got a call for additional work. Wow, it's true that the money is next to nothing, but it's still something. And I'm OK with that, but fate knows its job.
V. Sh. Bulgaria
I have proof that the system works. As of recently, I am also getting paid on the dates given to me. However last month I forgot to make the payments correctly. The result is that my money ran out in the middle of the month. I now pay attention!
D. D. Bulgaria
Actually, I can share that since I have been keeping the dates - I have never been out of money. It is a tough grind, but I'm still ok.
I. N. Bulgaria