Aries Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week of May 16 - 22, you will discuss interesting ideas related to your current job or something new that will come through a person from your circle of relatives, colleagues or friends.
Overall, this will be a good week to look for new sources of income through new or additional work.
Success can be expected from those of you who have innovative thinking and who are willing to take risks in a new area of development.
During the week you will have occasions for holidays in the family or in your circle of relatives, but how much and how you will celebrate them will depend on the specific situation where you live.
This will be an auspicious week for shopping for items or products that are important to your home.
This week you will be able to talk more calmly about important family plans of a material or property nature.
During the week, many will learn about a serious health problem of a person from their circle of friends, colleagues or neighbors.
During this week it will be good to lower your expectations for important or special events in your life, to avoid blaming other people for the current situation in your life.
Boys and girls will be inclined to behave childishly, in situations where you need to show maturity and skills to cope with the challenges that life will bring you. The new week brings many interesting experiences and events for you, especially through your communication with different people, both those you already know and those who will appear in your life during these seven days. People born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini will have an interesting influence on your plans and views. This week, do not strive at all costs to succeed, to take a step forward. Leave the events to their natural development and accumulate knowledge and skills.
Men will show an uncharacteristic impatience, impulsiveness and desire to control others, which will inevitably make the week complicated and unpredictable. Any jealousy or rejection of other people's ideas can boomerang against you. During this week you can make plans for your near future and even organize some more important things related to them. Be very careful with people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, especially if your relationship with them is professional or business.
It will be difficult for women to judge exactly what they want to achieve this week, and it is possible that your attention will be diverted in different directions. Some of your actions and decisions will be strongly influenced by your current mood, which will not benefit you. During these seven days you will have an experience related to a girl or a young woman, which may bring you some disappointment or a discrepancy with your expectations. During these seven days it will be important to stay stable, not to sway back and forth driven by various emotions or whims.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week of May 9-15, you will be more optimistic about your financial resources and the development of your financial affairs.
This is especially true for those representatives of the zodiac sign, who will rely heavily on well-paid work, additional commitments and income this week.
During the week there will be an important and necessary expense for a son, nephew or other young relative in your circle of relatives.
During the week you will go through a new cycle of trials that will be typical for the whole year. What you are given this week will have something to do with your past, mistakes or omissions, broken promises or neglected commitments. Now, like an avalanche and in a more unpleasant way, these things will remind you of yourself and put pressure on you (whether you like it or not) to be resolved and cleared up as a problem in your life.
During the week there will be an occasion for a gathering related to a friend or relative, but to what extent it will be realized and in what way, it is difficult to predict.
This week he announces a meeting or conversation with a representative of a state, banking, judicial or other institution, something that will be useful.
The week will favor travel, especially if their focus is on a love affair.
In general, the week will be favorable for your love life, so do not force things and do not try to command their development.
Boys and girls will be excited by the various news they will receive during the week and which will be related to education, career development, friendship or love relationships. In general, this week you will communicate more with your peers, friends or like-minded people. Probably the changes in the weather and the season will cause you some kind of health disorder, or it will occur as a result of an accident. These seven days will mark some important new things in your life, new acquaintances, new plans, completing some level of education, starting a new career and more.
Men will act very carefully during these seven days and you will definitely avoid risky or hasty actions. The week does not exclude conversations with a man with whom you will discuss possible future joint actions related to important work for your family, business or some other commitment. Despite your cautious actions this week, it will not be easy for you to avoid tensions with the people you will be communicating with on a daily basis. Tension can also arise around a professional task or other responsible commitment.
Women will be sought for help or advice from relatives or friends, and in most cases they will be younger than you, and it is possible that they will be your own children. During these seven days you will enjoy success, luck or progress in the life of a loved one. Carefully accept the ideas, advice or suggestions you will receive from a woman over the age of 35, because this may be an interesting chance for you.