Aries Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 December

During the week from December 11 to 17, demand from yourself greater concentration and determination to solve problems and troubles in life. If this has to do with people who create tension for you, be ready to have a frank conversation with them and make an important decision about your future relationship.
You may be more impatient with boys or young men in your circle of relatives who display a stubbornness that you cannot tolerate.
During the week, you will engage with a girl or a woman, trying to help in a difficult situation in the best way or with the wisest, practical advice.
This week brings you events that will help you make plans for the coming days until the end of the year. Some obstacles, misunderstandings or concerns that have hindered you until now will disappear, especially on tasks or priorities important to your family.
The week will be remembered with several surprises that will make your days more colorful and emotional. Do not try to figure out the events of the week, because their purpose is much different than what you assume. Somewhere in the shadows someone is working for you or in your interest.
The week will be favorable for developing your professional plans, for work and for presentations related to your career. New events during the week will bring you some benefit or benefit in this regard.
This will be a favorable week to do something special for your home related to the Christmas holidays such as: changing the interior of the home, a new piece of furniture or an important appliance for the kitchen, etc.
This will be a favorable week for commitments related to sales, rents and other property matters.
Boys and girls will be impressed by the occurrence or development of some unexpected events or situations mainly related to friendly relations or important activities (occupations). A conversation or an experience related to a person who does not live with you will affect you very emotionally. For some of you, it may even be a casual or brief encounter. Love will be as strong an emotion in your life as you let it be.
Women will tend to be influenced in their actions by other people, who during this week will be for good and will bring important success or successes. During these seven days, expect a lot of work and very serious commitments that you will not be able to postpone. The actions or words of a close person or friend can influence you in some way on your future professional plans. This week itself will be important for you, especially if you manage to follow and complete your tasks day by day, otherwise it will make it difficult for you at a later stage.
Men will be fulfilled with the desire to go through a week in which they can devote more time to entertainment, pleasant meetings or gatherings, delicious food or a favorite drink with loved ones. You will enjoy the company of other men, and you will have plenty of topics to talk about. You will not refuse invitations to meet or to attend various family, friend or public events.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 4 -10 December

During the week of December 4 to 10, you are about to have an interesting time in which you will try to realize things that you think you have missed so far during the year. You probably had opportunities for them, but you lacked enough ambition, were you an asset to your other priorities, etc. Some of your expectations for this month will be precisely in this direction, what you can still do before the end of the year to start the next 2024 with new strength.
Various stumbling blocks or troubles are not excluded, but look for quick, practical and even compromise options to remove them and get rid of them.
This week brings a lot of emotions with children and with young people who may live in your home or be at some distance from you.
Your relationship with a girl or a young woman, regardless of your own gender, can be more emotional.
This week will please some of you with the birth of a baby, which will happen in another village, city or country.
This week will bring you back to some issues from your recent past. In most cases, they will have to do with some intrigue, behind-the-scenes action, whose influence on your life still continues. The perpetrators of these actions will be close to you and will be from your circle of ronins, colleagues or neighbors.
Some unexpected household problems in your home or with property you own can not only spoil your mood, but also significantly change your weekly schedule.
Boys and girls will have an interesting conversation or a proposal related to work that you will be able to do from your home or will engage you for some short period of time.
For men, this will be an interesting, progressive and successful week, in which everything will depend on your ability to make the right decisions, arrange your priorities correctly and follow your own goals without confronting others at any cost.
Women will have opportunities to travel both for work (with a specific purpose) and with their family or for the sake of close relatives.
For those who are younger or unmarried, important events or situations are coming up that will require making serious decisions, giving an answer to an important proposal and generally taking steps that will in some cases drastically change your life. Be careful, do not rely only on your momentary feelings and seek advice, seek help, decide for yourself!

Aries Weekly Horoscope 27 November - 3 December

During the week of November 27 to December 3, you will have an expectation related to the resolution of a conflict situation or a problem that until now has made you feel stuck in a dead end.
During the week, you will receive information that will disappoint or make you sad. The interesting thing in this case is that it will come through someone you don't know or someone you haven't had direct contact with before.
During this week, your relationships with people who live at a distance from you will be complicated.
This week will also bring you its unique favorable chances, which during these seven days will be felt in your family affairs.
This will be an auspicious week for getting married and organizing important family gatherings.
Various pleasant surprises are possible that will create a positive mood in your home and in your family.
During this week, parents born under this zodiac sign may have concerns related to the health of a child.
A hospital visit or treatment or other specific therapy is possible.
Unforeseen situations may also arise during the week at your child's school or workplace.
During this week, you will anxiously follow the development of a personal drama in the life of a woman you know.
Boys and girls will be involved in more family tasks, as parents or other close people will rely on them for many things. Various events or changes are coming up in the family or in your circle of relatives. Gatherings on various occasions are likely, and for some of you they will be unpleasant or annoying.
Men will look for a way out of an unpleasant situation that arose due to a stupid mistake or hasty actions. At some point you may feel confused, inclined to drop everything and go somewhere where you can rest for a while.
Women will suffer from their strong emotions, a sensitivity that will give them wrong signals in situations where they will have to act and react with reason and wisdom. Manifestations of jealousy bring unexpected consequences. Conflicts will bring old contradictions back to the fore.
In general, the week will demand from all of you less emotions, more measured and well thought out actions and decisions.