Pisces Weekly Horoscope 2 - 8 October, 2023

During the week of October 2 - 8, contradictions or unpleasant situations related to money may arise in your family, which were spent impulsively, recklessly, emotionally; this may cause an unwanted problem for your family budget.
During this week, you will have enough energy and will to implement important matters for your family.
Different circumstances and people will help you to successfully fulfill your commitments.
Reasons for joy this week will not be related to major events. However, they will give you a great deal of optimism and hope for your future.
During the week, you will be more generous with compliments to people you work with or with whom you will have daily contact.
Use these seven days to preserve what you have achieved so far, make progress in some of your personal affairs, and harmonize important relationships.
During the week, negative memories of difficult experiences from your past will surface in your mind. It will hardly be accidental, but for everyone there will be a certain reason for this return to the past.
Luck this week will be where you need it, not where you want it. It will help, stimulate or protect you according to the specific situation.
Boys and girls will show childish stubbornness or capriciousness in some situations during the week. You won't get any benefit from it, but problems will definitely arise. Someone who is older than you, such as a parent, relative, teacher, or other authority figure will make you feel uncomfortable with words or decisions that directly affect you. There will be surprises during these seven days and they will give you a direction to the right path that your destiny requires you to follow.
Women will have special experiences with family members or at work. Most of your commitments and responsibilities during the week will be related to women. You will be able to get good advice, help or support if you are ready to accept it.
Men will have their own plans for the week that will take all their attention and energy. You will have a hard time engaging them in new or unplanned things. Conflicts with such interference or influence will not be a help. Contracts, documents or some kind of agreements of a financial nature will have good development.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 25 September - 1 October, 2023

During the week of September 24 - October 1, you will be unusually sociable, open to different contacts or actions with people from different distances.
During these days, you will have useful conversations related to the realization of your future plans.
You will probably now plan important expenses or meetings with people on whom the execution of your affairs will depend.
This week, your desire for success may tempt you to use trickery or attempt to manipulate someone. Even if you succeed, it won't last long.
During the week, you will have a conversation or a meeting with a person who is experiencing great stress due to events at home or at work. This life drama has an unclear development in the future.
Many will take an unplanned trip for a variety of purposes: for family reasons, for recreation, etc.
During these seven days, you will experience an unexpected event with friends that affects their personal or family life.
During this week, there is a possibility that you will be a little hasty in being happy about something that will turn out to be not so important, promising or lasting.
You will be able to enjoy good financial income or a favorable development of your money affairs.
In love, you will seek security in your relationship and stability in your partner's position. If these things are missing, the future of your relationship may also be short.
Boys and girls will have expectations for a response to their proposal or invitation. Things will develop slowly, but be patient, you won't lose. This will be quite a dynamic week in terms of exchanging messages or information with friends or loved ones near or far.
Men will look for meaning in the words and actions of relatives or colleagues who have recently been behaving strangely or unpredictably. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but if it's really making you uncomfortable, sit down and talk about the things that are bothering you. During this week, you will have the opportunity to slightly increase your cash income.
Women will go through a week of unexpected opportunities, experiences and encounters. This will be a wonderful time for those of you who can see outside your home window, far, far into your future.