Pisces Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 April, 2024

During the week of April 22 - 28, you will have to deal with some complicated or unwanted changes in your home or with property that your family owns.
The end result will sooner or later satisfy you or bring you some benefit.
This will be an auspicious week for discussing actions and cases related to inheritance or inherited properties.
During this week, there may be a need to meet someone, but it will cause you worries or you will have to think carefully about such a meeting in advance.
There may be a need for a gathering related to an important occasion, and your attendance will depend on other factors in your life.
During the week of success and favorable circumstances, you will be able to count on things related to your personal life.
However, you may not feel these favorable trends immersed in some personal drama or other serious problem.
During this week, you will be pleased by an event or news related to a boy or a man from your circle of neighbors or acquaintances.
The week heralds news related to pregnancy or the birth of a baby.
Let the boys and girls be prepared for a week of trials, during which they may receive unpleasant news, witness unpleasant situations, or experience a lifelong separation from a person they know personally. The events of this week will sometimes put you in front of difficult choices or in front of making important decisions for which you may sometimes be unprepared. The many fast-moving events of the week will inevitably reflect on your mood or your health in some way.
Men will go through moments of uncertainty, restlessness, lack of mood or ambition, brief depression or lack of energy for serious affairs. This week you may be disappointed by the words or actions of other people. It is possible to lie or deceive yourself about something or someone. Be careful in your dealings with people younger than you who may try to deceive or manipulate you in some way.
Women will engage in affairs and commitments already begun, the development of which continues to be slow and sluggish, depending on various people or circumstances. The situation in your family will be complicated due to the emotional state of the other people with whom you live under the same roof. Temporary separations with relatives are possible due to travel or other life situations. The week will be favorable for engagement or wedding, which have been postponed until now due to various serious reasons.


Pisces Weekly Horoscope 15 - 21 April, 2024

During the week of April 15 - 21, tension will arise around a trip or due to complicated events in the lives of people who live at a distance from you.
It is possible that these concerns have to do with the health of your relative or friend who lives in another settlement.
This is a difficult week to predict for travel as it brings various difficulties, delays and complications.
During the week, you will intuitively find the best solution for developing a plan or commitment related to your child or a young person from your close environment.
The week heralds interesting news related to close relatives or friends who will achieve some success this week or experience some important event in their personal life.
During this week, some of the surprises will be related to a decision or a change in a woman's life, something that will seem interesting and promising at this stage.
Some of you, driven by your strong emotions, will make a sudden decision to change your lifestyle or your clothing style.
During this week, be careful with financial documents, with various payments that you have to make.
Boys and girls will need to take their assignments at school, university or career more seriously. Despite your desire to have more free time for enjoyable activities, you will have to prioritize these responsibilities. Certain experiences this week will make you reflect on their meaning and whether fate is sending you some message with them. How well you figure this out will depend on your level of spiritual development, something for which age has no bearing. During this week, you will be able to achieve good financial results if you work or are tied to an activity that brings you some income.
Men will direct their attention in anticipation of the development of some events or relationships, preferring to take the role of spectators and someone else to act or determine the development of these things. It is possible that these situations are developing at some distance from you and you are only waiting for information to be received. This week has prepared many surprises and unexpected situations for you, so be ready to accept them calmly and quickly adapt to changes.
Women will have interesting meetings and conversations with friends from different distances, and you may make new friendships during these seven days. People with whom you have long-term relationships will have a strong influence on your affairs and especially on your mood. The week suggests traveling, mostly over a short distance. Unpleasant news is possible related to your acquaintances or friends who live in another village, city or country.