Pisces Weekly Horoscope 29 July - 4 August, 2024

During the week of July 29 - August 4, some of the more interesting events that you are about to experience will be related to various news or situations in the lives of young people from your immediate environment.
It is very likely that these will be people who live at a distance from you.
A gathering at home or in your family related to a birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding, etc. is possible.
During this week, you will have meetings and conversations that will be related to the discussion of an interesting offer for work or business, the implementation of an important project for you, etc.
During this period, you will receive news related to an important event in the lives of friends.
Expect a gift or receiving rights to some kind of property.
During the week, you will experience a conflict with a person to whom you have shared your personal information, which, due to naivety, gullibility or lack of thought, will become known to other people.
This week will be a good and successful period for you professionally, with good income or good development of your business.
Many of you will have greater expenses related to a child or grandchild.
Boys and girls will have to distinguish themselves from the actions of classmates or colleagues who have discredited themselves unpleasantly with their actions and decisions. This week will require you to take some decisive, difficult actions that may confront you with other people. It is more important to be honest and forthright in your actions. Many will be happy with an important purchase of equipment or other useful item.
Men will plan various joint actions with people who may be your relatives, colleagues, friends, etc. You will have many more commitments during the week, which will often be related to a common activity, or the development of which will depend on the actions of others around you. Caring or engaging in some important service for a person in your family or circle of relatives is possible.
Women will have a hard time overcoming their bad mood or their pessimism regarding the development of some events or relationships during the week. The tension you will be subjected to within yourself will be related to your personal fears caused by bad memories, unpleasant experiences in the past, etc. During the week, your relationships with women will require attention.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 July, 2024

During the week of July 22 - 28, you will be ambitious and optimistic due to your high expectations for the development of your plans, from which you will expect financial gain, professional or family success, etc.
Love will be an important factor in your life during these seven days whether you are single or married.
Many will have a favorable time to start a new romantic relationship. ORDER YOUR PERSONAL HOROSCOPE FROM NADIA
Professionally, the week will require you to be ready for more contacts and conversations that will be related to your work. During these seven days, you will have the opportunity to agree on a real payment for your work or you will show a willingness to take on more responsibilities.
The week brings opportunities related to a proposal for a new, more promising job.
During this week, you will experience several short stressful situations that will aim to teach you something.
Surprises this week can be related to new acquaintances that you will make in the real and virtual world. They will have their meaning and will not be accidental.
During the week, an unpleasant news may burden you emotionally.
During the week, beware of the cunning actions of people who have managed to gain your trust.
Boys and girls will often suffer from a bad mood, or will be under the influence of various whims, unfulfilled plans or desires. Those who are spiritually more developed than you, with a stronger intellectual charge, will understand that the reason for this would be an inner state, hidden within you. For the rest, it will be easy to blame others, and easily free themselves from the feeling of guilt, for whatever it was. However, this week will prove to be important for your education or career, and hopefully you will be able to take a more serious look at your duties or tasks in this regard.
Men will have the opportunity for good income, including through additional work or by receiving money for a previously completed lucrative commitment. In some cases, however, there will be problems related to common money, payment for common activity, etc. If possible, prepare and properly secure such relationships with relevant documents or contracts, including those that are notarized.
Women will be prone to some extravagance when they decide to renew their wardrobe this week or spend money on their appearance, on cosmetic or spa treatments. You will have the desire and expectation to show a new look, a new image, which will also have a good effect on your own self-esteem. During this week, be careful when sharing personal information with women. You may receive an invitation to a meeting or gathering related to a woman. NADIA'S MONTHLY HOROSCOPES: AUGUST, SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER