Pisces Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week of May 16 - 22, you will have to maintain realism and practicality in your actions and decisions. You do not allow illusions, false hopes or excessive self-confidence in your actions.
During this week you may be the subject of someone else's unwanted interference in your personal life. It is possible that you create problems for yourself due to suspicion, suspicion, insincerity in the relationship and others.
The week will not be an easy and carefree time for you. The reason for this turbulent time will be the importance of the events that are currently going on in your life. Learn to accept them as they are. Avoid pressure, spurring events or people to act in your best interest.
During these seven days, do not allow acts of arrogance that can cause you unwanted difficulties.
In financial terms, there are several important or interesting moments that will give greater clarity about the financial situation in your family in the coming months.
During this week you will have the opportunity for better income or for better (practical) planning of your expenses.
Your love life can be very interesting and charge you with positive emotions. Be prepared to enjoy what life will give you.
Do not try to change or adjust people or events. Avoid opposition and stubbornness, which can be a major problem in your relationship.
The week brings more family commitments that cannot be postponed.
Expect important news, documents, contract, proposal discussion or other similar events.
Boys and girls will have to go through this week with a great deal of caution, because these seven days bring you various unexpected situations, meetings or changes in your expectations. During this week you can meet unexpectedly old friends, make new acquaintances in unexpected or strange circumstances. The main events of this week will almost always have something to do with your past, with people you have known for a long time, with tasks or activities you have already engaged in, and so on.
Men will have to pay attention to their health problem, which will either occur unexpectedly or will unexpectedly create a complication in your physical condition. During the week, the actions, suggestions or comments of people you may define as your friends will require attention. There may be some trick, error or false information in all this. During these seven days, you will almost always find support or be protected from fate when a stressful situation or other high-risk events arise for you.
Women will have a favorable week to develop their financial plans and affairs, including those related to increasing income, developing their own business or negotiating higher pay. The week does not exclude expenses related to one's own or a loved one's health or treatment. You will be surprised by the news you will receive from your friends and you will take the trouble to verify the truth of the information given to you. This will be a wise decision on your part, as it will turn out to be a little different. You will have good opportunities to stabilize your personal friendships or love relationships if you go through a period of some kind of turbulence.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

The week from May 9 to 15 promises interesting and emotional events related to travel, important achievements, new endeavors and meetings with people near and far.
Many will have at least one occasion to gather with friends or relatives on a special occasion.
This will be a favorable week for traveling to move to a village, another city or country, return home and more.
Personally, your relationship will be greatly influenced by the mood or desires of a woman who is your sister, mother, friend and more.
It will be important to pay more attention to your health this week. Avoid getting close to strangers. Your judgment, opinion about them in most cases will be wrong.
During the week you will be able to solve a household or property problem. Things will not turn out the way you want, but at least you will reduce your burden of worries.
You will have the opportunity to stabilize and harmonize your relationship with someone who has some meaning in your life.
During the week you will talk seriously about salary issues, financial documents related to your work or business and other important financial actions.
Your love affair will be affected by your problems or successes at work.
This is a week in which a new love will have to be approached with a lot of tact and patience, so forget about the fiery feelings and flames :)
Boys and girls will be very emotional this week, which will definitely affect the greater interest in romantic and intimate experiences. During this week you can travel with your loved one, even if it is a very short distance. Some of you may make an interesting acquaintance with a person from another village, town or country. The main events of this week will revolve mainly around your love life, around your circle of friends and all kinds of other opportunities for fun and entertainment.
Men will be willing to go back to their old love or intimate relationship, realizing some missed opportunities to experience this relationship more fully or to last longer. Decisions related to the separation in love, which will be due to a long-lasting agony in the relationship, are not excluded during this period. This week you will have a good time to travel with friends or a loved one. The week brings bad news at close range related to a person or family you know.
Women may unexpectedly meet their old love, an old friend, or receive news about such people. During the week, avoid conflicts with a woman, even though she may not live in your home, and may even be away from you at the moment. There will be no shortage of provocations this week, and with carelessness on your part, you can very easily get into a conflict that will not do you any good. The week foretells dreams or various actions related to people who are already in the afterlife.