Pisces Weekly Horoscope 30 January - 5 February, 2023

During the week of January 30 - February 5, some of your main commitments will be related to a family member. It may be a young person: a younger brother, son-in-law, son or grandson who will need some help or just someone to talk to.
The week brings many conversations, discussions of important plans and events with women, both in your family and in your circle of friends, colleagues or like-minded people.
Financially, you will have a favorable time to work, to secure better income through various sources, projects, hourly work, etc.
Windfalls are not out of the question, but don't just hang around and hope for that.
In love, you will want more than you can get.
Relationships related to people with whom you have frequent contact will experience some kind of crisis.
The week will favor trips and organizing plans, events related to people from near and far.
If you are planning to relocate, you will need to adjust your plans this week.
Boys and girls will do well to do more useful work around the house. The reason for this will become clear in your near future.
During the week, you may have to rely on a woman or women for the realization of your important plans during the week.
During this week, men will have the opportunity to receive money for which they have had some stumbling blocks and difficulties so far.
Unexpected money is possible.
Overall, this week will be a very emotional period for you.
For women, there will be brief moments of fear or panic, but you will also experience moments of joy or you will be able to achieve well-deserved success. Above all, however, beware of cunning or manipulation, as well as envious people.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 January, 2023

During the week of January 23 - 29, 2023, you are about to engage in more care and tasks related to people from your own family or relatives.
You will have more contacts with people who will engage your attention with various troubles. It is very likely that they will rely on you for their resolution.
During these seven days, more people will look to you for a favor or for advice, for participation in various events.
During the week, you will be charged with more commitments related to domestic problems, with payments of various bills important to your household.
Financially, the week brings security to your home, thanks to the actions or income of all your family members.
During these seven days, you will experience a surprise related to a woman you have known relatively recently.
Boys and girls will tend to look for a new solution to old problems. You may need to seek reconciliation with people with whom you have had conflicts in the past or experienced separation.
During the week, you will have to act carefully in matters that concern the family or close relatives. Some events will manage to surprise you, and definitely unpleasant ones.
The men are about to meet and get to know new people. Be open to learning new things from them, even if they don't match your own understanding.
In your personal life and in love, tension may arise related to the manifestation of jealousy, an unpleasant misunderstanding or as a result of other people's interference in your relationships.
During this week, you will consider your household or property problems much more seriously. You will want to make some important changes or innovations in the home you live in.
It will be more difficult to solve problems of a property nature, in which other interests are also involved: your relatives, neighbors and others.
During this week, let women try not to think about past events, losses or failures. Free yourself from the fear or lack of self-confidence that caused you. Right now, a favorable change is developing in your life, albeit slowly, which will affect your family or career.
During the week, many will attend a gathering related to a man, which may require the selection of a gift. This week there will be a slower development for you, but this will not harm you.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 January, 2023

During the week of January 16 - 22, 2023, you will tend to listen more to the advice or comments of those around you. Sometimes even people you consider your enemies can have such an influence on you.
How you will feel this week and whether you will be able to make the right decisions will also depend on your ability to sift through information and find the truth yourself when you are looking for it. Truth and right decisions do not require you to start arguments or conflicts.
This week brings for many of you unpleasant news or experience related to a girl or a young woman.
Your housework will be more, and you will want more time for your own favorite activities and friendships. It is possible that you are limited, you do not have enough independence and this can be a reason for bad mood or depression.
This week will be unfavorable for travel or you will travel on an unpleasant occasion.
If your work involves travel or transportation, there will be various setbacks or difficulties related to weather conditions, omissions or missed commitments.
During this week, your personal relationships with loved ones and relatives, whom you can please with something, will have a good development.
During the week, you will have a favorable time to realize important professional commitments and in general any tasks related to work. You can achieve a lot with good organization and motivation.
Boys and girls will have a week where your success or failure will depend entirely on your own actions and activity. You will be able to accomplish a lot during these seven days, but you may find yourself stuck if you indulge in laziness or let other people do your work.
The importance of this week will be determined by the chances that will be given to you and that can only be realized or missed by you.
During the week, men will have urgent commitments related to a family member. This may create tension for you because of the short time you will have to complete them or for some other reason.
During this week, you will mainly focus on the completion of already started professional projects or tasks before committing to new ones.
If you are in the process of making any changes at work, they will likely continue to develop beyond this week.
During this week, women will be much more determined to leave dysfunctional relationships, projects or desires in the past. You'll want to commit to things that can actually happen this year.
This will be a favorable week for travel and for implementing plans related to people or institutions located in another city or country.