Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 June, 2024

During the week of June 24 - 30, you are about to experience some unwanted or unexpected changes in your plans or lifestyle. Unwanted or unexpected changes this week will be a reason to reflect on the predestination of the life we have.
The dynamism of the week can create a feeling of confusion and instability in you due to the greater volume of information you will receive, most letters or phone calls. Try to select the more important things in your life, weed out the unnecessary and don't burden yourself unnecessarily.
The week heralds an important proposal or the signing of a contract that will affect your professional or property interests.
During this week, you will be able to complete important tasks related to property or belongings, a farm or a personal car.
Many will be happy with cash receipts or news, a document related to money that you are about to receive. This will be an auspicious time to settle financial or banking documents.
The week brings an important event or a strong emotional experience related to a man.
During these seven days, keep your personal belongings or information safe from prying eyes or prying eyes.
During the week, you will have more family commitments, but you will hardly experience difficulty in fulfilling them.
Boys and girls will remember this week with a gathering or an experience related to a peer, friend or classmate. This is unlikely to bring any unexpectedness into your life, and will most likely be something that will be well planned in advance. During these seven days you will have difficulty communicating with a woman who may be your relative. If you rely on such a person to solve some of your problems or troubles, you may be disappointed, as everyone will have a different opinion about the kind of help you expect to receive.
Men will have a hard time keeping a positive mood, and will often fall into some kind of pessimism or reluctance to talk about their future plans. You may have a meeting or welcome guests to your home who are neither pleasant to you nor in the mood to converse with them. Such a state of your spirit must be cleared as quickly as possible, because your own behavior can be the cause of events that will primarily hurt you. It is possible that some unexpected events will restore your good form and good mood.
Women will find it difficult to accept other people's position in matters concerning their love or personal life. Some experience and past experiences have taught you that it is important to rely only on yourself, and less to believe in promises. This week will be remembered with some important event, with planned or unplanned change or making a fateful decision. These seven days will be favorable for traveling and socializing with people from different distances.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 June, 2024

During the week of June 17 - 23, contradictions or confusing situations may arise in your communication with colleagues, managers or clients. Misunderstandings or contradictions can be of a very different nature, but in most cases they will primarily affect you emotionally.
During the week, you will sympathize with and closely monitor the serious professional problems (including lack of work) in the lives of friends, relatives or neighbors.
During the week, expenses related to a child or relatives are likely, which will definitely be for something important, necessary and urgent.
Some of you may receive money related to a child, which will also be for some specific purpose.
During this week, you may find a lost or forgotten item, uncover important information related to events from your past that have hurt or damaged you in some way. This is a time when you will understand the true nature of some people, something that has eluded you until now.
Whatever difficulties you may go through this week, nothing will happen to you that will create drama or major upheaval in your life.
Old commitments or cases of a property nature can be the cause of temporary tension in the family, with relatives or with representatives of some institution.
Boys and girls will have to approach much more practically, diplomatically and with patience in solving troubles that will arise during this week. Don't rush to act emotionally without thinking the situation through or asking for advice from people with experience. During these seven days, it will be difficult for you to maintain a good mood and you will very often fall into some emotional holes or depressions. There is no point in taking the week as some kind of difficult period, but take advantage of my advice and go through these seven days with wisdom and maturity in your behavior.
Men will have to listen carefully to what a woman will try to tell them, give them as advice, as knowledge or experience. The intervention of this woman in your life this week will not be accidental and will not be to your detriment. It may be a person who lives in another settlement, and even if you do not know them personally, but it may be your virtual acquaintance, a mentor or a person you respect. The week brings many meetings or gatherings for you men who will fill you with different emotions, information, knowledge, and in some cases they can also meet you with new people.
Women this week will show unusual impatience, irritability and a desire to have things happen their way at any cost. You do understand that you can very easily encounter resistance from other people? It may be more difficult for you to communicate with family members, as you know very well how to hurt each other with some sarcastic or insulting remarks. The week can be remembered with an important event or with a change in your workplace or business.