Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26 February - 3 March, 2024

The week from February 26 to March 3 will be a complicated, unpredictable period of time in which you will find it difficult to implement your plans.
It is very likely that you will experience various trials of your spirit. These will be days when you will have to show skills in dealing with complex and unpredictable situations.
During these seven days, you will encounter various manifestations of lies, deception, attempts to be harmed in some way or manipulated for someone else's benefit.
Such events can provoke separations with people from your circle of relatives, friends or colleagues.
During this week, some of you will take an important trip, or have the opportunity to realize an important goal related to travel.
During these seven days, you will follow the contradictory development of a situation in the life of a woman who will experience some adversities, which, however, will turn in her favor.
During this week, you will be able to count on protection from fate for things that are important to your home and family.
This is a week to remember with an important family event.
Boys and girls will go through an interesting week, because different conversations or events will help you gain greater clarity about the implementation of important plans for you. You will have to communicate or work together with unknown or little-known people, which will be good for you. This is a week in which you will have better opportunities to resolve a problem related to your education, career or important relationships. It is possible to have a health ailment related to a cold or a viral infection, as well as some disease that gives you a problem from time to time.
Men will have a strong and productive week in which they will more easily fulfill their professional tasks or business commitments. During these seven days you can talk and make decisions related to your work, create new contacts or start new projects/new activities. You can always find time for love or romantic experiences, but don't let them take precedence over your professional duties. Flirting at your workplace, which can put you in an awkward situation, will require attention. Some of the arguments or conflicts during the week will be related to people in your family or with your love partner.
Women will start the week with a more optimistic attitude about their near future, probably due to better prospects for realizing personal plans. People who have the necessary life or professional experience will have a good influence on their implementation. During the week, you will have a meeting or important plans with a boy or a man, and you will be mutually useful in some way. The good thing about this week is that you will be able to realize your expectations related to concrete actions good for your family or work.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 February, 2024

During the week of February 19 to 25, you will be required to show a new, more constructive vision for solving the problems that are plaguing you at the moment. This will be an important condition for reaching a new level of development, freeing yourself from unwanted worry or fear that has been burdening you for the past few weeks.
This week will create conditions for interesting love experiences. Love will favor those who are looking for a new serious relationship, not a fleeting flirtation or fling.
Development is very possible in already established relationships, and the desire of one side for a more serious commitment will be very clearly expressed and announced in the conversations you will have.
This can cause difficulties in the event that such a desire is categorically lacking in the other partner.
In general, this week brings and will favor serious and responsible conversations with your loved one about the future of your relationship.
During the week, a situation will arise, you will receive news or have a meeting that will help to rekindle your relationship with a person with whom you have lost contact due to various life reasons.
Information you will receive this week will make you think about how useful it will be to you. Whether you can learn or absorb new knowledge or is it something that is temporary in nature.
However, the information you will receive in connection with your work, business, social activity will definitely be useful to you.
During the week, you will enjoy meeting and talking with people with whom you have common interests, hobbies, sports activities, etc.
Boys and girls will face a new situation related to an old problem, something that will have individual development. During this week, it will be important to watch the actions of unknown people more carefully, especially if they show a desire to get closer to you. Interesting experiences await you in love, but don't let your entertainment be such that it has unwanted consequences for you.
Men will be difficult to understand this week, which will easily cause misunderstandings or arguments. This is especially true of your close relationship with a woman who is your lover, wife, mother or sister. Manifestations of jealousy this week will meet a very strong resistance, especially if they are unfounded. This week will favor the implementation of a difficult or seemingly problematic journey.
Women will have care or feel some responsibility towards younger people, including your own children. You have serious expenses coming up that will require you to prioritize them. Impulsive or emotional spending and money decisions will definitely have unpleasant consequences for you and your family.