Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 5 - 11 June, 2023

During the week from June 5 to 11, you will be excited by various events related to the development of your personal affairs or plans.
This will be a week full of important or emotional events in your family.
Many of you during the week will have to buy a gift related to a personal holiday for a person from the circle of friends or relatives.
During this week, you will be pleased with news or an event that will have a connection with a person who lives near you or with whom you work together.
This week will be favorable for travel mainly in the country where you live.
During these seven days, you will have important conversations or engagements with people who are currently in another settlement. These events may affect your plans, the implementation of which will be your priority this summer.
Girls and boys should beware of the malicious actions of people who show unwanted curiosity or attempts to interfere in their private or intimate lives. Be nice to your friends, but don't feel obligated to share everything with them. During this week you will meet many new people in different places and under different circumstances.
Women will be surprised at an invitation or proposal, but do not look for bad thoughts in this. During this week, it will not harm you if you follow the natural course of events. The week will give you several opportunities to achieve success in the family and work. Sometimes you will feel the protection of Fate or you will be grateful for the help that other people will give you.
Men will have to adapt quickly to the emergence of various unexpected situations. The important thing is not to act emotionally, hastily and thoughtlessly. Avoid provoking people with whom you have complicated, problematic relationships.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June, 2023

The week from May 29 to June 4 can be difficult to plan, due to various unexpected, changing plans and news related to relatives or friends.
The development of your friendship relationship will create many unexpected emotions and experiences for you.
You will have a favorable week for new acquaintances with people from near and far.
The week will be favorable for conversations or gatherings related to the family, for marriage or for the birth of a baby.
Love will offer you different emotions during the week, but be attentive to the feelings of the one who loves you.
During the week, you may be worried about higher expenses or lower income, but these will be temporary worries.
During this week, you will experience an important event related to the personal life of a person who is your relative, friend or colleague.
Most of you will have a favorable week for developing professional and business plans. During these seven days, you may start a new job, a new project or realize an important presentation for you.
During the week, it will be important to act cautiously, to protect your personal information and your private secrets, both from the curiosity of other people and from their abuse by other people.
Girls and boys will attend a gathering where events in someone else's life will be animatedly commented on. However, do not allow sloppy remarks, comments that could be the basis of some intrigue.
Men will receive interesting information or a proposal, but it will not hurt you to think carefully before giving an answer. This will be an important week for your work or business.
During this week, women will be the backbone of the family as everyone will rely on them for even the smallest tasks and commitments. It will be good if you still make time for personal and pleasant activities. Avoid committing to promises, especially if you're making them because it's hard for you to say no to someone's request.


Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May, 2023

During the week of May 22 - 28, you will have commitments related to an important event, gathering, fulfilling a promise or another serious commitment.
The actions or words of your relative will make you think about the meaning or development of some of your plans or personal relationships.
Small cash income is possible in your family budget.
Conflicts or tension that will arise during these seven days will find a natural resolution, so do not strain, do not fall into panic and stress.
During this week, you will make sure that what you give to others in terms of feelings and attention, that is what you will receive. But it's not about any momentary manifestations...
This week, you may rejoice at the actions or words of a person whom you doubted, distrusted for his honesty and loyalty.
An unpleasant situation or event related to a colleague or a client may occur at your workplace.
During the week, you will be willing to spend more time on intimate or romantic experiences, regardless of your marital status. This will be a favorable week for an engagement proposal or for a wedding.
Girls and boys will go through a week of chaos in their thoughts, in their desires, jumping from one to another, according to the current situation. It won't do you much good, and you may go through seven wasted, pointless days.
Men will have a great time proving their abilities and knowledge. During this week, you will have the opportunity to show your level of development as individuals through your reactions to different situations.
Women will have the opportunity to gain clarity on issues or relationships that have been causing concern. You will be surprised by the actions or words of people with whom you work together or with whom you are involved in a cause.