Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 May, 2022

During the week from 16 to 22 May you will be surprised by information or a conversation with friends. You may be surprised by events or decisions related to their lives or their personal plans for the future.
During the week you may be surprised by an invitation for friendship or a message from old friends, classmates, colleagues.
The week will be difficult for your family relationships, but in most cases it will have to do with someone else's desire to give you advice or guidance in life without you asking for it. Relationships with parents or people who are in a higher social position than you will sometimes be difficult.
Romantic relationships with a greater age difference between the partners will be put to the test. It is possible that such relationships may even fall apart after experiencing internal and external struggles for adjustment, supremacy, unsuccessful attempts to adapt to differences in lifestyle.
Your past experiences will remind you of yourself through people you will meet or who will look for you. You will not be fascinated by such events and if possible you will hide or ignore such attempts to contact you.
Attempts to revive a previous love affair will fail.
During this week, the favorable trends to which you will be exposed will help you to stabilize financially through various job opportunities, additional income and more.
Let the boys and girls be prepared for an unpredictable development week in which good and bad things will find a way to alternate. During the week you can enjoy a gift or purchase that your loved ones or you will make for yourself. You can enjoy a home improvement that will create comfort for your whole family. Various conversations or actions related to your personal or family property are possible. However, there is a sign of attention, which is associated with the possibility of disappointment due to too much expectation of something that at this stage of your life can not happen.
The men will have to continue their tasks, which began last week. In fact, different things from your past will appear in your present and will require attention or commitment on your part. The week can be remembered with an emotional or important for you experience, negotiation or other important event related to a person born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini. The week definitely brings favorable opportunities for the development of your affairs, whether they are related to your recent past or are relevant in your present.
Let women be able to control their emotionality, because in most cases it will be the cause of unwanted disputes and conflicts, which will then be difficult to control. Do not allow your partner to be jealous, nor allow him to treat you this way, whether you have a reason for it or not. Otherwise, the lie may settle in your relationship, not because there is a reason to lie, but because you will try in the easiest way to get out of such opposition.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 9 - 15 May, 2022

During the week of May 9 - 15, it will be good to make decisions about your future. This will be especially relevant if you need to take concrete action during these seven days.
It will be very important to protect yourself from illusions, delusions or manipulative actions of people who follow only their own interests (in some cases it is good to save yourself from such actions).
If you are involved in legal or litigation cases, you can expect developments this week, but they are unlikely to be finalized.
Various problems and troubles will still find a way to surprise you. Despite your attempts to avoid or resolve them as quickly as possible, they will manage to make you uncomfortable at home or at work.
The week foretells moments of tension at your workplace related to an accident, conflicting client/colleague or inadvertent mistake.
During the week, a health problem will require some kind of therapy or hospital treatment.
During the week there may be difficulties with the financial cost of a child or a person in your family.
Boys and girls will be involved in various problems or events in the family or in their circle of relatives. This week brings different occasions for gathering or greater communication mainly with relatives. Each of these seven days will be important to you, and regardless of your age, you will need to show practical and wise behavior. Do not ignore conversations in the family that are related to financial stability, with future plans, whether you have any direct involvement in them or they will be entirely in the hands of your parents.
Men will have to organize their weekly tasks very well, because the probability of new ones unplanned is very high. These unexpected changes should not drastically disrupt your daily plans and cause chaos.
If you allow yourself immature behavior, you will inevitably allow trouble to arise, which you will not be happy to deal with. Slight financial difficulties or the occurrence of unexpected monetary costs are possible. Those of you who have a better intuition will hardly be surprised by any event this week.
Women will tend to seek entertainment, attention and enjoyable experiences with their current partner or outside the family. This will be an auspicious week for looking for a new romantic relationship, for meeting a new partner, including through specialized agencies or agents. Despite your desire for emotional and love experiences, you should not lower your guard and allow inadvertently or overconfidence in yourself, a person who does not deserve you. For some of you, the difficulties this week will be related to the relationships inside your home, especially if you are married.