Libra Monthly Horoscope October 2020

If you were born under the sign of Libra, in October you will be disappointed with a conversation or a meeting for which you had higher expectations in advance.
Overall, this month will be a strong period for you, in which new opportunities will arise. Their realization will depend on you and your preliminary preparation and attitude to action. You may be lucky enough to realize them, but you should not rely only on that.
This month you will receive some unpleasant news related to a girl or woman you know.
In October you can expect important support or you will receive useful advice from a person who has enough life experience or already established contacts with whom he will be able to help you.
During this month you will have to make an expense for a child or young person. The reason will definitely be good, as it may be related to education, the development of some talents in the field of art, music or sports.
In October, it is possible to engage in various financial affairs with already grown, single children or grandchildren.
Those of you who will have commitments related to inherited property or business will experience trouble that can only be resolved at the cost of compromises. Do not burden yourself with negative emotions, avoid manifestations of anger or helplessness. Think wisely, act wisely!
In your love life, unresolved issues from the past months will continue to bother you and provoke you to make important decisions. You will still be inclined to consider different steps and look for ways to talk calmly and openly about resolving them.
You realize the need for a more drastic change in your relationship, but you are not yet ready to fight for it.
During this month, Libra men should be careful with whom they contact and what gatherings they attend. You may come across inappropriate people or those with a bad reputation.
Women will be disappointed by a piece of news that will put an end to a job or business hope.

Libra Monthly Horoscope September 2020

If you were born under the sign of Libra, during this month you will experience a very emotional conflict or other unpleasant situation related to a man. This could be a person who is a relative, friend, colleague or business partner who probably lives in another locality.
During this month, there will be expenses related to a young person or a child related to an upcoming important event in his personal life, education or career.
In September, you will come up with an idea or receive a proposal for a joint activity with a friend, which will seem tempting and fully feasible.
During this month, there is a possibility of some separation in your family: with people, with things or other things. There will be a reason for everything and it will be good.
Divorce in the family of relatives or friends will open a new page for both partners for a better, independent and stable future.
During this month you will have a variety of reasons for joy, important for some reason. It will be very important to be able to enjoy the little things in your life. Don't be greedy for big things, for big successes, for a lot of money...enjoy what fate gives you!
Household or property problems can surprise you unexpectedly and create short-term tension in your home.
Libra women will tend to have brighter love or intimate relationships. The material side of your life will be very important for your inner comfort. Inconveniences of any kind will greatly affect your mood.
Men will have an important month to stabilize their family and kinship. Most commitments should not frighten you or turn you into a grumbling person. You will be required to do a lot, but there will be important reasons for this, which you can find out in the coming months.

Libra Monthly Horoscope August 2020


If you were born under the sign of Libra, you have a successful month ahead of you, in which you will have the opportunity to realize some of your bold ideas and plans. You will have a chance to realize missed opportunities or postponed projects due to lack of favorable circumstances.
During this month, you may receive money for which you have had some setbacks or difficulties so far.
In August you will receive some unpleasant news from another locality related to a person you know.
It is possible to finally return to your homeland to a close person or friend from afar.
This month will be a good time to settle financial problems and relationships. You can be lucky and have significant success in your financial affairs.
In August you will be able to bring more clarity to your love life. You will know who the person next to you is, what plans he has for the future and whether you will continue to move forward together. This is especially true for relationships that go through serious trials and difficulties.
During this month you will tend to accept your love relationship much more calmly and soberly, without unnecessary emotions or desire for conflict. You will even be willing to make concessions, compromises or ask for forgiveness if the situation requires such actions on your part.
During this month, an important role in your professional life or business will be played by a person who has an important social (political) position, experience, or better education than you.
Many representatives of the Libra sign will rejoice in their personal success in their careers, which they will share and celebrate with their loved ones.
In August, an unexpected intrigue involving a person in your home or relative will create some confusion until the cause of these malicious actions is identified.
Men will receive an important document, news or suggestion.
Libra women will have reason to rejoice in their own family.