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Gemini Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

In front of you is a week in which you will have to make a decision or give an answer on a question related to money.
Flirtation or a short adventure in your workplace will make your day more interesting there.
This week children will be in the fore in your thoughts and your plans: for your own child, children from your family environment, or if your work is related to children. You will plan various actions and you will consider and analyze everything in detail.
Gemini women may have trouble and the need to resolve it is urgent.
Those born under the sign of Gemini as a whole will have a difficult relationship with girls or young women.
A surprise (although you will have some expectations or hopes) will be associated with receiving money, a document or contract of a financial nature.
During the week, you may have to postpone a meeting or a visit with someone you expect, but will change his/her plan.
Be careful what kind of people come into your home or into your office and watch well your important belongings, documents and information.
This week will be dynamic and emotional for Gemini men in relation to the development of friendly and business relations.
Keep track of actions and information that you will get through a person who is your relative or who has a connection/relationship with someone from your family. 

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

During this week men will play a major role in your life, regardless of your own sex or how will be linked to specific events.
You are about to find a solution to an important problem for you, which will bring you much needed peace and stabilization, primarily in your mental health.
This week small issues of a financial nature associated with a man (friend or relative) are possible . 
Temporary difficulties and obstacles may occur in obtaining money through a document, bank or by man. 
Health points will be reminders of the necessary care that must be taken.
Avoid stress and try to think positively about complex or emotional situations during the week. 
You may need to help in a situation involving a son, grandson, nephew or other.
This will be a week that will be somewhat complicated for you because of primarily larger home care and obligations.  Possible trouble will occur at home, which will wait for you to resolve them.  There will be more responsibilities towards loved ones and others.
Women will be waiting for important news or information.
For men, there will be interesting events in the love or in the workplace.