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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June 2017

If you're planning a trip this week, check all the details or documents that are important to your organization, as there is a high probability of an unforeseen situation due to omission, oversight, and more.
Be careful in dealing with people from other places, especially if you have important business relationships with them. You may become the object of some deception or insincerity. 
Trouble this week if you allow them to develop will negatively affect your important plans and actions. So avoid emotional responses and approaches to the realization of your tasks.
This week there will be new people in your circle of relatives, colleagues or adherents. Pay more attention to people born under the sign of Taurus, Virgin or Capricorn.
During the week keep your personal mail and phone safe from foreign curiosity, stealing your important data or information.
You may expect a document or confirmation important to you that is delayed indefinitely. 
The week will be favorable for court or legal work of a financial nature. You can now legalize or receive a proposal or document that will be important to your financial interests.
Sagittarius boys and young men will be happy about this week. Probably this will happen through your love life, friends or something else.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May 2017

This week the Sagittarius-born will receive a variety of news from relatives who live near or far. Some of them will be really important to you or will set your future plans for the year. Others can be related to invitations to guests, gatherings, wedding, and more.
This week, you will often fall into pessimistic moods or too many events will worry you, will cause you mental discomfort.
You will have an engagement or will closely follow events related to a man over 35 who lives at a distance from you. 
During the week you will meet friends of your children or you will be more interested in their circle of friends. In some cases, you will have a very important reason to do so.
Those of you who have a romantic relationship with a person living in another city or country will be a week filled with too much emotion and tension. Disagreements or misunderstandings of the partner's feelings and wishes will easily arise.
It will be a favorable week to visit historic or specially spiritual places.
New dating this week will connect you with people who will have a certain mission in your life: shorter or longer, but important.