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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 July 2017

During the week, you may experience an unpleasant situation in communicating with other people. It is possible to find fault in the actions of one of the parties to provoke trouble or problems.
If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius this week, you will have expectations related to travel or people who are in another city or country.
Many of you will expect a news, phone call, document, and more.
There will be events related to your colleague, supervisor or client in your work.
This week you will enjoy the favorable development of a situation related to a change in your travel plan.
Something you thought would not happen due to different circumstances will now have a chance for a new development. 
You will be glad to hear about news or events related to people from far away for which you have lost hope or have not had the expectation of positive development.
Expect news related to an event in the life of a friend who is far away from you.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 July 2017

This week, expect revenue in the family budget or your bank account. Money will probably come from work or through other people in your family.
If you are in the process of selling or changing a property, this week may delight you because of specific events in this plan. 
You are going to have a serious reflection on the obscure, confusing and somewhat dubious actions and comments of a woman who is your friend or relative. You will try to find out what is behind her actions and whether they are good for you or are to your detriment.
This week, you will have a conversation with a man from your circle of relatives. The reason for this conversation will be very important to him, and to some extent to you. 
Sagittarius women will receive an interesting proposal of a personal or professional nature. There may be jealousy, doubt, disagreement or controversy in your family and love affairs. You will have dynamic contacts with people from near and far due to an important event related to a relative or a child.
Sagittarius men may have the expectation of a monetary income or a financial document This will be something that will become slow, through some stumbling blocks or unpleasant moments.
This week, you can enjoy an offer, praise, a reward, or anything else related to your career or business.