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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

This week will primarily engage you more seriously with the clearing up of financial problems or payments. It will be a favorable week for settlement of vague or problematic relationships with other people associated with money, unpaid bills or loans.
It is possible that you will be visited in your home by a man who will need financial help or advice.
The week will bring reconciliation at some point in an affair linked to misunderstandings, inadequate events or reactions.
There will be unpleasant news during a trip and it will be communicated to you or you will be involved in some way in such an event.
The week will be conducive to unconventional treatments, including the actions of various homeopathic remedies or herbs. There will be favorable developments in the treatment involving a family member or close friend.
In Sagittarius women a need will arise to visit the home of friends or relatives who you will need to talk to, get advice or help. News will delight you that concerns strangers, but will  be linked to an unexpected event, a miracle.
Sagittarius men need to avoid complicating minor or surmountable problems in the workplace. Now you yourself can create complications or stress for your own position. Invitations will be related to a family gathering that you will consider well before giving an answer.
Interesting dreams during the week will provoke different questions at you.

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Sagittarius Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

Above all, this week may surprise you or engage with pleasant document, contract, agreement or other action related to money.
The week is conducive to solving problems or troubles related to the woman or with the help of an woman.
Success may have at work, production or services aimed at women's and kids market.
Unexpected bad news could change some of your plans which you have for the end of this month. It may not concern you directly, but to have a relationship with your family, your professional or social life.
During the week you may surprised by some kind of loss or theft at the home of relatives, friends or neighbors.
Important news or event in the life of a girl, a young woman would be an occasion for reflection. A necessity to talk with her may arise, but that will require prior mental preparation as to what you are going to say to her.
Possible new acquaintance, new friendship with people from nea and far. 
Avoid insincere people who will give you important but unfulfilled promise.