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Aries Monthly Horoscope December

In December, you will be surprised by various issues or situations that will require closer scrutiny before you take action.
Possible unexpected health ailments that will make you think about your lifestyle.
The absence of a woman from your circle of relatives or friends will be due to relocation, new job, new family, etc.
You will have difficulty choosing a Christmas or New Year gift for someone in your circle of friends, associates, or business partners.
Some of you may be disappointed with an inappropriate or useless gift.
You will experience exciting and interesting moments with a child or a grandchild, with their or your travels, gatherings and more.
Many will be on their way along with their whole family, which will be a great excitement for the children.
In December there will be a bad event or incident with a boy or young man. It's hard to figure out how this or that event will affect you or you.
Women aged over 35 will experience frustration with their unplanned expectation, but you will get rid of future difficulties.
Difficulties for men over 35 years of financial nature will hamper certain actions and decisions.

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Aries Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the sign of Aries, in November trouble may arise in your home from bit character?. You will need to solve various problems with belongings or important work equipment.
In general, your problems this month will be inside your home rather than outside.
Difficulties may arise for those of you who are in the process of resolving a residential or property problem.
A meeting or a woman-related gathering is due in November. It is possible for a woman or a girl to visit you for a while or vice versa.
In your love life or in marriage, avoid jealousy that can put your relationship in some kind of trial.
During this month, friends, neighbors, or colleagues can invite you to an engagement, wedding or other important family gathering.
If you have a child or grandson, try to know more about his or her personal life, interests and what is important to him.
In November, you might be surprised by news about unexpected or unwanted pregnancies. 
Your attention will be largely committed to a specific engagement, lawsuit or other important point about an inheritance, a will, a property of relatives, etc. November will be an unfavorable month for those of you who are involved in a lawsuit, so be careful.
Aries women will have a conflict with a man, as this would rather be a clash of authority, of character.
In this month, intergenerational communication will be difficult, but not impossible.