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Aries Monthly Horoscope August 2017

This month, those born under the sign of Aries will have an important meeting, an event which put a strain on its moment of realization.
In August, it is possible to take care or to visit a sick relative, a friend, a colleague. It is possible for you to visit your doctor or dentist yourself.
Problems may arise around a relative or friend who is currently far away from you. 
It is good to know that the troubles that will impact you this month will probably find their solution within the period. You will have support from your own intuition, which will direct you to the right actions and decisions. You will also have support for people who are your relatives.
This month, you will achieve a success that will free you from the burden of an old problem or unpleasant relationship.
You can receive money from a woman. 
There will be costs related to an important family event related to a girl or woman: birthday, name day, engagement, wedding, birth, etc.
August may be a time of a variety of unpleasant or unexpected travel-related changes. You'll get unexpected news for people who live far away from you.
You may receive a message or information that will put an end to your anticipation, plan, and travel-related desire. 
If you do, however, take care and comply with road traffic rules.
Avoid stressing the personal problems of a woman from your circle of friends or neighbors.
This month, you will have dreams related to a deceased woman who will have an emotional moment for you.
You will receive news from far from a man who has recently experienced some personal drama, professional or financial loss, and so on. 
Women Aries need to be more attentive with their new personal and professional contacts. Do not rush to trust!
Aries men can appreciate unexpected money, extra income, obtaining important credit or repayment of loan and others. 


Aries Monthly Horoscope July 2017

July will bring dynamic events in the lives of those born under the sign of Aries. They will primarily be associated with different meetings and gatherings, both in their own home and in the home of relatives or friends.
Basically, you will be part of a narrow circle, with few people, on nice or important occasions.
This month, you may expect a favorable development of a home or domestic problem.
At work, expect special attention or a suggestion that you will need to answer in a short time. There is a conversation with a woman who will be your colleague, chief or client.
This month, additional earnings from work or through an institution can be had by women Aries over 35 years.
You are now likely to experience separation from someone who will travel far away or who will move to live or work in another city or country. 
Separation may also occur due to the emergence of new circumstances in the life of your friend or relative.
In July, you can enjoy unexpected money in your family.
An unexpected event related to an engagement or wedding may occur. 
This month will require attention for your or a loved one's health, which could be a troublesome problem or occur at the wrong time. Whatever the particular event is, health and its recovery must be a priority.
In July, you will be able to harmonize important personal or professional relationships with men.
It is possible to get help or support from such a man in solving a complex problem.