Aries Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under the Aries sign in May you will be disappointed with a failed or meaningless encounter with a person about whom you've had a better opinion.
Overall, this month will be a strong period for you, where new opportunities will emerge. You will also receive luck for their realization.
But this month, you'll receive an unpleasant or disappointing news story about a girl or a woman.
You can now expect very strong support or receive helpful advice from a person who is older than you or is in a high social (professional) position.
You will need to spend money for a child or a young person. The reason will definitely be nice, and it may be a type of investment for its future.
In May, you may have different financial relationships with already grown, single children or grandchildren.
Those of you who will have commitments or care with a inheredited property or who own business will experience trouble that will be resolved by diplomatic means (compromise or settlement). Do not overburden yourself with negative emotions, because de facto their resolution will almost not depend on you.
In your love life, pending problems from past months will create anxiety or will  pressure you to make important decisions. You will still be considering different steps or looking for ways to talk about resolving them.
You realize the need for a more drastic change in your relationship, but you are not yet ready for it.
This month, women will be careful with whom they will have contacts and what gatherings they will be attending. You may come across inappropriate people or those with a bad reputation.
Aries men will be disappointed with a news story that will put an end to a hope or expectation of change (mostly on a professional basis). 

Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the Aries sign in April, you are going to talk to a woman about money. It can be from your circle of relatives, head of the office, or be a representative of a financial or banking institution.
This month, you will experience stress or fright around events in the life of friends or acquaintances.
Your friendship will be challenged by other people's interference in your relationship.
In April you may be sad because of the lack of a close man in your life, who is somewhere far away or has other commitments.
it is now possible to make more serious or more difficult commitments related to a property or home you live in. This month will not be conducive to developing or allowing sharing of inheritance or other similar commitments.
Your love life will almost entirely depend on your partner's emotions and moods. There may be jealousy or misunderstandings that may cause a protracted conflict or cooling of your relationship. It is up to you how you will go through this difficult period.
For some of you, a court case of a financial nature will have a favorable development, but it will not end now.
Financial success for young men is now possible, mostly from work, business or other legal activity.
Men over 35 will often have inexplicably sad or pessimistic moods. Now everything will not be done the way you want or expect, and it will add you with negative emotions.
Women over 35 will have greater responsibilities and commitments related to money.