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Pisces Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

This week many of you will spend time and money for purchases related to children or other important costs associated with them: education, training, sports and more.
Each issue now will have its natural solution, so the conflicts and disputes will be just a waste of energy, time and squandered emotion.
This week there may be a need for travel associated with a woman. Even you can now have an interesting, dynamic and important for your future communication with women, primarily with those who live in another community.
This week you can expect a visit from friends at home. This visit will not necessarily have a specific reason.
It is possible to expect or follow with interest news or events associated with your new neighbors, new colleagues and others.
Bad news will come to you related to the immature action or fault of а man.
Generally during the week you will have difficult communication with people from your family environment.
Your important days are Tuesday and Wednesday, but watch carefully the events on Friday.

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

This week will surprise many of you with a proposal for a new job, a new professional or business commitment, a new position or new important customers.
During this week you will be gathering with, or welcoming, a guest at home.
The week will delight you with some material or financial gain or success. Generally there will be a favorable development of your actions and commitments related to money, property or other items.
During this week there is a likelihood of new people in the family or in your neighborhood environment that you will meet with disbelief, with a dose of suspicion.
Be prepared now for new opportunities and favorable circumstances to achieve a goal.
Possibly you will provide care or you will be visiting a sick, loved one.
Monday you will have to plan tasks well because each one will be important and urgent if you want to succeed.
You will receive a small amount of money at the end of the week.