Taurus Horoscope Summer 2019

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this summer you will be charged with solving important and urgent financial problems and cases.
They will probably involve your own family or some of your close relativies.
Avoid panic or fear, because there aren`t any major difficulties (especially if you are acting pragmatically).
This season, you will experience a health problem with your relative, who will require serious treatment until the final recovery.
This summer, you will experience worry at your workplace, which will be related to your professional relationship with a colleague, employer, client or business partner.
This will be a good time for the successful development of commitments related to money, heritage, rent, pension and other additional monetary or material resources and revenues.
During these three months, the emergence of an unexpected situation will cause you to quit one of your ideas, the realization of which you had the expectation of extra money in your family budget.
This summer, many will experience an interesting journey involving many emotions, some of which may be a reason for change in your life over the next few months.
This summer be careful and beware of attempts of deception or manipulation from a relative.
This season, you are likely to experience an unexpected meeting or receive news related to an emotional relationship from your past. But this will hardly cause any change in your present life. 

Taurus Spring Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this spring will be important for the development of your plans and you will have promises made by a relative or a friend. 
Launching something new will be the basis for success in a business plan or other change in your family. 
This season, there will be a conflict with people in your immediate neighborhood, that will be provoked by gossip or intrigue that affects you personally or harms a person in your family. 
This season you will experience pleasant emotions associated with unexpected money, with the opportunity for better income from work or the chance to start a new better-paid job. 
Such favorable financial events are also possible if you have a family business. 
During these three months (March, April, and May) there will be problems with a woman who will most likely be from your circle of friends, neighbors, or colleagues. 
This spring you will plan an important purchase or change in your home, which will definitely have to be approved by all your family members. 
Many will enjoy the benefit they will receive from a relative. 
During this season you will be saddened with unpleasant news related to a person or a public (political) event in the country where you live. 
Spring will be an important season for Taurus women who will be able to realize their plans and expectations.