Taurus Spring Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this spring will be important for the development of your plans and you will have promises made by a relative or a friend. 
Launching something new will be the basis for success in a business plan or other change in your family. 
This season, there will be a conflict with people in your immediate neighborhood, that will be provoked by gossip or intrigue that affects you personally or harms a person in your family. 
This season you will experience pleasant emotions associated with unexpected money, with the opportunity for better income from work or the chance to start a new better-paid job. 
Such favorable financial events are also possible if you have a family business. 
During these three months (March, April, and May) there will be problems with a woman who will most likely be from your circle of friends, neighbors, or colleagues. 
This spring you will plan an important purchase or change in your home, which will definitely have to be approved by all your family members. 
Many will enjoy the benefit they will receive from a relative. 
During this season you will be saddened with unpleasant news related to a person or a public (political) event in the country where you live. 
Spring will be an important season for Taurus women who will be able to realize their plans and expectations.

Taurus Winter Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, use this winter season to resume a friendly relationship that you have forgotten or interrupted for various reasons.
From a romantic point of view, the resumption of a love affair will be due to a new vision of your relationship and feelings, based on realized mistakes.
This winter you will be happy about success or luck that will be given to a person in your family.
In December, January and February, you will receive an important financial document, bank transfer, and etc.
Be careful when working with financial documents because there may be an error, confusion or other unpleasant situation.
In winter you will hold an important conversation or meeting that will set your plans and goals in 2019.
If you have legal or court engagements, your development will be as you expect.
This season you will make the necessary purchases related to your relatives, and you may be able to take advantage of some discount or promotion.
During these three months you will have to take care of your own health, and this will most likely be related to your chronic illness or treatment that you have already begun.
Taurus women will be able to take advantage of their unexpected information or offer for their benefit.
Taurus men should not rely on their intuition in making important decisions. Something you think dubious or deceptive will actually be much better.