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Taurus Winter Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, right at the beginning of this winter you will have an important meeting or conversation that will determine your professional or business development. Changes to your plans for the near future with new engagement, responsibility, or commitment are possible.
Many of you will experience separation from a child or man due to different life changes. It is possible that such an event has a connection with the emergence of new circumstances and priorities.
Trouble with equipment or property in December, January, or February will cost you an unplanned cost to repair or replace with new ones. 
You can get angry because of the money spent on low-quality items.
During this winter a conflict or a dispute with a friend will arise that will make you think about the rightness of your own position. Perhaps you yourself have a misconception about a situation or person.
During this period of time, you will expect to develop a health problem for a family member or a distant relative. 
Small family problems and disputes will arise and you should not deepen them. They will go by themselves....
In winter, you'll get news about a woman which will disappoint, sadden or confuse your personal plans and expectations.
Men will hardly realize their plans in winter as expected. Sometimes you will have to give up on things that will definitely not have a perspective. Not during this time of the year.

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