Taurus Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus this summer you will experience the joy that will come through a news, event or guests in your home.
Many will enjoy an event related to the birth of a child in the family or in a circle of friends and close relatives.
Summer portends for you unexpected moments in love. If you are single, it is now time to create a new acquaintance without limiting your choice or following an ideal.
On the other hand, it would be good for you not to exercise yourself with great expectations (such as marriage, for example). Accept these or this acquaintance first of all as an opportunity to have new friends.
This summer, the good things in your love life will happen on your own. Hardly anything will happen according to your will and desire, which does not mean that it would be bad. It is said that the ways of God are unseen ....
There will be household problems with items or equipment that you bought relatively recently or you've repaired a few days or weeks ago.
This summer you will incur larger or unexpected costs associated with a person in your family, or you will have other unforeseen financial actions for such a person.
A favorable period of time will come in the summer, which will delight you with a financial contract or arrangement, which will bring you good revenue in the coming months of the year.
Now you will experience disappointment or insult from the bad, unconscionable words of a person who lacks sense of responsibility and good attitude, good manners.
Taurus women will be able to enjoy a purchase or acquisition. The summer is possible there will be utravel related to a loved one or to relatives.
Summer will be a successful time for Taurus men who will have to take advantage of every new chance and not leave unfinished commitments or outstanding promises.
In the summer, you can expect a wedding in your cicle of friends or relatives.