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To take advantage of Nadia's personal reading service, please carefully complete the form below.  Clearly formulate your questions and include the birth data of the person you ask for, as well as your birth data. 

Please do not ask me questions about health, medical treatment and whether someone is about to die. These are not questions that fall within my area of competence. Remember that you can get clear answers only on specific questions. Avoid general questions because this is not the purpose of this consultation. Use the information that you received as advice, but make your own decision for your future. It is your life and its development must be only in your hands.
    If you do not have specific questions and just want to obtain information about your future, then write that you want a forecast for your near future (this will not be a horoscope). 

Your request is personal and my responses will be sent to your personal email. After filling in the form and sending payment, please write for confirmation, cancelation or indicate your wish for further clarification to astro@velida.net You will receive my answer within 3-5 business days to your personal email.

The price for Personal Reading is 30 euro. 

You can order a Personal Daily Horoscope for 1 month with information for each day based on date and time of birth. Before making a paid request, you can receive a Personal Daily Horoscope for 1 week for free to see is the information is useful to you. The price for 1 month Personal Daily Horoscope is 30 euro. Please send information like: name, date of birth, time of birth, town, province and country of birth to astro@velida.net  

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