Aries Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 October, 2022

During the week from October 10 to 16, you will make several visits or meetings that will have some important meaning for you. This is a week in which it will be good to engage in various actions that concern people from the Hereafter, such as: commemoration, visiting a grave site, engaging in an inheritance, making a will, etc.
The week brings a gathering for which you will think well in advance how to dress, what behavior to have, what gift to choose, etc.
During the week, you may have an appointment related to a health problem or the treatment of a loved one who probably lives at some distance from you.
During these days, pay attention to your love relationships. Perhaps you think you are confident that everything is developing normally, but it may turn out that you are missing something important.
Your relationships with people outside your family will be important and you should not ignore what you will get from them such as information, sharing of problems, plans, etc.
During the week you will tend to devote more time to the development of your hobby, enjoyable activities or social interests.
Financially, things will be stable, but avoid risks or impulsive spending.
Boys and girls will be able to solve various stressful situations, complicated relationships or other troubles in an unexpectedly good way. Pleasant surprises this week will be related to people born under fiery zodiac signs, like you. You may remember this week with an interesting, useful or important conversation with a representative of the sign Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
Men who have children or grandchildren of their own will be involved in their personal, educational or professional problems. During this week, your children will largely rely on you, on your help, protection. However, for some of you, these days bring the unpleasant experience of having an item disappear from your home, which another member of your family will take without getting permission to do so. The influence of the saints of friends this week will have to be limited.
Women will have several interesting meetings or attend an emotional reunion. During these seven days, tension will often arise around you or because of you. If necessary, rethink your behavior towards some people. During this week, there will be a need to talk frankly or delictually with a person born under a fiery zodiac sign.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 October, 2022

During the week from October 3 to 9, you will experience events that will fill you with optimism for the future.
It is likely that during these seven days you will receive various offers and important information for you. You will have the opportunity to realize new favorable chances that will arise for you.
Information that you will receive from a person who lives close to you will be important for you.
Some of your expectations for this week will be related to an important meeting, conversation or gathering.
During the week you will have conversations with relatives or commit to specific actions of a financial nature with them.
It is possible to receive money or settle a financial document with a person from your circle of relatives.
Unexpected events this week will primarily open up new opportunities for you. You will not be given anything, you will not experience anything that has no meaning. Don't rely solely on your personal judgment of specific events, follow them by faith.
During the week you will talk and make decisions related to current or future housing. It is possible that a specific event this week will provoke you to such actions.
Boys and girls will experience interesting and energizing moments related to representatives of the fairer sex. Carefully monitor your relationships with women born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, because they bring important experiences, information or experiences for you. You can use these seven days to make plans related to changes you intend to commit to in the coming months. Do not ignore information or help from people born under the water zodiac sign.
Men will be impatient, careless and prone to controversy during these seven days. Manifestations of jealousy will be very strong, emotional and unpredictable. Your financial affairs will have an individual development, according to your emotional attitude towards each situation that will arise during the week or with which you will engage. This will be a favorable time to negotiate a better salary or pay a certain commitment.
Women will have an unpleasant engagement with a man (probably from the family), and the problem will be related to the character or temperament of this person. Concerns or worries related to a man's health are possible. It will probably be someone you don't live with or someone who has old health problems.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 26 September - 2 October, 2022

During the week of September 26 to October 2, turn your attention to solving domestic problems at home and start preparing for the fall-winter season. You may engage in repairs or some improvements. It is possible that they will turn out to be more complicated than you expected. Other complications can arise that affect your mood.
Use this week to resolve your family issues, even if they are related to generational conflicts, inheritance conflicts, etc.
Unfortunately, this week will be remembered for a final separation in some families who will make a final decision to divorce or start a new independent life. It will probably be by mutual agreement and without unnecessary drama.
This week, think more before starting or deepening an argument with someone. Do not take out "skeletons from the closet" because you have something to show. Show yourself as a spiritually elevated person, not as a petty, envious and spiteful one.
Your Spirit must be at a height from which you must not descend! Isn't that your mission on earth, to grow, not to degrade?
This week you may gather the courage to make some bold decisions, but very quickly afterwards you will feel insecure or confused. Your decisions are right, but difficult, and they will return you to your original life path.
The week will be favorable for court and legal matters, as long as you have not got involved in any illegal activities.
News related to a man you know will upset, sadden or disappoint you.
The week will be favorable for travel, regardless of its purpose.
Boys and girls will be surprised by some events, but try to see more clearly what follows after them. Be careful and honest in your dealings, because you may fall into your own trap if you decide to achieve something through trickery or deception. This is a week of change in some values, which will be due to a new maturity of your personality and character.
Men will find it difficult to maintain a good mood and physical fitness during these seven days. You will be unusually or inexplicably emotional and sensitive. Your romantic or marital relationships will be most affected by this. Women will have a hard time understanding you this week, regardless of what your relationship with them is based on.
Women will be able to free themselves from some of their fears or worries. Ahead of you is a week that brings you some positive experiences and pleasant news. Ahead of you is a very dynamic, rapidly developing time, but with opportunities to achieve important changes, successes, decisions. This will be a favorable time for treatment and recovery from any illness.