Dreambook letter W

WAITER - A waiter serving food or drink indicates you are a hands-on / spiritual healer. Food is the energy source for the human body and the dream is pointing out that you are a supplier of life-sustaining energy.
WAKE - Attending a wake asks you to eliminate the negative influences of the person whose wake you are attending or a parent / other significant person of the same gender. This influence is holding you back from doing something that will help you develop in a positive way.
To wake up in a dream is very positive and symbolizes having your eyes opened to the reality of your life. This is invariably associated with reaching a level of spiritual awareness that puts you on track for achieving your life purpose. To be woken up is a request for you to wake yourself up to the spiritual reality of your life.
WALKIE TALKIE - A walkie talkie indicates you are clairaudient. Clairaudience is a gift where you literally hear messages from the spirit world. Mostly the messages are heard as lines from songs popping into your head. The segment of the song will repeat over and over making you wonder why you cannot get it out of your head. Once you accept it is a message it immediately changes to a line from another song or stops if it is the end of the message. It can also work through hearing lines from movies.
WALL - Walls represent keeping people out of your heart. This is usually due to some early childhood conditioning. In regression I have noticed that this wall is usually fully built by the age three. As a child we cannot reason and live through expressing our feelings as we experience them. We are also highly tuned into the feelings of those charged with our care. Being in a position where you feel you are in the way or unloved starts this process off. The first two years are spent in emotional confusion and then the wall building starts.
To bang your head off a wall is a warning of stroke. It signifies this as walls are a common symbol for the heart and circulatory system and the dream is coupling it with damage to the head. Stroke is a circulatory problem that damages your head. A dividing wall is also about your heart with the emphasis being on how you separate yourself from others. You have erected a dividing wall between you and your neighbor Р literally you and others who are close to you. Glass walls represent a strong psychic or intuitive ability. Literally you have the ability to see when all others can see is the wall. We do not all see it as glass. Kitchen or bathroom walls indicate the lining of your intestines. If the paper or plaster is falling off the walls it indicates the lining of your intestines is damaged. Dirty walls indicate that your colon needs cleansing. Toxins from your colon are getting into your blood stream.
WALLET - A wallet, because it usually contains money, represents sharing and therefore your heart. When you take out your wallet to pay for something you give money and get something in return. This give and take represents sharing of feelings. To dream of a wallet stolen means that you do not normally share your feelings and your sense is that it is pointless. Your thinking is along the lines of it does not matter what I give IХll get nothing back in return. This is almost certainly due to some past conditioning where you feel this happened. Do people know the real you or only what you choose to show on the surface?
WALLPAPER - Wallpaper indicates the lining of your stomach or intestines particularly if in a kitchen, bathroom or dining room. Wallpaper in a bedroom or the living room indicates the lining of your uterus. Wallpaper falling off a wall in a kitchen indicates damage to the lining of your intestines caused by a condition such as Candida albicans. Anyone wallpapering in a dream is a healing agent. They have the same gender as the parent with whom you have issues with regard to the subject matter of the dream.
WASHING CLOTH - Toiling life for others. 
WATCH - Prosperity, wealth. 
WATER - Happiness, prosperity. 
WEALTH - Poverty. 
WEARING OF BEAD - Warning of discord. 
WEEPING - Good news, overcome of worries. 
WINNING SPORT - Misfortune. 
WORMS - Good luck. 
WOUND - Prosperity. 
WOLF - A point to focus upon a particular subject. 
WEDDING - May be a message for you. The Higher Self is getting your attention. 
WINDOW - A desire fulfilled if there is no ready mate. Preparing your mind set for the future. Prior to actual wedding: To be