Cancer Weekly Horoscope 26 February - 3 March, 2024

During the week of February 26 to March 3, try to be realistic about the expectations you have for your job or business. Adapt to daily changes, tasks or situations.
If you have an expectation for a new job, the probability of finding one during these seven days is very high.
Contacts with representatives of government, banking, tax or other institutions related to your past actions and commitments are possible.
During this week, be very careful in resolving troubles in the life of a close woman. She probably has a better idea of resolving them and it would be good to listen to her words.
The week will surprise many with the unexpected development of a love relationship or with the beginning of a new one that is yet to have its interesting development.
Unfortunately, this week will upset many of you with some unpleasant news related to someone you know or who is in your circle of relatives.
It will be good to use the favorable trends during these seven days and clear troubles for which the necessary circumstances will now appear. It's not important who wins what, but to relieve yourself of the tension.
Boys and girls will rely a lot on their luck this week. You have an important appearance, presentation or meeting coming up. You may get useful information, but be careful how you use it. Do not share things related to your friends or acquaintances who help you as much as they can, or who share their personal things with you. You may communicate more by phone, online chat or other means of communication this week.
Men will be disappointed by the frivolous attitude of a friend or colleague in a situation where they relied on them. A slight failure or mistake can put you in an embarrassing position, something you will never forget. Troubles in the family will have to be resolved carefully, with the ability to communicate equally with all family members, regardless of their age.
Women will tend to panic easily, waste hours thinking about various arguments or unpleasant experiences. During this week, contact with a person who lives in another town or is a foreigner will be important for you. Financially, you can enjoy good income in your budget.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 February, 2024

During the week of February 19 to 25, your attention will be focused on solving unpleasant household or property problems and repairs.
There may be an unexpected accident or damage to your home that requires quick responses on your part.
The important thing during these seven days is not to rush into your actions and avoid panic.
Parents born under this zodiac sign will have to resolve various unpleasant situations related to a child, his/her friends, school or other activities.
Health can also be a problem, but there is no definite sign of this.
During the week, you will have difficult relationships with people who are from your circle of friends.
An unpleasant confrontation can turn into an uncontrollable conflict and even lead to the end of your friendship. It is possible that you will be deceived, manipulated or robbed in some way by a person whom you considered a friend.
This will be a favorable week for the development of your financial affairs, for receiving money, including from credit.
Boys and girls will consider how to take advantage of an interesting or unexpected opportunity. It will be an interesting week for those who want to develop not only in a certain area, but also as personalities of the new age. During the week, you may receive gifts or you may buy something for yourself.
Men will have to visit somewhere, help someone or settle some matters with representatives of a state or private institution. The week will favor the development of your financial affairs, but not risky, unreasonable actions related to money. You may win, but you may lose, and the consequences of a loss will be really unpleasant.
Women will have to provide support to a close man: a relative or friend. You will have more family and domestic tasks and responsibilities, and you will have to take on some of the men's work in your home. You are about to have an unexpected or emotional experience related to a person with whom you have some kind of friendly relationship.