Cancer Weekly Horoscope 3 - 9 April, 2023

During the week of April 3 to 9, you will have to commit to solving old problems or troubles that you have looked down on a while ago or postponed their resolution for some reason.
During these seven days, the emergence of new circumstances or the help you will receive from other people will help to resolve them. During these seven days, you are going to make bigger expenses for your home or family.
In general, financially, you will be required to have more control over your family budget.
During this week, many of you will have to prepare a gift for a loved one who will have a birthday or other special holiday.
During the week, you will monitor the development of the health problems of a person you know.
This will be a favorable week for purchases for your personal wardrobe or for your personal needs.
Boys and girls will find it difficult to achieve success, due to distraction, lack of motivation, or wasting time on insignificant things. You have a meeting coming up or you will experience an important event related to a boy or a young man.
Women will have a very busy week, with tasks left over from previous weeks, as well as new ones arising that will take longer than for completion than is planned. News from near and far will excite you or bring important information to you.
Men will expect someone else to do the more important tasks in their home or workplace. This will not be well received by other people who may openly show their resentment. Changes or important events in your career or business are coming.


Cancer Weekly Horoscope 27 March - 2 April, 2023

During the week of March 27 - April 2, you may be disappointed by a planned meeting for which you had high hopes and expectations in advance. It is possible that this meeting will not take place at all, or the reason for your disappointment will be the person with whom you are about to meet.
This week will provide you with new opportunities for professional development. It is possible that you will be successful in applying for a higher paying job, be approved for a transfer to a new position, which will be accepted as career growth, etc. During the week, be open to any innovations, suggestions and opportunities for development.
In love, an unexpected misunderstanding can arise that will cause you or your partner worry until the whole situation is clarified.
This week will be favorable for your financial plans and affairs, especially those concerning your family and family budget.
Good income is possible in your home due to work or commitments of other members of your family.
Some of you will be able to rejoice with an unexpected profit and receiving money from an unexpected source.
Boys and girls should be careful with their intimate lives. Unpleasant experiences, unexpected pregnancy or other unwanted situations are not excluded. During the week, you may travel with friends or with relatives, as the behavior of a boy or a man will require attention!
Let the Gemini women think more about their new ventures, their important decisions and changes. Now is not the time to rush, but to act carefully, meaningfully and practically. Those of you who have a son or grandson will have more expenses, and the reason for this in most cases will be important.
Men will be impatient, tactless at times or easily touched by other people's comments and remarks. Conflicts can be a daily occurrence for you if you let it. During the week, give yourself more time to consider a proposal or idea that will come from a woman.