Daily Horoscope 25 September, 2020

On Friday, your romantic or personal relationship will require attention. Whether you will enjoy today the experiences they will offer you or you will endure some negatives from your previous actions and decisions will be strictly individual. Today is a time when you will find out if you have been moving in the right direction so far or you still have to learn life lessons. Some of you will have to take more seriously the health of a loved one, most likely a male. This will be an auspicious day for traveling, mainly for work, with a specific purpose. It is possible that those of you who are looking for a new job will receive an interesting offer for such, that will be related to moving to another city (country) or will be related to travel. Professional foreign relations will have a good development. Young men should not force the development of events on Friday, as you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation. MORE: 




IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: ahead of you is a year in which you will accept the presence of a new person in your life as a spiritual teacher, mentor in a profession or business, etc. You will have the opportunity to fulfill your hopes and plans, but to a greater extent this will happen in your personal life. MORE: 






















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Daily Horoscope


Pavel Globa's political astrological forecast appeared, which was made in early October 2018. With it, we already have three independent sources for the same upcoming event.
They are quite sufficient, because they represent the three most striking colossuses of political astrology in the world - people who understand the profession have 90% familiarity and their words can be trusted, writes Flagman.bg.
The first is the Ukrainian Constantine Daragan.
He described in great detail the upcoming big events back in April this year. Second is the Englishwoman Jessica Adams. This year, she published her book Astrology 2020, which came out in Bulgarian literally on the day of its US premiere. And now the Russian astrologer who is living in Germany Pavel Globa.
The brightest quotes from the three are indicative enough of the scale of what we will be able to witness in the next three years, and which will start from the next year. Konstantin Daragan: "In 2020, the Anglo-Saxon globalist project will definitely collapse and America will be plunged into a financial crisis, after which it will be a completely different country."
Jessica Adams: "After 2020, for the first time in its history, the United States will become a source of refugees and immigrants from a country that receives refugees and immigrants." MORE:


The whole world moves in a common rhythm, imposed by cosmic laws and determined by the current calendar year. Each new year imposes new vibrations on us, which we must comply with. As early as September (because it is under the number 9) of the previous year, the new vibration is hinted at, and the influence of the old one begins to weaken. 
How to calculate the universal year?
Add and reduce to one the digits of the current calendar year: 2020 - sum of the digits 40, reduced sum - 4, which is the universal number for 2020.

Table of Universal Years

1. Discovery, creative activity, new endeavors, bold plans and moves. Each year, whose unreduced number is 10, marks a new Era in the progress of mankind.
2. Reunification, brightening in the world. Political discussions, statistics, information. Establishment of institutes. Agreements, signing of peace treaties.
3. Engaging in lighter activities. Great performances in the art world. Spraying money and effort in all directions. Anxiety. Theft. A headlong throw into the whirlwind of pleasures and luxuries. Remember the year of the great crisis - 1929.
4. Work. After the general earthquake - going down to normal. Even in the beginning, when you fall after a high flight, you go down to the bottom, but gradually and slowly things return to normal.
5. Activity in international trade. Better working conditions, new interests, especially in metaphysical phenomena. Striving for rejuvenation.
6. Adjust and sync. Harmony. International peace movements to improve living conditions. Progress in education, savings in the household.
7. Improvement. A successful financial year, especially if there was no war in the previous one. Good year for agriculture. Many cases will come to a successful conclusion. An auspicious year for the emergence of new theories, but it also requires calm, quiet reflection. Topics and problems already started are analyzed. There is no branching out to new ones.
8. Prosperity and expansion. Activation of economic activity. Intensified international trade. Progress in engineering. Large-scale operations take precedence. The year gives impetus to the development of trade and industry.
9. An important year that completes a cycle. Selfishness and greed do not grow in it. The vibration requires, "Live in love and brotherhood, tie hatred and bitterness in a towel, and throw them into the sea once and for all." Purification occurs in all areas of life. Year of friendship, love, tolerance, understanding; there is no room for anything old that has outlived its time.
11. Year of idealists. In the foreground is religion, psychology. Increased interest in the spiritual and the occult. The Revival beginning dominates.
12. New Year of large and sublime endeavors. Big goals, high ideals. Active business, but also powerful humanitarian movements. Many charity projects will be launched. The desire for a better world is felt in the air. 

The Universal Month
It is found by adding the number of the given calendar month to that of the current universal year. 

1. A month of new, coming to the forefront ideas. Choosing leaders. Formation of committees
2. Collection of materials, production of statistics, lively political activity.
3. Market activity, entertainment.
4. Correction of errors, accuracy requirements, increasing demand for craftsmen and good workers. This year brings a slow and cautious career climb.
5. Activation of sales and advertising, increased speculation. Rich life in the field of art.
6. Favorable year for marriage. Urban development. Increased attention to healthcare and education.
7. Financial rise, discoveries and analyzes.
8. Material gains, big plans and projects start action, organizations with commercial purposes are formed.
9. Elimination of the old surplus. The public interest is at the forefront.
11. Movement among evangelicals, cults and missions.
22. State and city public works projects. Increasing railways and waterways. Improving international relations. 

Universal Day
As the vibrations change every 24 hours, each day has its own influence. To get the number of the universal day for any date on the calendar, we first find the number of the universal year, add to it the number of calendar months and finally - the calendar day. We reduce the sum, if necessary.

Table of universal days
1. Efforts to push new ideas. Strong, good market. Probability of strikes.
2. Inertia, increased mortality, lull, accumulation.
3. Activity, anxiety, nervous energy, wasted energy, unstable (capricious) market.
4. Normalization of the market, but more disease and death. There may be manifestations of anarchism or strikes.
5. Desire for more pleasure, freedom, manifestations of curiosity, speculation. Danger of epidemics. An auspicious day to visit cultural events and restaurants.
6. An auspicious day to attend music events, but to avoid visits to restaurants or places to eat.
7. This day is favorable for the market. Dissatisfaction may arise in cities. The countryside will be peaceful and quiet.
8. This day favors big endeavors, boards of directors. Lots of work for the administration.
9. This day requires tolerance and more attention in friendly relations.