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The whole world moves in a common rhythm, imposed by cosmic laws and determined by the current calendar year. Each new year imposes new vibrations on us, which we must comply with. As early as September (because it is under the number 9) of the previous year, the new vibration is hinted at, and the influence of the old one begins to weaken. 
How to calculate the universal year?
Add and reduce to one the digits of the current calendar year: 2020 - sum of the digits 40, reduced sum - 4, which is the universal number for 2020.

Table of Universal Years

1. Discovery, creative activity, new endeavors, bold plans and moves. Each year, whose unreduced number is 10, marks a new Era in the progress of mankind.
2. Reunification, brightening in the world. Political discussions, statistics, information. Establishment of institutes. Agreements, signing of peace treaties.
3. Engaging in lighter activities. Great performances in the art world. Spraying money and effort in all directions. Anxiety. Theft. A headlong throw into the whirlwind of pleasures and luxuries. Remember the year of the great crisis - 1929.
4. Work. After the general earthquake - going down to normal. Even in the beginning, when you fall after a high flight, you go down to the bottom, but gradually and slowly things return to normal.
5. Activity in international trade. Better working conditions, new interests, especially in metaphysical phenomena. Striving for rejuvenation.
6. Adjust and sync. Harmony. International peace movements to improve living conditions. Progress in education, savings in the household.
7. Improvement. A successful financial year, especially if there was no war in the previous one. Good year for agriculture. Many cases will come to a successful conclusion. An auspicious year for the emergence of new theories, but it also requires calm, quiet reflection. Topics and problems already started are analyzed. There is no branching out to new ones.
8. Prosperity and expansion. Activation of economic activity. Intensified international trade. Progress in engineering. Large-scale operations take precedence. The year gives impetus to the development of trade and industry.
9. An important year that completes a cycle. Selfishness and greed do not grow in it. The vibration requires, "Live in love and brotherhood, tie hatred and bitterness in a towel, and throw them into the sea once and for all." Purification occurs in all areas of life. Year of friendship, love, tolerance, understanding; there is no room for anything old that has outlived its time.
11. Year of idealists. In the foreground is religion, psychology. Increased interest in the spiritual and the occult. The Revival beginning dominates.
12. New Year of large and sublime endeavors. Big goals, high ideals. Active business, but also powerful humanitarian movements. Many charity projects will be launched. The desire for a better world is felt in the air.



The Universal Month
It is found by adding the number of the given calendar month to that of the current universal year. 

1. A month of new, coming to the forefront ideas. Choosing leaders. Formation of committees
2. Collection of materials, production of statistics, lively political activity.
3. Market activity, entertainment.
4. Correction of errors, accuracy requirements, increasing demand for craftsmen and good workers. This year brings a slow and cautious career climb.
5. Activation of sales and advertising, increased speculation. Rich life in the field of art.
6. Favorable year for marriage. Urban development. Increased attention to healthcare and education.
7. Financial rise, discoveries and analyzes.
8. Material gains, big plans and projects start action, organizations with commercial purposes are formed.
9. Elimination of the old surplus. The public interest is at the forefront.
11. Movement among evangelicals, cults and missions.
22. State and city public works projects. Increasing railways and waterways. Improving international relations. 

Universal Day
As the vibrations change every 24 hours, each day has its own influence. To get the number of the universal day for any date on the calendar, we first find the number of the universal year, add to it the number of calendar months and finally - the calendar day. We reduce the sum, if necessary.

Table of universal days
1. Efforts to push new ideas. Strong, good market. Probability of strikes.
2. Inertia, increased mortality, lull, accumulation.
3. Activity, anxiety, nervous energy, wasted energy, unstable (capricious) market.
4. Normalization of the market, but more disease and death. There may be manifestations of anarchism or strikes.
5. Desire for more pleasure, freedom, manifestations of curiosity, speculation. Danger of epidemics. An auspicious day to visit cultural events and restaurants.
6. An auspicious day to attend music events, but to avoid visits to restaurants or places to eat.
7. This day is favorable for the market. Dissatisfaction may arise in cities. The countryside will be peaceful and quiet.
8. This day favors big endeavors, boards of directors. Lots of work for the administration.
9. This day requires tolerance and more attention in friendly relations.

Love is the connection of the human soul with God.
Every feeling that upsets brings death. Every feeling that produces joy and merriment brings life.
It is determined for each person who loves Him. And everyone must find the one who loves Him.
If you assume in your mind that the one you love can cause you some trouble, it shows that you do not love Him.
To know people in the true sense of the word, you have to love them.
When you love someone, you look at them like a mirror. And when someone loves you, they look at you.
Love is manifested in taking and giving. He who loves, above all gives, and he who is loved, above all takes.
He who loves will be placed on the hearth to burn. Those he loves will be warmed and illuminated. Then they will enter the hearth, and he who has been loving will be warmed. By not understanding this law, people expect to be only loved. Such a thing does not exist. You will love and they will love you.
To be strong, one must be content externally and internally. When he is dissatisfied, he breaks off his relationship with love.
Grief is the limit for passing into love. When one comes to the greatest sorrow, one is at the limit of that love to which the soul aspires.
You have the right to love, but you have no right to possess. Nature does not allow to be obsessed with what she has given. It gives something to use, but not to obsess over. She will always counteract if you want to conquer what she has created.
To love those who love you, everyone can. It is human. And to be kind to those who are not disposed towards you is divine.
If the divine works in one person, you will surely love it. If he has given way to the human in himself by loving him, you will encounter great contradictions.
From the outside, no one can protect your love or take it away from you. You will embrace your loved one with a fiery aura and write: "Dangerous for life!" Only in this way can Love save life.
To love a person means never to interrupt your feelings for him. One feeling is strong until it breaks. Externally it can be changed, but never interrupted. If the person you love speaks ill of you and causes you trouble, your feelings should not be interrupted. If you see that he is suffering, you must first come to his aid. This is Love. If you don't help him, you don't love him.
When does love show its power? - When placed under strong pressure.
If you are angry, you will not achieve love. When you are angry, you are far from love. With anger, with suspicion and doubt, love is not found.
He who truly loves never regrets that he loves and that they do not meet his love.
Love is an inner stimulus that pushes you forward. Without love you cannot progress. If you don't love anyone, you can't learn. You must love at least one living being to learn about.
There is nothing greater for a person than to meet a soul in the world with whom to talk and from whom to receive something new, bright, which he carries within himself.
To love someone means to make them happy.
You are loved only by the person in whose presence your difficulties gradually diminish and disappear.
One can love you as long as you give him freedom.

If someone does not pay attention to your love, it means nothing. The day will come when he will judge what you have given him and will respond to your love with love. He will pay interest on what he has received from you. One can lose everywhere and in everything, but not in love.
If you suffer from someone not loving you, for changing their love for you, you need to know that they have never loved you.
When two people love each other, they leave together. They will merge, they will be one and so they will leave together. When two love each other, in the future they will not be two, they will be one.
A woman should never cry in front of her husband, nor should a man cry in front of his wife.
"Woman" from the Sanskrit word "zeo" means "life" in Bulgarian. "Man" comes from the Sanskrit word "manas", which means a being who thinks.
Man and woman unite to develop. Marriage is necessary for both man and woman to develop, to acquire new qualities, and to learn the laws.
If a man strikes a woman, then the great astral serpent-woman will come and give him such a lesson that he will remember it for years.
If men and women unite in the name of those laws that exist in nature, they can transform the world!
The man represents the brain in a person through whom he is connected to the outside world. The woman represents the solar node, through which she is connected with the inner, with the Divine world. The solar node is related to the whole universe, so the woman is closer to the Divine world than the man. What a person perceives through the solar system or through the sympathetic nervous system is more true than what he perceives through the brain.
When a man and a woman come together to live together, one of them must be a teacher and the other a student. Don't fight for the championship. If the man has vibrations that can lift the woman's mind, let her give him a place as a teacher, not to say, "I don't like to obey!" To obey means to perceive the energy and process it.
What matters is what kind of person loves you. If an ordinary person loves you, you will become ordinary too. If a talented person loves you, you will become talented. If a genius loves you, you will become a genius.
If a man and a woman love each other, they have already been married in the divine world, regardless of whether they have a document here or not. It is important for the invisible world how a person will resist his love, whether he will keep it until the end, or in a year or two he will lose it.
Love requires feat, courage and determination.
To love a man, I understand not to allow in your mind any thought against him and to keep his image as sacred as your image. This is a maxim. He who can, so must love.
When you love someone, you can't live without them. This is love, this is the inner meaning of love. If you think you can do without him, you don't love him.
If one day people stop loving each other, life will stop. Thank you for loving people. In whatever sense love exists, it carries life within itself.
Give freedom to the person if you want him to love you.
Think of that moment when your love smiles. If you think about the future, you will suffer.
Never suppress your feelings. Never force them. That doesn't mean you do what you want. Do not suppress the feeling, but wait for it to mature.
If you want to be happy in your love, keep a fair distance between you and your loved one. If you shorten this distance, you will lose your love.
Do not try to control someone's heart, nor do you allow yours to rule someone.
If you have once invited love to climb on your back, you must carry it to the end of its journey. No matter how heavy it is, don't try to throw it off your back, because it will make you more unhappy. You will wear it, you will rest, you will wear it again, until it finally comes off your back on its own. Endure to the end.
Believe only in the love he gives.
If you want love to visit you, wish it from the depths of your soul. There is always an answer to a person's strong, sincere desires that come out of his soul.
As much as you love a person, do not get close to him. If you get closer to it than you should, it will melt you.
Stay at such a distance from each other that you do not see your bad traits. While they are far from each other, people see only the good in themselves. Once they get closer than they should, they can't stand it.
Love remains with the one who is grateful. Do everything with love.
Love without expecting to be loved.
Appreciate your friend for the good he does for you. Don't ask him for what he can't give you. Do not tell him how to act, nor correct him. Leave him free to manifest as he understands.
Love man's mind first, then his heart, his soul, his spirit, and finally his body. If you love a person this way, he will love you too.
To love is the work of the soul. Do not interfere in her affairs.
Don't ask anyone, "Do you love me?" If you ask, you will lose everything. Whoever loves us is not our job. It is the work of others.
If you stop under the shadow of a person to seek rest and coolness with him, you are lost. One cannot make a person happy.
If you lose the friendship of the person you love, you lose your light and joy. What will you do without light and joy? A true friend is one who can help you in the most difficult moments of life. Appreciate your friend for the good he does for you.
Only he who has opened his soul and heart to you can be your friend. A true friend is one in whose presence the tears dry up, the sorrows, the sufferings, the disturbances disappear.
If someone loves you by directing their feelings to you, it is a kiss.
Do not kill the flesh or the person in you. The flesh is an instrument that the soul plays.
Without passion, love exists, but it cannot be manifested. Then people suffer. Love does not see mistakes because it corrects them.
If the thought of a person never disappears from your mind, know that he loves you. If you do not disappear from his consciousness, you both love each other.
If you want to love, you don't have to be afraid. If you want to be loved, you must not doubt.
If you love someone, don't tell them about your love. The one you love doesn't have to know how you feel about him.
Love is the most important issue in life. If you resolve it, you will resolve all other issues, of whatever nature - personal, public, family or universal.
You can't think of someone if they don't think of you.
If you love a person too much, you will harm him. By thinking only of him, you make him restless because you control him with your thoughts. To love a person means to wish him well and to leave him free.
Physical love brings big changes. Whoever wants to experience it must know that he will move from one state to another, from joy to sorrow, and from sorrow to joy.
Divine love works wonders. Wherever he goes, he creates and recreates. This love must be studied. But if you have not applied human love, which has the least sacrifices, how will you apply the Divine love, which requires great sacrifices?
Love is deaf to all bad, offensive words. You cannot grieve the heart of a loving person, nor can you darken his mind, nor can you disturb his soul. He will smile at all insults and resentments. Love is an invincible force. He who has Love is a strong man.
Love that cannot withstand all the trials of life is not true love.
When light and love come from one source, there is no sin. But when light and love come from different sources, there is sin.
Someone wants to show love to someone, but is afraid of being lied to. Can love be afraid of lying? The sun illuminates and warms all beings, although some of them commit crimes.
When they fall in love, people come across a terrible range from which everyone suffers. He who falls in love must know that he will go through this range of death. If his mind is awake, he will go through it, learn something, and come out, but if he is not awake, the greatest misfortunes he has never dreamed of will befall him.
Love is not in the sacrifice. Love requires more than sacrifice. Sacrifice is only a law to atone for our sins.
There is no sin in love. Love is from God. Every love that lifts man comes from God.
Love excludes all violence. It acts between people only when they do everything voluntarily. Everyone has a desire to be free, to want to do something for their neighbor. If you force him to do good to someone, he will immediately oppose you.
The first quality of true love is expressed in the desire of man to place his beloved on the same level at which he finds himself.
Love manifests in life beyond time and space. It does not depend on the weather or external conditions. Love comes from man's contact with God and is transmitted through an inner impulse, through an inner impulse.
People of love bring peace, joy and gladness. Wherever they go, everyone accepts them with open hearts.
Love in which there is fear is not real. The only force in the world that does not know fear is love.
Because of love, people are ready to make sacrifices they would never make without love.
Love is the eternal aspiration of two people.
The crime is in the ignorance that we want to put love in chains.
Love is never jealous, never seeks its right! It makes a person attractive and does not hold on to dignity.
The difference between human and divine love is that divine love compliments everything in human love without changing it.
Love is the cosmic force in the world that can tone the human body. Love, even in its lowest manifestation, is a force that harmonizes all organs and gives impetus to human life. Love causes the coming of light, of warmth, of science, of good relations, it gives impetus to all nature, to all humanity, and this impulse can only improve the world.
Love itself is pure, but the vessels in which it is poured are not equally pure, as a result of which it diminishes.
Love does not think about consequences. It is guided by a principle, and once the principle is right, the consequences will be right and good.
Love is not lasting, because it is so strong that if it stagnates, one cannot resist its vibrations.
Everyone is transformed when they feel loved.
Love does not like any complaints - the fact that you are ignorant, that you are poor, that you are a sinner, does not interest her - she puts you in the fire pit and melts you. No matter how much you hide, how much you protect yourself, she will find you. There is nothing left but to say, "I am at your disposal!"
If you are not ready to sacrifice everything in the world for love, you cannot understand life. One must be willing to sacrifice. Not to leave life, but to see the beautiful, the beautiful in all contradictions. 
In whatever form love visits you, thank you because it comes to cleanse all the unclean that it encounters along the way.
People shouldn't ask each other, "Do you love me?" What shines does not burn. What he loves does not speak.
Love is not required. He who wants love has no love in himself.
To one who has love, no force can counteract. He is a man of new understanding. He lives in peace and light.
When two people love each other, they bring an impulse to something great in the whole cosmos.
The meaning of life is to find the one who loves you and the one you love.
You can't love someone you haven't had a relationship with in the past. Love between people does not manifest itself in just one life.
Everyone can give the way, the form how to love it. As you love, so they will love you. As you act, they will treat you.
Loving a person does not mean that he should think of you. The one you love must be opposed to you in character in order to complement each other.
If the person you love speaks badly of you and causes you harm, your feelings should not be interrupted.
He who applies the law of love speaks little and does much.
Who should love: the weak or the strong? The weak cannot love. Only the strong love. 
When you love someone, you have to think what good to do to him, to give him your love in a real way, to satisfy him. Only then will he know that you love him.
He who loves you foresees all your needs.
He who loves you can heal you, he can teach you. The greatest art is to love.
To love is a process of love in which you develop your strength. To love you is a process of wisdom in which you develop your knowledge.
He who loves very much gives much. The new morality requires such giving and taking that there is no harm.
He who loves you, only he can give you something. If someone doesn't love you, they can't give you anything.
When it comes to love, don't say you love someone more and someone less. Love as much as love comes out of your heart.
Peter Dunov

Soul mates
Veneta Brooke
January 14, 2018

I am on Earth now.
HIS heart recognized mine for the first time.
HE went out. HE went hunting. It's cold. There are a lot of hungry bears outside this year. Everything is white, very white and cold.
HE is on the hunt. HE is angry with me. We still don't have children.
HE and I are alone here, and there are many hungry bears outside.
I'm afraid.
I am sleepy.
HE is hunting....
I'm on Earth again.l
I have a house now. Dad made it. He brought firewood by boat from the river. The river is nice. There are many people.
HE came from the river. HE is talking to me. HIS heart knew mine. There is another woman. His brother died. She is his brother's wife. I want to be with HIM.
I'm going to live with HIM in his house, up the river. Mom is crying. Dad is silent.
I'm in his house now. HE has children - his brother's kids.
HE goes fishing every day. HE sells fish to other people. People give him milk, skins and rice.
We will have a child.
I heard the child crying....
I'm on Earth again.
There are a lot of people around me. We all live in one big fortress. Everything here is made of stone. As before in the cave on most days of the year it is cold. But now it's more beautiful. I have nice clothes. Everyone says I'm beautiful. Dad goes somewhere all the time. He has everything. But mom is gone. I remember her as a child. She kept crying....
One day my father brought another woman. HE was with her. HIS heart knew mine. I was told HE was the brother of my father's new wife??.
I am already 15 years old. Dad said a man wanted me for a wife. He was much richer than Dad.
HE is silent and just looks at me.
I have to go with Dad. Someone came into my room and grabbed me. HE!
We went very far. There are many ships. We got on one of them. HE said we would go far, very far. We must be together and happy in this life.
There is so much water around...

I'm on Earth again.
I'm not tired of coming. Mom and Dad are always waiting for me. Mom is very beautiful this time. But she cries a lot...I don't know why. She loves me very much, but she talks to me little. We have a nice house and there are many nice houses around. It's different. Now it's called a city. Im going to school. I am learning to read and write. I want to become a doctor. To help mom not to cry.
I'm in another city now. Mom is gone. I'm already a doctor. I work in a hospital. There are a lot of sick people here.
War has broken out. HE is here. HE is wounded. HIS heart knew mine. When the war is over, we will go to his city. HE is a teacher. It's so nice to be together again.
Today his heart stopped during an operation....
I'm on Earth again.
I know why I have come and this time I will fight to be happy. Mom and Dad are happy to see me again. I have a bigger family now. I have grandparents who are mom's parents. I have grandparents who are my father's parents. I have two other mothers who are my father's wives. I have many uncles and aunts, cousins. I don't even remember them all. I also have many brothers and sisters. Mom sings very well, everyone knows her and invites her to visit. Dad travels and sells his wares far and wide. Sometimes my brothers travel with him.
One day my father told me that I would be married to his friend's son. A week later, many people came, somewhere among them was my future husband. A day later they met us in a room - HE was there. HIS heart knew mine. This time nothing will separate us.
We are expecting a child.
We have a daughter.
We have a son.
I'm still with him. I have a big house and my mom is here to visit. She sings to my children. HE is with me every second day.
We have a second son.
We have another daughter.
I'm happy. Today is my day, I'm going to prepare for HIM....

20 old beliefs to attract a lot of money
There are many superstitions about the necessity of attracting money and many ways to achieve this goal. English as saying: "Whoever has money problems, you should put in your pocket spider which wove there network and the money to stay for long." We do strum with coins when you hear the sound of the first cuckoo in spring. Until it reached faith to increase wealth, if you show money of young rising moon.
Moreover, there are some rules that you should observe.

1. coins and banknotes is better to take with the left hand and come back with the right.
2. they should not lend money on Monday and Sunday, because you can not return them.
3. worst day of the week to return to duty Monday. If you do, you will never have money.
4. The best is money to be given morning.
5. We must not give banknotes unfolded better denomination be folded in two.
6. it should not give anything to strangers over the threshold of the house, especially after sunset.
7. To not be displaced or washed from home money must be clean only by day.
8. If spilled coins from your purse, it is best to collect them with the right hand.
9. To achieve financial well-being in your new home, you have application to sprinkle the floor with silver coins.
10. Under the tablecloth should always keep a few notes.
11. If you want to give alms to a beggar on the street, you have to say to himself: "Do not become poor hand of the giver".
12. You must not watch the person to whom you give money, especially in the eyes.
13. You can make a box in which to save notes divisible by 10.
14. you should not lift coins off the floor.
15. Make your money tree home, which according to the beliefs of feng shui brings money, jingle with coins.
16. Each symbol of wealth should be kept in the southeastern corner of the living room. This angle favors "wealth".
17. It is best to store your money in red envelopes. You can even draw on them to characters meaning "prosperity" or simply tree.
18. purse should always have some money.
19. The found money does not bring happiness and therefore should not keep them in your wallet. Give them to the needy or immediately spend.
20. Whatever happens, you must believe that you are worthy of the money and they will necessarily occur