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The year 2024 will be a time when people will have to think about their personal abilities to survive in unusual circumstances. Your strength should be based on the security you will provide for yourself through your own livelihood skills, personal financial resources, without being dependent on outside factors. In this sense, people who have little land, farm will be in a much better position than others. You will have to learn to see the development of things in life months ahead, and not rely on information from TV news or social platforms. The true assessment of things in life must be built and made by yourself - this is your personal task for 2024. Learn to act practically, because this is not a time for waste and maintaining the standard of living that you had a few years ago. 2024 brings a lot of tension because there will be people who will not be able or will not free themselves from their greed and lust for power. For them it is already a way of life. They are stuck in an illusion of untouchability. It will be very important for all people this year to direct their energy correctly, not to allow themselves to be manipulated or used at the expense of people who have no conscience. Violence will increase, prompting retaliatory retaliation. Certain groups of people or countries will continue to be oppressed, sometimes even through acts of cruelty or small, local wars. A difficult year of development before the little light that 2025 will bring.




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