Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter E

EARTHQUAKES & VOLCANOES - Dealing with things out of your control. Unexpected problems or circumstances. May be stress related. 
EATING FOOD - This may be an indicator that the dreamer is concerned about a weight problem or eating disorder. It may be a health warning to draw attention to one*s eating habits or weight problem. 
EATING BREAD - Gain of object
ELEPHANT - As a gift: Sense of abundance or prosperity coming. Baby: Good luck or fortune. 
ELEPHANT - To dream of an elephant symbolizes that while you portray yourself as being thick skinned, you are in reality a very sensitive person. It means this as elephants are pachyderms, which means thick-skinned animals. However, though tough, an elephantХs skin is very sensitive and must be cared for.
ELEVATOR - The status and location of your mental and spiritual awareness related to the mind. Slow elevator: impatience to get there. Wrong floor: you haven't found what you are seeking. 
A descending elevator indicates being in your motherХs womb and your birth by symbolizing your move down onto the planet. Here the movement down indicates movement from a higher vibration to the dense physical environment. In these dreams the people you meet in the lift or just after you exit it, usually represent the reaction of your parents to your birth. A descending elevator can also symbolize movement of your centre of consciousness from your head (logic) to your heart. Here the dream is asking you to get in touch with your feelings Р move down out of your head. An ascending elevator indicates movement to the spirit world Р movement to a higher vibration. This in itself can mean that you are a channel.
An ascending elevator can also symbolize activating your intellect. This is required when you become too emotional about the subject matter of the dream or need to overcome an irrational fear.
An ascending and descending elevator indicates you are a channel Р you can communicate with spirits. The elevator shows that you have the ability to move between the physical and spirit worlds. In these dreams you will often find yourself delivering letters or other mail to people in the building.
EMPTY - What you expected doesn't exist. 
ENEMY - Can be conflicts with one or more subjects. Can be one*s own shadow self that you haven*t dealt with. 
ENEMY - Victory 
ENGAGMENT - A future desire. In anticipation of a known coming event. Can be a prophetic message about the future. 
ESCAPE - Desire to find a way out of a situation or circumstances. A signal that one can escape the thing feared. Confidence that one can overcome problems and enemies. 
ESCAPE - Escape from troubles. 
EXAM - Being put on the spot to prove oneself in ability, fidelity, loyalty, truthfulness. 
EXTRATERRESTRIAL - A sense of being beyond the possibility of understanding. Can be a threat or a sustaining feeling. 
EAGLE - In mythology an eagle is said to fly so high that it can see the past present and future from its high vantage point. Due to this an eagle in a dream indicates that you have the gift of prophecy. However, it is unlikely that this is the only symbol indicating prophecy in the same dream so look for others to corroborate this meaning.
EAR - To dream of ears indicates that you are a clairaudient channel. Clairaudience is a gift where you literally hear messages from the spirit world. Mostly the messages are heard as lines from songs popping into your head. The segment of the song will repeat over and over, making you wonder why you canХt get it out of your head. Once you accept it is a message, it immediately changes to a line from another song or stops if it is the end of the message. It can also work through hearing lines from movies.
EARRINGS - Earrings indicate you have a channeling ability where you can communicate with spirits. This is not as frightening as it sounds. There are many TV shows where the host does this. From these you can see how natural the ability is.
EGGS - Eggs indicate your ovaries or reproductive cycle. This is particularly the case if the eggs are in a box as a box, through English slang usage, can also indicate the womb.
Running out of eggs indicates the approaching end of your fertile period for having children. Crows laying eggs would indicates a serious health warning as in this case the crow represents cancer and the eggs show the cancer multiplying. Before becoming alarmed, realize that dreams warn of health conditions many years in advance of a physical problem manifesting. If these dreams persist over a period of months, consult your doctor. Where the eggs are being laid or where the crows are getting into a house in a dream symbolically indicates where the physical threat is.
ENGINE - An engine represents your heart and circulatory system as an engine is the heart of a vehicle. Engine trouble is a health warning for your heart.
To switch off an engine indicates that you suppress your feelings. The dream is showing you this so that you will switch your feelings back on (get in touch with them).
A very powerful engine indicates you have a hands-on healing ability. You are a source of power.
ECLIPSE SUN OR SOON - Planning a long trip with a friend or opposit sex.