Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter G

GET IN A BOAT - Blames, Worries.
GET OUT OF BOAT - Relief from worries and gain. 
GHOST - Watch your relation with friends. 
GIVING KISS - Good deeds
GOLD - Beware of taking risk in business
GAP - Going through a gap indicates your birth. The birth imprint is so indelibly marked in your psyche it shows up in many guises in dreams.
GARAGE - Garage: attached to a house symbolizes your heart, circulatory system and emotions.
Garage: refueling point is healing for your heart. Fuel drives the engine and the engine is the heart of the car. Also fuel is pumped and your heart is your bodyХs pump. Lastly fuel, being an energy source, symbolizes healing.
Garage: car repair center is healing for your body.
GARBAGE - Garbage symbolizes your elimination system.
Garbage disposal indicates your colon and rectum. Anything in a waste bin needs to be eliminated from your diet.
GARDEN - A garden with flowers symbolizes love.
A back garden symbolizes influences from your past but it can also symbolize your colon.
A front garden symbolizes facing life or the future.
A basement garden indicates the womb.
A garden path symbolizes your colon. A garden shed also symbolizes your colon.
Garden trees indicate your reproductive system Р family tree.
Garden gnomes due to their shape indicate your kidneys.
GARDEN PATH - A back garden path is about your colon or elimination system. If it is a cement path, the dream is saying that food is caked onto the walls of your colon and you need to do something to eliminate this condition.
GARDEN TREES - A garden tree, especially in the front garden, is indicative of the family tree and your reproductive system. As a symbol it may often appear along with flowers which symbolize love.
GATE - Closed: An opportunity for you to decide upon. Open: The beginning of an opportunity to leave your current situation.
GIFT - To make you feel better about what the gift relates to. Something is coming to you, high expectations. 
GIRAFFE - Something beyond your grasp or understanding. Running away: Loss or defeat because of inability to cope or manage. 
Coming at you benignly: you recognize a challenge that can overwhelm you. Charging at you: you are beginning to panic because of unprepared ness. If focus is upon its throat: possible health related to throat problem. 
GOD - Pay attention to details and meanings about yourself and your spiritual progress in life. If God is there but not the focus: the dream content has an important message for you. If God is the focus: try to remember your feelings during that part of the dream for clues to the meaning. 
GRADUATION - Completion and accomplishment recognized. Ready to go on to the next stage or level of life. 
GRANDPARENTS - Encouragement and sustenance instilled. Their house: Need to regain peace and tranquility in life.
GRAVE - Reminder of things past and completed. Draw opinions conclusions from other symbols. 
GROOM OR BRIDE - Desire to marry. Face of fianc?*: Reassuring. Face of a non- candidate friend: Patience required. Faceless: no prospective partner there yet. 
GUN - Self with gun: Ready to assert one*s will over the subject. Gun threatening you: Others wishing to assert their will over you. You are encouraged to take action about something and not remain complacent.