Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter D

DAMSEL - Worries DANCING - Good luck
DANCING- Dancing represents expression of feelings and is therapeutic for your heart in dreams. The dream is symbolically giving expression because you do not do this in reality.
DANCE - Brings a sense of bonding with partners. 
DEAD BODY - Relief from disease. 
DEAD FATHER - Troubles which will be assisted.
DIAMOND - Warning of trouble.
DIGGING A GRAVE - Gainful property. 
DIRTY TOILET - Good luck 
DRINKING MILK - Good news 
DRINKING VINE - Prosperity and happiness 
DROWN - Blemish on character 
DROWNING - Losing ones emotional control. Situation is out of control. Inability to handle a circumstance or social situation.
DAD - A dream including your dad is likely a comment on your relationship with him and how it is holding you back in some area of your life now. Dreams only focus on problems in your life. Although you may have had a wonderful relationship, there are still often traits or attitudes you copied that you could do without.
To dream of your dad dying is not a warning about his death. Rather it asks you to let some negative aspect of yourself die so that a more positive one can find expression. The negative aspect is connected with your dad. You either copied or developed it as a result of your relationship with him. It does not matter if your dad is already dead or you have not seen him in many years. It is the effect you are carrying today that is the target of the dream. Male energy is affected by your relationship with your dad and gives you confidence, belief in yourself, creativity, individuality, various spiritual gifts and more. The dream can be about any of these.
DARK - When dark refers to night time, darkness or being in the dark, the dream is about your feeling of not knowing where you are going, or how to get to where you want to go with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Other symbols in the dream tell you what you need to do to move out of the dark. For the same reasons dark can also symbolize depression; for example, this would be indicated by dreaming of the upstairs of a house in darkness.
DARK - Attempt to accomplish something with inadequate or insufficient means. Need to be balanced in undertaking. 
DARK PASSAGE - A dark passage, especially with dirt or dust on the floor, indicates your colon in dreams.
DAUGHTER - Your daughter can indicate your female side or that you had issues with your mother in at the age of your daughter in the dream. You have both male and female aspects to yourself and dreams encourage you to restore balance to this energy mix. In fact that is one of the main purposes of your life.
To dream of your daughter dying asks you to eliminate the negative conditioning you picked up around the age of your daughter in the dream.
DEATH - Death symbolizes you need to eliminate negative influence from past. An aspect of you has to die before another aspect can find expression. For example, to dream of the death of your father means you need to eliminate negative influences resulting from your relationship with him.
To dream of your partner dying is indicative of being in a relationship you do not want to lose. While it seems dramatic, the dream is trying to get you to face your fear of losing your partner in order to get over it. This is a common dream when you find yourself in a relationship that feels like true love, particularly when it follows a bad relationship. The most common theme is your partner dying in a car crash.
DEATH - Does not signify death. Means to remove or be removed from a situation, emotions or circumstances. May or may not involve the dead person. 
DEFECATE - Defecating eliminates waste that would become toxic in the body if kept any longer. In dreams it symbolizes the need to eliminate an issue from the past or a negative influence in the present that is the equivalent of toxic.
DELTA - Delta is formed by sediment dropped by a slowing river and as such can symbolize the need to cleanse your colon as toxins are getting into your blood stream.
Delta can also be a pun on feeling stuck with the hand you were dealt.
DENTIST - To dream of a dentist means you need healing for your bite. Do you feel you are losing a grip on things? This dream can be triggered by a feeling that you have bitten off more than you can deal with at this moment in time? It is a healing dream, with the intention of giving you the assertiveness you need to deal with the situation.
If the dentist is filing your teeth it means that you are too aggressive or assertive when it comes to the subject matter of the dream. There is no need for you to sink your teeth into whatever it is thatХs going on right now.
DECEASED - The deceased often come to comfort those they left behind. They bring messages and convey the notion that everything is OK. 
DESCEND - Getting out of a threatening situation. Migrating to a lower status.
DEWIL - A symbol for fear and evil for those who use this symbol. 
DIRECTION - Having to choose: The need to make a decision in life. Fork in the road: A choice to be made. Going in: The recognition that one is on a journey of sorts. 
DOCTOR - Talking or treating you: Check your self, it may be health related. Someone else: May indicate medical need or focus. 
DOOR - Choices to be made. Entry into the unknown. Entering something new. Making a commitment. 
DRIVING - You are on a a life or purpose journey and making progress getting there.