Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter F

FALL - Loss of position. 
FALLING - Falling or rapidly descending: Fear of a loss of control or of something material. 
FATHER - A good time. 
FATHER - Masculine, authority, strength, A strengthening symbol, or the reverse depending upon view held. 
FATHER - A dream including your father is likely a comment on your relationship with him and how it is holding you back in some area of your life now. Dreams only focus on problems in your life. Although you may have had a wonderful relationship, there are still often traits or attitudes you copied that you could do without.
To dream of your father dying is not a warning about his death. Rather it asks you to let some negative aspect of yourself die so that a more positive one can find expression. The negative aspect is connected with your father that you either copied or developed, as a result of your relationship. It does not matter if your father is already dead or you have not seen him in many years. It is the effect you are carrying today that is the target of the dream. Male energy is affected by your relationship with your father and gives you confidence, belief in yourself, creativity, individuality, various spiritual gifts and more. The dream can be about any of these.
FEAR - Represents the thing you have to face up to in waking life.
FEAR OF TERROR - Someone trying your downfall. 
FIRING A PISTOL - Stedy rise in life. 
FLOOD - Gain in personal affairs. 
FLOTING IN AIR - Desire to rise in life. 
FLOWERS - Success in next few days. 
FARM - Applies to remoteness, security, peace & calm, work.
FARMHOUSE - A farmhouse symbolizes your emotions. Farmhouses are typically isolated (another symbol for the emotions) and in the open country side.
FAST FOOD RESTAURANT - To dream of any fast food restaurant is about the need to speed up your digestive system. It is a perfect symbolic antidote to a sluggish digestive system with fast food. To emphasize the healing the dream will often place you in the drive through which provides faster fast food and is usually very brightly lit in the dream.
FECES - To dream of feces indicates there are problems with your colon.
FENCE - A partition of two symbols or meanings to focus upon. An obstacle. A choice. 
FENCE - A fence is used to mark your personal space. In dreams this is a symbol of sharing and indicates suppression of feelings. You do not share your feelings with others and more importantly you do not acknowledge your feelings yourself. Feelings come from your heart and persistent suppression can lead to health problems in this area. Also look for symbols to do with your head, such as roofs or being up a height, as these dreams are often asking you to move your centre of consciousness down from your head and into your heart.
FERRIS WHEEL - Wheels represent your heart due to their circular shape. Here circular is a pun on circulation system where the wheel’s circular movement symbolizes your blood circulating around your body.
A Ferris wheel or big wheel is likely to be about being caught on a karmic cycle. This is where you miss the opportunities in life to repay the karmic debts you owe. This can results in the need to plan another life to pay the debts you had planned to pay this time around. A Ferris wheel ride symbolizes this perfectly as it just does a complete cycle and you end up back where you started.
FIELD - A Field symbolizes your heart and feelings, as green is the color of the heart chakra. Fields are generally open and expansive so the dream is also asking you to be more open with your feelings. Green also symbolizes harmony. See Green. A harvest field symbolizes your reproductive cycle.
FIGHTER AIRPLANE - A fighter plane indicates you are an angry person – ready with a verbal arsenal to win arguments and defend your space. The dream will likely say how this came about and will be encouraging you to soften up. 
FIGHTING - Fighting symbolizes conflict within or between you and the subject matter of the dream.
FIRE - To meet a beloved. 
FIRE - Any symbol of fire in a dream indicates your emotions. For example, to dream of a fireplace with no fire lit is asking you to add passion to your heart.
FIREPLACE - A fireplace symbolizes your heart and circulatory system. Another word for fireplace is hearth which is a pun on heart.
FACE - A person*s face may not be that person, but the feelings and emotions associated with it. Can indicate that person or that type of person. With out a face: Pay attention to the dream action and content rather than the person. 
FAMOUS PEOPLE - Adds the quality with which that person has. Uplifting or negative qualities apply. 
FINDING - Discovery of desires, that which was unknown or lost. A signal to search for an answer to something. 
FISH - Many little fish: concerns, problems, difficulties that need to be thought about. Swimming with a dolphin: Spiritual meanings, sense of well being, emotions under control. Uplifting. 
FLYING - By yourself: Signal to think positive, all things are possible. 
FOREST - Confused or lost: Difficulty in finding a solution or thinking out a situation. Peaceful: Removal from problems, instills sense of security needed. 
FORK IN THE ROAD - Time to make a decision about life direction or other choice. 
FOX - A situation or personality that requires caution because of possible trickery, deceit. 
FROG - Mysterious, or magical feeling intended. If it is staring at you: a spiritual significance of being watched. If the dream focus is not on the frog, but something else: it represents another person in your life. It also signifies something is known about you by others, but not known by you.
FUNERAL - The end of something rather than death of a person. An issue or emotion finally being put to rest. May be a replay of a past real event.