Mysteries. Interpretation of dreams with the letter O

OLD HOUSE - Good luck 
OLD FOLKS HOME - An old folksХ home represents your childhood home. More specifically the dream is about your relationship with your parents and possibly some limiting influence that is affecting you today. 
OPERATION - Recovery from illness. 
OPPONENT - Overcome of obstacles, happiness. 
OCEAN - The ocean symbolizes spirituality and life. Life is a spiritual journey so expect to see other symbols in the dream indicating your spiritual gifts or giving advice on your life journey.
OCEAN - Deepest foundation in a spiritual sense. The source and depth of spiritual feeling. 
OFFICE - An office symbolizes your mind as in general non-physical work is performed in an office. An office can also symbolize your work / career.
OIL - Oil symbolizes your blood and circulatory system. Oil circulates around the engine of a car like blood circulates around your body. For example, to dream of a car engine leaking oil would indicate you are anemic (losing red blood cells).
OIL TANKER - An oil rig, oil well or oil tanker symbolizes that you are a hands-on healer. The huge quantity of oil is a great source of power. Like the oil tanker you have a source of power within you. This power can be channeled into others by placing your hands on the person and letting the energy flow. See the chapter on Spiritual Healing for more.
OLD WORLD SETTING - An old world setting symbolizes a past life influence.
OLIVE - An olive, whether it is the food or a personХs name is a pun on ТOh LiveУ and is a request for you to do a mental check on your philosophy of life. The dream is asking you to accept life and drop any attitude such as, ТWell if this is all life has to give I donХt really care if I live or die.У
An olive branch symbolizes resolution of conflict and peaceful living.
OPEN AREAS - Open areas in dreams are healing for your heart, circulatory system and emotions. These dreams ask you to openly share your feelings.
OPEN PLAN - An open plan house or building asks you to open up Р remove the walls you have erected to keep others from getting close to you.
OPEN TOP BUS - The top of a bus represents the top of your body Р your head / mind. An open top bus is asking you to open your mind to something new in your life. If you have recently Фmade up your mindХ about something, you are being asked to think again. If something has come your way and you are dismissing it, you are being asked to think differently. Rain coming into an open top bus asks you to open your mind to letting life in while on your journey.
OPENING - An opening is exactly what it sounds like Р you are being asked to create an opening in your life for the subject matter of the dream. Doors are the most common symbolic opening in dreams.
OPERA - Opera symbolizes emotional expression and is healing for your lack of emotional expression in reality. The dream asks you to openly share your feelings from this point forward.
ORANGE - Orange symbolizes drive and ambition. It is an energizing color often prominent in career dreams. Orange also has to do with assimilation of new ideas and can indicate a profound change in perspective is being attempted or required. The sacral chakra, which is located close to the stomach, is energized by this color and helps with assimilation / digestion of new ideas. When given good news, we can feel it here as butterflies in our stomach. When given overwhelmingly bad news, we feel it as if our stomach is in knots.
The sacral chakra feeds life sustaining energy to the digestive system so orange is also used in dreams to indicate digestive system trouble and to help heal it. A common theme is to dream of standing in line for an orange drink. The slow moving line indicates that your digestive system is slow moving and the orange drink symbolically heals this.
Black and orange as a color combination in dreams, indicates ambition driven out of fear and always indicates career. Tigers have this color combination so often symbolize career in dreams.