In all times and among all peoples, oracles have been held in high esteem because they unveil and show us the future. And this is passionately desired by all people.
Modest or powerful, learned or illiterate - everyone is trying to penetrate the mystery of their existence. In ancient times, the Sibyls were interpreters of the secret signs of destiny and they held a priestly (priestly) rank. The kings and the powerful of the day acted on their advice, worshiping their decisions, considering them warnings of fate.
In general, the right side is favorable, and the left less.
THE BROKEN MIRROR - its pieces are always considered as a sign of misfortune. If, by breaking the mirror, the pieces accidentally fall to the right, it is believed that the misfortune will be less. If all the pieces of the broken mirror fall to the right, we will spend the year without joy.
If we hold a mirror and unconsciously want our wish, if it was in the right hand, it is more likely to come true.
COIN - pierced or accidentally found, is considered to bring happiness. It is closer if we unknowingly took the coin from the ground with our right hand.
PAPER FORECASTING. At the bottom of the dish we put 13 pieces of paper. On six of them we have written one question, on the other six - one answer to these questions, and the 13th piece is clean. Carefully pour water over the pieces. The first to come to the surface will give the answer we expect. If the blank sheet comes out first - no answer should be expected.
THE STARS. They have always been observed, asked to extract from them the secrets of destiny. The influence of the planets on man is considered by many to be indisputable. Thus, those who are born on Sunday are children of the sun, and those who are born on Monday are children of the Moon. Uranus patronizes those born on Tuesday; those born on Wednesday are children of Mercury; Mars patronizes those born on Thursday; those born on Friday are under the influence of Venus; those born on the Saturday are patronized by Saturn.
The children of the moon are prone to dreaming. The children of Uranus are wise and prudent. Those born under the sign of Mercury carry the spirit of the merchant. The children of Mars are violent and stubborn. The patrons of Venus follow the impulses of their hearts. Saturn's children are violent and self-willed.
Also from ancient times is the influence of the Moon on the magical properties and powers of plants. That is why some herbs and herbs need to be picked at full moon to be effective.