Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2024. Everything about Love, Health, Family and Career

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, 2024 brings big changes in your life, mostly on a personal level, but as an extension, it will also change your lifestyle, your family relationships and your work.
This year, you will again have to rearrange your list of friends, and this year the possible separation from some of them will be related to serious life reasons.
Many will have to help a friend who will be struggling with some illness or injury.
Worries, cares or problems will also arise regarding the health of a close person with whom you are not related by blood.
In this year, do not seek to engage in work from which you expect a higher salary. 2024 will require you to engage in activities that you personally enjoy, that bring pleasure, good mood to other people (in case you work in a field related to some kind of services).
Changes at work, where they occur, may cause you some inconvenience or discomfort, at least at first, but eventually things will change and you will be satisfied with what you are doing and what you are achieving as a result.
A slow but good development will positively impact events during the year for those who are engaged in some type of education.
You may end up at a different school or university than you originally wanted, but later find out that it's better for you.
Your love life will be remembered with a new partner or with a person who will want to flirt with you, create some romantic relationship with you.
In general, 2024 will favor the creation of a serious relationship, but since in most cases you will have more than one choice, it is good to make a good decision about who you want to be with.
Don't allow yourself to have more than one relationship at the same time!
Good development can be experienced in romantic relationships with people who live at a close distance from you, as well as representatives of the water or earth zodiac signs (or with such an ascendant).
Avoid arranging meetings with people who live in another town without giving yourself enough time to get to know them. This applies to both personal and professional relationships.
Unexpected problems will arise around a male relative who is likely to live in another settlement or will experience some accident while traveling.
In general this year, carefully check your new acquaintances  from different parts of the world, because the probability of coming across a person with a false identity or with bad intentions will be very high.  
2024 will also favor the development of plans related to the conception and birth of a child. There will also be a good development of the aptitudes of your already born child, who will surprise you with his abilities and speed of learning certain knowledge.
Capricorn men will go through greater worries in career or business, regardless of their age. During this year, you will have to deal with various stressful situations more often, which in turn will help you build a more stable character.
Men's health will be more vulnerable than women's this year.  
The year 2024 brings a lifelong separation from a woman from your circle of relatives and close friends. Accepting that she has finished her mission on Earth can more easily help you get through the pain of losing her.
The marital relations of Capricorn women will be put to more serious tests, regardless of age.
Difficulties will arise during the year around differences in plans related to your family, but these contradictions or disagreements will come primarily from your romantic or marital partner.
Jealousy, where it has already arisen over the years in a relationship, will go through at least one more storm before peace and harmony are restored in this relationship. Of course, not without the participation of some compromise.
2024 will favor a wedding with a foreign partner or a move abroad (return to the homeland) of entire families.
In general, in many ways, the year 2024 brings favorable changes in the family and in family relations, with the aim of stabilizing them in a difficult time in general.
2024 will not favor persistence on your part in demanding an increase in salary or the price of the services you perform. Any actions and changes to this plan must be very carefully considered, planned or carried out if the specific situation warrants such actions.
This will be a favorable year for closing any loan or mortgage, or for actions related to its reduction.
During this year, you will see more clearly the real possibility of realizing some of your dreams and plans, or the need to give up some of them. If you act wisely in this plan, you yourself will allow new ideas and chances to appear in your life.
Some of you, due to greed or pride, may miss an important chance in your life, striving for something bigger, more profitable or bringing more popularity.
What can 2024 surprise you with?
It will almost always affect your financial interests and aspirations. Whether you will be on the winning or losing side will depend on your own decisions, and above all, avoid acts of greed and impatience.
In this sense, 2024 may surprise you with some new contract or agreement of a financial nature.
Men over 35 should not focus on their own desires, pressuring others to follow them. This will not only make some of your relationships worse, but it can destroy them.
During the year you will attend many personal holidays, but this year you yourself will use every small occasion to gather close people or friends around you.
A dream come true will give a new direction for the development of men up to 35 years of age.
Women up to the age of 35 will have a short but very romantic and unforgettable adventure or experience.
For women over 35 years of age, the loss of a loved one will lead to a change in lifestyle or a new arrangement of priorities in life.
During this year, a representatives of the Capricorn sign will have the opportunity to engage in additional work, a professional commitment that will turn out to be able to bring you a very good income.  
During the year, you may be surprised by new neighbors or new colleagues at your workplace.
2024 brings at least one major journey that will be the talk of the town long before it happens, and long after it happens.